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Yokohama Tyres

Yokohama offers a variety of high performance and fuel-efficient tyres

Yokohama tyres are fitted as original equipment (OE) to many of the world’s leading premium vehicle manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

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The Range of Yokohama Tread Patterns

Advan Sport V105

Application: Premium cars and high performance cars

Flagship tyre of the ADVAN series. A superior sports tyre with ultra high-speed capabilities for performance SUVs. The ADVAN Sport provides balance and sporty performance, with excellent wet weather characteristics in adverse conditions and low road noise, features required of a tyre in this class.


  • A perfect balance of sport and comfort
  • Outstanding Wet Grip and high stability during cornering
  • Low rolling resistance property for fuel saving
  • OE approved quality


  • The Yokohama advanced technologies for sport and comfort
  • Environmental technologies for the Earth
  • Born through joint developments with premium high performance car manufacturers

OE approved vehicles: Mercedes-Benz SL (R231), Mercedes-Benz SLK (R172), Mercedes-Benz CLS (C218), Mercedes-Benz C Class (W204)

Advan Fleva V701

Application: Lightly-tuned and sporty cars as well as standard sedan and compacts 


  • Cool and attractive pattern design
  • Emotional handling
  • Impressive wet grip
  • Sport tyre with noise reduction properties


  • Optimisation of steering stability and ground contact
  • Claw grooves
  • Wide sword grooves
  • Lightning-shaped straight grooves
  • Environmental sport compound

Most advanced ADVAN sport profile

AdvanNeova AD08 RS

Application: Street-legal tuning cars and club racers 


  • Stability and fast response during high-speed driving
  • Faster than ever, from the firstlap, keeping performance
  • More controllable than ever, excellent cornering force


  • Fine tuned compound for sporty feeling
  • Sequential Round Groove for long-life grip
  • Uni-block Shoulder for rigidity of the tread

Advan AO52

Application: Semi-slick with racing performance


  • High sport performance on a dry track
  • Superior handling performance which is easy to control
  • Powerful cornering capability
  • Impressive grip on wet and dry surfaces
  • The street legal tyre complies with Europe’s global standard for rolling sound emissions, ECE Regulation No.117 Revision 2 (R117-02)


  • Asymmetric, high rigidity tread pattern
  • Specially developed Sport Compound

OE approved vehicles: Lotus Elise (Cup250)

Advan Sport V103

Applications: premium cars, high performance cars, high performance SUVs


  • Perfect balance of sport and comfort
  • High speed rating over 300 km/h (depends on sizes)
  • Exceptional handling and braking in extreme conditions
  • Wider size range to meet premiums and tuned cars


  • Innovative ADVAN asymmetric tread design for outstanding drivability
  • High grip compound with a low dependency on temperature
  • Exclusive construction for high powered, high speed and high loading stress

OE approved vehicles: Audi, Bentley, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, Nissan, Porsche, Volkswagen

AdvanST V802

Applications: Ultra High Performance SUVs


  • High speed rating up to Y with Extra Load Index (depends on sizes)
  • Exceptional handling and braking in extreme conditions
  • Super inch-up sizes up to 24 inch, matching to premiums and tuned cars
  • Specifically engineered for the new generation of ultra-high performance SUVs. Boosts high-speed capability and driving pleasure.


  • High grip compound with a low dependency on temperature
  • W-shaped grooves and twin wide grooves for wet performance
  • Exclusive construction for heavy weight and high speed

OE approved vehicles: Mercedes-AMG G Class (W463)

BluEarth-GT AE51

Application: Grand and Mid Tourers, Luxury Cars, Premium and Compact Cars


  • Driving Stability at highspeed
  • Reliable Wet Grip performance
  • Fuel saving properties


  • Newly developed high-rigidity, asymmetric pattern for spirited driving
  • Advanced Construction achieves both light weight and high durability
  • Evolved Compound & honed profile

