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80-82, Wincheap, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3RS

Welcome to your Elite Garages Canterbury, located at Wincheap, Canterbury. Our Manager Ian has lots of experience and has been in the industry for over 20 years.

Ian and his team have a combined mechanical experience of more tthan 60 years. So whether it’s for an MOT, Car service, Tyres, Exhaust, Air conditioning check or free car safety check here at Elite Garages we are always happy to help.

Elite Garages Canterbury MOT and service centre is a leading local garage with amazing staff and lots of experience. In total, the Canterbury team has more than 60 years of experience which means all of our customers are in exceptional hands. Leading from the front is branch manager, Ian, who has over 20 years of industry experience.

Ian is joined by Nathan, the resident vehicle technician and diagnostic specialist, Alex and Paul (both MOT Testers and vehicle technicians) and Daniel who is the go-to guy for all things tyre related. The Canterbury team is also supported by the management team which includes Dave, Denise and Darren.

A Leading MOT And Service Centre In Canterbury

Our Canterbury MOT centre has a varied workshop where the team performs all sorts of jobs. In addition to delivering high-quality vehicle-related services, Elite Garages Canterbury solves all kinds of issues for customers. They can diagnose different problems when someone is unsure of what the issue might be.

Customers come in for MOTs and servicing along with brakes and suspension, helping diagnose knocking noises and other potential issues. They also deal with a large number of tyre requests whether it’s new tyres, wheel alignment, balancing or puncture repairs. Our technicians are always happy to check the car and advise on any work that might be needed with a no-obligation quote.

Everyone at Elite Garages Canterbury takes pride in what they do and believes that trust, honesty and transparency are key to running a successful service centre. It’s this approach and their extensive experience that sets them apart from many other service centres.

Who Visits The Canterbury MOT and Service Centre?

Considering the great location, level of service and competitive pricing, it’s no surprise the Canterbury MOT and service centre has many loyal customers. Around 90% are returning who have been with Elite for many years.

Many are from Wincheap and come from Canterbury and the surrounding villages but a fair number also comes from Sittingbourne and Faversham. Some of the customers come from a little further away from areas such as Ashfield, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Waltham, Bossingham, Elham, Lyminge and Hawkinge.

Among the long list of regulars are quite a few hospital staff that live further away but work nearby. That means they prefer getting their vehicles serviced at Elite Garages Canterbury. The team has built lasting customer relationships and like to put a smile on their faces to brighten their day.

What Are The Most Common Services Elite Garages Canterbury Offer?

Ian and his team provide the type of service you’d expect from a family-owned garage with three generations working together. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable in providing everything from MOTs and servicing to clutches tyres and air con regas.

Seasonal vehicle checks are particularly popular so we are always busy with summer and winter checks where the team gives the car a good inspection. If you want to make sure your car is in good working order, book a free vehicle safety check today.

The Canterbury service centre performs many brake services where customers often complain about squeaking or grinding noises. When it comes to clutch repairs, customers often say “I can’t get into gear” or “the clutch is slipping”.  We are always happy to take a look and advise if anything needs fixing or replacing.

A Top Canterbury Car Servicing Centre

As previously mentioned, many people are return customers so they often already know all about our services. However, we are always happy to explain what each service entails and the price. Many new customers who visit the Canterbury service centre also ask about the cost and what it entails and the team explains everything in great detail.

We show them our service schedule which has a checklist that indicates what is included in each type of service. We are also always more than happy to talk the customers through both types of service and what they can expect. Often customers don’t even need to ask additional questions as we explain all the key information fully.

Air Con Regas Service Canterbury

If you’re looking for a reliable and reputable aircon regas centre in Canterbury, you can trust Elite Garages every time. The Canterbury team performs at least 2 to 4 aircon regas services per day and, as you can imagine, they get really busy when the sun is out. They also do general repairs and inspections for leaks and any other potential issues.

They offer both gases (R134a & R1234yf) which is becoming increasingly important as more cars use the new gas. Although an aircon regas can solve some problems, a fault can also be located elsewhere which might need further investigation. Have a look at this simple guide to how aircon regas service works and what it entails.

Tyre Fitment Centre Canterbury

We can’t stress enough the importance of fitting quality tyres and making sure they are always in good condition. Elite Garages’ Canterbury tyre fitment centre has many customers who are students often looking for tyres and others asking to match their current set of tyres.

The most popular tyre they sell is the top-end mid-range Rapid. People like Rapid tyres as they’re affordable but also of the highest quality, just below premium tyres. Once customers have had Rapid tyres, they are always happy and often ask for the same brand again the next time they nee a tyre.

In terms of premium tyres, Bridgestone is a popular choice especially for BMWs as they have lots of OE (Original Equipment) run-flat tyres. Other than that, it’s a mixed bunch really as they sell Goodyear, Firestone and Avon tyres of all types among others. Many customers decide on a tyre brand based on what is currently fitted to their car.

Things To Do In Canterbury While You Wait

Our Canterbury MOT and service centre is in a terrific location with great access from nearly anywhere. The site is close to town where you will find Canterbury Cathedral which is one of the most famous attractions in the area. Whitefriars Shopping Centre is also a short 10-minute walk away with lots of places to eat and go shopping. If you are new to the area or waiting for your car to be serviced, here are 10 things to see in Canterbury.

Need a Trusted Service and MOT Centre in Canterbury?

The Canterbury MOT testing centre prides itself on being honest, trustworthy, friendly and helpful. Combine this with the great location, competitive pricing, spacious and clean waiting area for customers and it’s easy to see why they are a local favourite.

As an all-round garage, customers can come to Elite Garages Canterbury for many different vehicle issues and rest easy knowing their car is in capable hands. As such, our goal is to make sure you are safe on the road so if your MOT is due, please book yours online now.

FAQ At Canterbury MOT and Service Centre

Customers have many questions about cars in general but mostly services, brakes, tyres and clutches. It’s something Ian and his team are happy to answer and here are some of the most FAQs at Elite Garages Canterbury.

Click the + to read any answer or visit our most FAQ page to review the most frequently asked questions across all our Elite Locations.

If you click on a ‘Category’ or ‘Tag’ link, the page will ‘refresh’ and reload the page showing the top of the page first, you’ll then just need to scroll down to the FAQ section to see the results for the Category or Tag you selected.

We will discuss the customer’s vehicle and what extras it may need and then provide them with a quote specific to their requirements. Typically, a bronze service starts from £110, and a silver service from £210 but prices do vary depending on the vehicle.

This question is often also about the legal tread limit so we are always happy to explain that it is 1.6mm. We recommend changing your tyres at 3mm for optimal performance and safety but this is the customer’s choice. You can book a free tyre check to ensure your tread is above the legal limit.

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The issue could be the clutch pressure plate or the clutch disc. However, other causes for clutch slipping is often found in the release system, an incorrectly reworked flywheel or the fitment of the wrong clutch. Our experts will be able to determine the cause and suggest a solution.

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We supply a wide variety of brands, from budget, mid-range and premium tyres; each with its own benefits. As the name suggests, budget tyres are cheaper as they are not made to the same standards as mid-range or premium tyres. Mid-range tyres, especially Rapid, are often the preferred choice as it sits just below the premium brands. There is always a choice for our customers, and they can decide, and we are always happy to offer advice.