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Car Air Con Repair & Re-Gas

If your car has air conditioning, you probably already know that it is supposed to do more than just keep you cool. When serviced correctly, car air conditioning helps filter out pollen, pollutants and airborne bacteria. It’s a multi-purpose component for your car providing heat, cool air and improving the quality of air inside the cabin.   An air conditioning service is not included in a normal car service schedule so people often forget to have it checked. If your car is older than 2 years or maybe you’ve never had the air conditioning serviced, perhaps now is a good time. We also recommend that you use your air conditioning all year round even if only for one or two short trips every week. You might be surprised to learn that this helps keep the system well-lubricated and prevents leaks.   You should especially book your car air con service when:

  • it no longer blows cool air
  • you notice a bad smells coming from the vents
  • it starts making strange noises
  • there are visible leaks

How often should I have it re-gassed or recharged?

The gas, or refrigerant, in your air conditioning unit, is essential for the system and all the components to work effectively. Your car’s air con needs regular maintenance to ensure that it functions as effectively as it should. Your vehicle owner’s manual will also provide you with more specific requirements for your car.   In terms of recharging your air conditioning, most vehicle manufacturers recommend doing it every two years. This applies whether or not you use your air con every day or not at all. Regardless of how it is used, refrigerant will continue to permeate over time so a top-up is necessary. Remember, less gas means less cool air which is why refilling it every few years will keep it in good condition.


How long does a car air con repair, service or recharge take?

A car air con recharge usually takes between 30 minutes to an hour. The process involves a thorough systems check and completely removing the old gas and refilling it with fresh refrigerant. It also includes a vacuum test to ensure that there are no cracks or damage in your car air con system that could cause leaks. If we discover a leak or any faults, our friendly and professional technicians will discuss any recommended repairs. We will provide you with a no-obligation quote and will only carry out work with your consent.   In addition to Elite Garages’ air conditioning service, we also offer our customers an optional air sanitizer from £10. This is an antibacterial cleaner that helps remove nasty smells and the build-up of harmful bacteria in your system and the vents.   If you are experiencing any trouble with your car air con, call us to book your recharge, visit your local centre or book an appointment online. Using a professional, friendly, family-owned service centre like Elite Garages will certainly put your mind at ease. Our qualified, experienced technicians are on hand to provide you with expert knowledge and quality service you deserve.

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