OE approved vehicles: Lexus ES, Mazda CX-30, Mazda 2, Mazda 3, Toyota Prius

BluEarth-A AE50

Applications: Mid-size saloon and family cars


  • Extreme wet grip with environmental performance
  • Fuel saving with dynamic performance
  • Premium performance with sure handling
  • Low external noise


  • Nano blend compound
  • Light weight design
  • Aero dynamics with dent design for sidewall brandings

BluEarth RV02

Application: Modern CUVs and Minivans


  • Impressive wet grip
  • Anti-uneven wear on shoulder
  • Anti-wobble and low cabin noise
  • Fuel saving properties


  • Mound Profile adopted from ADVAN Sport V105
  • Exclusively developed asymmetric tread design tuned for CUVs
  • nano BLEND compound

Dimple and smooth shoulder design

BluEarth-Es ES32

Application: Compact cars, Small family cars


  • Reliable wet and dry grip
  • Long tread life and durability
  • Fuel saving properties
  • Driving with excellent stability


  • Powerful and comfortable tread design
  • 5 Pitch Tread Pattern
  • Extra powerful profile
  • Contact pressure homogenisation and improvement of uneven wear
  • nano BLEND compound

BluEarth-4S AW21

The one for all seasons

Application: Small and Compact cars, mid-size sedan, modern SUVs & CUVs


  • Impressive grip on wet & snowy winter roads
  • Braking performance on wet & dry summer roads
  • Outstanding Mileage Performance


  • Divergent V-Groove for snow and water drainage
  • Flat & Wide Contour

Silica End-locked compound

BluEarth-XT AE61

Application: Urban SUVs


  • Wet grip performance
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Straight-line stability
  • Uneven wear resistance


  • Nano-blend rubber
  • New blending technology improves braking in wet conditions

BluEarth AE01

Application: Supermini and small family car


  • Fuel-efficient performance
  • Reassuring grip in both wet and dry confidence
  • Reduces uneven wear
  • Low external noise


  • Nano blend compound for fuel saving, long mileage and wet grip
  • Super low rolling resistance improves fuel economy
  • Micro silica allows long mileage and superb wet grip
  • Light weight design

Geolandar MT G003

Application: Mud-Terrain SUVs, 4x4s and pick-ups


  • Off-road Traction
  • Wear resistance with anti-cut and anti-chipping performance
  • Comfortable Off-road Tyre
  • Good mileage performance


  • Wide tread with aggressive, symmetric block pattern
  • Attractive sidewall design through extension of tread design

High density compound with new triple polymer blend

Geolandar A/T G015

Exceptional all-terrain tyre with advanced technologies

The GEOLANDAR A/T– This all-terrain tyresfeatures the ‘3 peak and snowflake’ winter capability mark and is one tyre at home in two worlds. Tough terrain is just a call to action for the all new GEOLANDAR A/T – YOKOHAMA’s ultra-competitive, all-terrain workhorse for SUVs. Yet, when civilisation beckons, it’s sophisticated enough to be invited to the party.

Application: All-terrain SUVs, 4x4s & pick-ups


  • Good mileage performance
  • Cut and Chipping Resistance
  • Impressive grip on snowy and wet winter road (all sizes are stamped with Snow Flake mark)
  • More comfortable with reduced noise


  • Advanced Tread Pattern Technology with 3-D-shaped Sipes, Optimised Lug Grooves, 4 main grooves and new pitch variation
  • Aggressive pattern and side design

Advanced Compound Technology

Geolandar X-CV G057

Application: Premium and Performance Crossover SUVs


  • Impressive wet traction
  • Mileage performance
  • More comfort and reduced noise


  • Asymmetric pattern with 4 wide straight grooves
  • 2-D & 3-D combination sipes
  • 5 Pitch Variation

Silica end-locked Polymer and Micro Silica

Geolandar H/T G056

Application: New generation SUV and pick up car tyre

The GEOLANDAR H/T is a premium grade SUV tyre that sets new standards for on-road driving. No matter whether you are driving in the city or powering down the motorway. Designed to provide outstanding handling, superior comfort and long mileage, the GEOLANDAR H/T offers you enjoyment and safety.


