There’s a reason why one in five cars are driven on Bridgestone tyres.

Founded in 1931, Bridgestone now manufactures tyres for almost every type of vehicle, from cars and SUVs to buses, tractors and even aeroplanes.

Renowned for their performance tyres that deliver on both safety and efficiency, Bridgestone is also the approved Original Equipment supplier for a number of leading car manufacturers, including Mercedes, Porsche and Volvo.

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Our range of Bridgestone tyre patterns


Master Your Journey, Even On A Rainy Day

The brand new Bridgestone T005 is designed for British driving conditions and is available at Elite Garages!

  • Outstanding wet performance and rolling resistance puts drivers in full control
  •  Developed and produced in Europe to meet drivers’ real needs

Developed and produced in Europe, Bridgestone Turanza T005 delivers outstanding wet performance and fuel economy, combined with high mileage, to give drivers full control in challenging daily situations, especially on rainy days and we are proud to stock T005 in our Elite Garages.

Bridgestone Turanza T005 has already been chosen as original fitment by top car brands and so you know your car is in good hands!

If you want a tyre that puts you in full control in daily, challenging situations, especially on rainy days, and a tyre that also gives you good fuel efficiency and mileage, the T005 is for you!

Turanza T005 offers drivers best-in-class EU label A-grade wet grip and outstanding B-grade rolling resistance. Selected sizes in the line-up provide A/A grade performance. The best-in-class wet lateral grip and wet braking performance has been tested and certified by TÜV SÜD, one of Europe’s most respected independent automotive testing institutes.

You can purchase your T005 tyres at your local Elite Garage.

Turanza ER300

The Bridgestone ER300 is part of the Turanza range which is made for touring. Has smooth, quiet & economical performance. Run Flat technology sizes available where applicable. Premium wet handling.

OE on Audi, BMW, Mercedes


NEW PATTERN. The Bridgestone EP150 has been developed for the Ecopia range designed to be ecology friendly. This Bridgestone tyre has lower carbon emissions, improved mileage & a more efficient ride which when combined with a low rolling resistance makes it very fuel efficient.


High Fuel Economy Tyre – High traction and stable handling in wet weather – Excelent Grip and Wet Weather driving control – Japanese Quality


The Potenza RE 050 is a perfect tyre for the sporty, demanding driver in wet and dry conditions. This product is suitable for a wide range of models, from super sports cars such as the Enzo Ferrari, to popular models like the new Golf. It offers high performance with a good level of comfort and low noise. In certain sizes it is available as a run flat.

  • Excellent premium quality tyre
  • Driving precision using F1 technology
  • Very responsive tyre


The Bridgestone RE050A has been designed for the sporty & demanding driver. Run Flat Technology sizes available where applicable. Assymetrical tread design derived from Formula 1 technology for ultimate grip and response whether in the wet or dry. Outstanding grip in the wet.


The B250 combines the benefits of safety and comfort.

  • Excellent premium quality tyre
  • Good balance of performance and mileage
  • Quiet tyre and good wet grip

Turanza T001 Evo

The Bridgestone Turanza T001 Evo combines high levels of safety, comfort and efficiency, to deliver a superior quality tyre. Enjoy the ride, whatever the weather.

  • Premium quality tyre
  • Low rolling resistance
  • High traction and stable handling
  • Superb safety performance in all conditions


T001 – NEW PATTERN launched to replace the ER300. Quieter tyre than the ER300 and meets the 2016 noise planned legislation. Superior fuel performance as has lighter weight construction with improved rolling resistance. Improved braking distance in the wet.


Racing precision meets superior traction and cornering in Bridgestone’s ultra-high performance S001 tyre. Developed for motorsport’s premier arena, the Potenza S001 pushes the boundaries of power and control to unleash the full potential of your highperformance vehicle.

  • Excellent premium quality tyre
  • Outstanding sports performance
  • Rapid evacuation of water for high traction in wet conditions


  • High speed performance
  • Maximum cornering grip
  • Outstanding steering response

Drive Guard

Designed for all passenger cars, the innovative Bridgestone DriveGuard technology allows you to maintain control after a puncture, and safely continue driving for 50 miles at up to 50 mph, until it’s safe to either repair or replace your tyre.

  • Excellent premium quality tyre
  • Designed for all passenger cars with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TMPS)
  • Protection from punctures, keeping you mobile for up to 50 miles

Dueler A/T 001

Wherever you go, the Dueler A/T 001 is tough enough for whatever lies ahead. Engineered to perform on and off-road, this tyre is ideal for conquering tough terrain in all seasons. Its robust design and resistance to aquaplaning help keep you safe.

  • Built to perform on road and on tough terrain like dirt, mud and rocks
  • All-season performance
  • Ultimate protection


The Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport has been designed as an all round performer incorporating maximum traction off road and cruising comfort on it. Reliable handling in all conditions. Run Flat Technology sizes available where applicable. Asymmetric tread design for superb grip on larger rim sizes.

OE on Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5


Japanese Quality and Performance


The Bridgestone Dueler Highway/terrain 689 has been designed for a quiet comfortable ride with a well-balanced driving performance. Has a wide range of OE approvals. Small block and all-season tread pattern gives great grip in the wet.


The Bridgestone Dueler All/Terrain 694 has been designed as an all terrain tread pattern with excellent on-road performance especially in the wet. The “Shark Skin” technology reduces flow resistance on groove walls so improving drainage away from the blocks which reduces aquaplaning.


Japanese Quality


The Duravis R660 is a fantastic economical tyre and gives you outstanding mileage, high durability and great performance in wet conditions.

  • Excellent premium quality tyre
  • Reliable grip on wet and dry surfaces
  • Provides a stable ride


The Bridgestone R410 is part of the Duravis range. Designed for small and car derived vans. High durability, high mileage and good performance in the wet.


Japanese Quality and Performance


Japanese Quality and Performance


Bridgestone All Season Tyre

History of Bridgestone tyres

Bridgestone Europe (BSEU) is a key regional subsidiary of Tokyo-based Bridgestone Corporation, are a global leader providing sustainable mobility and advanced solutions. Bridgestone Corporation and its subsidiaries employ over 140,000 people around the world, operate 178 plants in 25 nations and sell products in more than 150 countries. One in five vehicles in the world drives on the company’s tyres. “Serving Society with Superior Quality” has been our mission since Shojiro Ishibashi founded Bridgestone in 1931.

Founder Shojiro Ishibashi used an English translation of his surname for the name of the company.

As Japan’s automobile industry grew, The Bridgestone Group expanded its business to become Japan’s largest tyre manufacturer. The company also actively expanded overseas, particularly in Asia. In 1988, the company acquired The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company, a well-respected global corporation with a venerable history of its own. This transformed Bridgestone into a global leader providing sustainable mobility and advanced solutions and created a global team dedicated to serving customers worldwide with the highest level of quality, service and technology.

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