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Elite Garages Maidstone is open Mon-Fri 8:30am-6:00pm, Sat 8:30am-5:00pm
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165 Upper Stone St, Maidstone ME15 6HJ, United Kingdom

Elite Garages Maidstone is here for you! With branches across the South East, we cater to all your motoring needs and offer car servicing and MOTs, as well as 1000’s of car tyres to suit all budgets. Why not visit our Facebook page “Elite Garages Maidstone” for local updates and news?

Elite Garages Maidstone is one of our newest sites and as you would expect from a family-run and managed business, the team provides services of the highest level. 

On-site manager Chris is backed up by Dave, who is not only the area manager but also a vehicle technician and MOT tester. The rest of the Maidstone MOT centre team consists of David, our local MOT tester with more than 20 years of experience partnered with Val, a vehicle technician and soon-to-be MOT tester. 

Adding his tremendous experience of around 35 years is Nick; a vehicle technician and a mechanic through and through. Together, the team boasts more than 70 years of industry experience which means customers are in exceptionally capable hands. 

A Leading Service And MOT Centre in Maidstone

In terms of location, the Maidstone MOT testing centre is at 165 Upper Stone Street, Maidstone right by the town centre and on the way out of town. The site is spacious with a clean reception and waiting area, and a workshop consisting of 6 ramps for MOTs, tyres and services using the latest, state-of-the-art equipment.

To make it even easier for customers, we have a really simple booking system either online or over the phone. Our prices are also highly competitive which is why so many people choose Elite Garages Maidstone. For the entire team, honesty is the best policy and they will always give honest advice whatever the issue may be. 

For example, if you want to see your vehicle while it’s on the ramp, we can show you what work is advised and why it is needed. We are always happy to explain what work is needed and why. 

Maidstone Service And MOT Centre

Elite Garages Maidstone performs up to 8 MOTs every day with many customers also booking an annual service at the same time. We often recommend a premium service once a year, and a standard service the following year. However, it all depends on what has been done previously and the manufacturer’s recommendations. We often look at the service history to help advise customers on the best option for them.

The Maidstone site performs a wide variety of services, including MOTs, vehicle servicing, tyres, brakes, exhausts and batteries. The Maidstone service centre is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 18:00 and on Saturdays until 5 pm to ensure more people can book their MOTs on time. 

Maidstone Air Con Regas, Clutch And Brake Servicing

If you’re looking for air con service in Maidstone, Elite Garages can help. The busiest time for air con checks and services is from June to August and the most common gases are available (R134a & R1234yf). To help you understand what an air con service is and why it’s so important, please refer to this guide.

Elite Garages Maidstone also perform many clutch and brake services with customers often asking why they squeak and to check whether their brakes are okay. Sometimes customers ask what brands we use for parts with many preferring Delphi or Pagid but we also use OE parts if requested. 

Who Visits The Maidstone MOT and Service Centre?

Considering the central location, exceptional level of service and competitive pricing, it’s no surprise the Maidstone MOT and service centre has become the go-to garage for many people. 

Most customers are from Maidstone and Tunbridge but some also come from Aylesford, Chatham and Gillingham. Despite being in our first year of business, we have already had a fair few returning customers where they’ve purchased tyres and then also book their MOT a few months later.

Maidstone Tyre Fitment Centre 

Chris and his team often get asked about tyre brands, sizes, tread and “what tyre is best for my car?” With all of their experience, the Maidstone team can answer all sorts of questions and offer free tyre checks if someone is unsure of anything. They do a variety of free checks, including tyre checks and seasonal vehicle checks.

As you’d expect from a leading tyre fitment centre, Elite Garages Maidstone performs wheel alignment, balancing and puncture repairs with a common question of: “Do I need a tyre repair or a tyre replacement?” 

The team’s positive attitude, attention to detail and willingness to help customers understand vehicle issues form part of why people choose the Maidstone tyre fitment centre. They will demonstrate what happens with a puncture repair and how they do it. 

Elite Garages Maidstone sells budget tyres, mid-range and premium tyres with the most popular being Pirelli and Michelin. The most popular and reliable mid-range tyre brands customers ask for include Rapid and Avon but others are available. To make it even easier when buying new tyres in Maidstone, you can order online.

Things To Do In Maidstone While You Wait

Thanks to the convenient location of our Maidstone MOT and service centre, you can easily get into town. It’s only a 10-minute walk into town where you will find many different shops and places to eat. 

There is also a big park behind the Maidstone site so you can enjoy a walk and perhaps a spot of lunch with Tesco and Co-Op directly next door on Upper Stone Street. Wander a little further and you’ll find Mote Park, a woodland garden nearby or have a look at this guide for more things to do in Maidstone. 

FAQ At Elite Garages Maidstone MOT and Service Centre

Customers have many questions about cars in general but mostly services, brakes, tyres and clutches. It’s something Chris, Dave and his team are happy to answer and here are some of the most FAQs at Elite Garages Maidstone.

Click the + to read any answer or visit our most FAQ page to review the most frequently asked questions across all our Elite Locations.

If you click on a ‘Category’ or ‘Tag’ link, the page will ‘refresh’ and reload the page showing the top of the page first, you’ll then just need to scroll down to the FAQ section to see the results for the Category or Tag you selected.

At Elite Garages, we always try to get your car booked in as soon as possible and our booking system helps. Call your local garage within normal business hours or request a service slot online if after hours.

If the damaged area on the tyre is larger than 6 mm, and on the sidewall, you should not get a repair and rather opt for a replacement tyre.

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Clutch judder is mostly caused by components and the flywheel not meeting properly. This often happens once your vehicle has come to a complete stop and then engaging the clutch during take-off. It could mean your clutch linkage may be worn or damaged.

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The squeaking sound your brakes make come from worn-down brake pads and is often when metal rubs against metal. As you press down on the brake pedal, the brake calliper clamps around the pad and applies pressure to slow your wheel down. If your brake pads are worn, these components will rub together resulting in a grinding or squeaking noise.

We will always try and explain this in detail, providing all the pros and cons. Put simply, budget tyres are the cheapest and often don’t last as long or hold up as well as mid-range and premium tyres. Mid-range seems to be the happy medium as they provide better grip and longevity which is only superseded by the more expensive, premium tyres that offer even better performance.

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