Van Tyres

Replacing your van tyres can often be a daunting task.

Whilst some tyres are designed to improve fuel efficiency or ride comfort, others are purely intended to carry heavy loads.

More often than not, van tyres are put to the test with stop and start journeys in busy city centres or rural locations with varying conditions. Bumpy roads, speed bumps, driving over or parking on pavements all play a part. Van tyres are usually reinforced with strengthened sidewalls to transport heavier loads over longer distances. Knowing how to identify van tyres is also of the utmost importance when buying commercial tyres. You will notice the writing on the tyre sidewall that includes XL (extra load) and RF (reinforced) to inform the driver of additional weight capabilities.

Regardless of your van’s purpose, it is essential that you know which tyres are best suited for your driving requirements. The choice of your tyre will largely depend on several factors that could impact your buying decision. Some of these factors include:

  • How and what you typically use your van for
  • The average payload
  • How far you usually travel
  • How often you drive on uneven or unpaved roads
  • What level of comfort you prefer

Choosing the right tyres can increase fuel efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and improve safety and handling. If you don’t take care of your tyres, it will cost you in the long-term and risk the safety of you, your cargo and other road users.

Changing tyres also means considering tyre load rating. Heavy loads place a greater demand on your tyres so you have to get the specifications just right. Tyres without reinforcement could heat to an unsafe temperature and become more susceptible to damage or total failure. Tyres carry the van’s weight along with the cargo so you should never choose a lower load rated tyre without talking to the tyre experts first.

While tyre pressure is important for all vehicle types, it becomes a critical safety check for tyres. Tyre pressure varies depending on the payload and using the incorrect tyre pressure will result in faster wear and an increased safety risk. We always recommend that you check the tyre pressure while the van tyres are cold as it gives a much more accurate reading. You should also check your van tyres for any physical damage, punctures and tread depth at least twice a month.

Whether you’re looking for premium tyres, mid-range van tyres or budget van tyres, you can get advice from our team of tyre experts. At Elite Garages, we stock a large range of van tyres for single vehicles or larger fleets. We also offer same day fitting to accommodate your busy work and life schedule.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will give you the advice you need to help find the best van tyres for your light commercial vehicle. Call us now to book a free tyre check or reserve your tyres online. You can also fill in the call-back form and one of our expert tyre technicians will be in touch.