  • Enjoy greater silence and longer lasting comfort in cities, on highways and off-road
  • Discover further peace of mind with increased durability
  • Maximise comfort in your SUV with GEOLANDAR H/T G056
  • Highway terrain tyre for 4×4 and SUV


  • Innovative tread design improves pass-by noise
  • 5 Pitch Variation to control the frequency peak
  • 4 deep main grooves for long life and mileage

Geolandar CV G058

Application: Crossover SUVs


  • Impressive wet performance and mileage
  • Quiet and comfortable ride
  • M+S Tyre for Crossover SUVs


  • Advanced Compound Technology – New Blend Polymer & Micro Silica
  • Sipe based symmetric Pattern with 4 Combination Main Grooves
  • Wide and flat Contact Shape

BluEarth-Van RY55

Application: Transporters, Light Trucks, Cargos, modern vans and pick-ups


  • Superb long mileage with high durability
  • Impressive wet braking performance
  • Fuel saving properties


  • Powerful and tough tread design
  • Enhanced profile design and tough construction
  • Compound developed with triple polymer and silica
  • Kerbing Rib for protecting sidewall-damage

BluEarth Winter V905

Confidence for all winter conditions and part of the environmental BluEarth range

Application: Performance cars, SUVs, middle sized cars


  • Improved snow and water evacuation
  • Excellent wet grip
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Extreme drainage performance on snow and wet surfaces
  • Sure driving feeling on high-speed cruising
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Excellent mileage performance


  • Wide slanting grooves and variable angle of lateral grooves
  • New compound mixing micro silica & orange oil
  • Fuel efficient tyre with BluEarth concept mark

W.Drive V903

Application:Small and compact cars


  • Direct feeling on snow and wet surfaces
  • Superior stability on high-speed cruising
  • Low fuel consumption with its low rolling resistant coefficient


  • Directional tread pattern design
  • Original multi-later sipes
  • 3D shaped block wall with grooves in groove design
  • Zig-zag shaped main straight grooves
  • Steady and light weight construction
  • Micro-silica with rich mixture
  • Silica end locked polymer compound


Application: Light commercial vehicles


  • Optimised wet braking and handling
  • Remarkable durability performance
  • Fuel efficient with BluEarth concept mark
  • The optimised combination of directional tread design and compound deliver reliable performance on snow and ice


  • 3D wide groove
  • Traction Blocks with micro diagonal sipes
  • Rigid shoulder rib with lug
  • 3D sipes

History of YOKOHAMA

Yokohama has been dedicated to the advancement of tyre design and development since 1917,makingthem the oldest tyre manufacturer in Japan. Yokohama were the first Japanese tyre manufacturer to be granted ISO9001 certification in recognition of a quality-assurance model-company in design, development, manufacture installation and related services.

Yokohama produces 50 million tyres each year and is a known leader in high performance tyres for cars, vans and 4x4s. Their tyreshave been adopted worldwide as original equipment (OE) and are fitted to some of the world’s leading car manufacturers including Toyota, Audi, Mercedes, Nissan, Honda and more.

Yokohama tyres provide maximum safety with lower environmental impacts. Technology and innovation have always been important, and Yokohama are proud to operatetwo state-of-the-art manufacturing plants.

Yokohama’s mission is to foster a customer-centric culture, focussing on world-class products that satisfy the needs of a dynamic market. Maintaining their environmental impact is also crucial to Yokohama and every manufacturing plant is designed to create as little impact on the environment as possible. Every Yokohama tyre is built to perform around 4 key environmental criteria: global warming prevention, resource recycling, resource saving, and safety & comfort.Yokohama’s ‘BluEarth’ brand pursues environmental, human and socially friendly performances from its tyres.

Yokohama is also the sole tyre supplier to numerous motorsport championships in the UK and many more worldwide.

To read more about Yokohama’s history, visit their website!

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