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A Synonym for Innovation, Excellence, and Top-Tier Performance

Toyo Tyres is renowned for integrating innovation, supreme quality, and exceptional performance in every tyre. The brand is committed to delivering products that not only showcase excellent handling and performance but also strike the perfect balance between comfort, safety, environmental friendliness, and long mileage. It’s a testament to Toyo’s unwavering commitment to quality that major European automobile brands like Audi, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Toyota choose Toyo as their Original Equipment supplier.

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Our range of Toyo tyre patterns


(New) The tread pattern design of Proxes TR1 blends form with function to provide outstanding performance with an individual identity.

Innovative new wear indicators allow enthusiastic drivers to take advantage of exceptional handling and grip throughout the life of the tire while also enhancing the environmental impact of reducing waste.

Proxes Sport

Proxes Sport is engineered to satisfy the essential needs of drivers manoeuvring the most potent cars, prioritising adept high-speed handling and exceptional wet grip without compromising ride comfort and mileage. Incorporating an innovative tire structure and a meticulously crafted tread pattern, Proxes Sport promises to elevate steering responsiveness and amplify the driving pleasure for enthusiasts seeking a harmonious blend of performance and comfort.

Proxes T1-Sport SUV

With excellent motorway speed stability and precise handling on wet or dry roads, Proxes T1 Sport SUV answers the need for an Ultra High Performance tyre for premium performance executive Sports Utility Vehicles.

Proxes T1-Sport

Catering to the need for exceptional control in both wet and dry scenarios, Proxes T1-Sport ensures remarkable stability, even at elevated highway velocities. It’s the Original Equipment for models like Audi TT, TTS, S6 & RS5, and Mazda 6, showcasing its reliability and superior performance.

NanoEnergy 3

NanoEnergy 3 is the latest addition to the NanoEnergy range, for compact and mid-range cars. NanoEnergy products guarantee safety, durability, fuel savings and efficiency.

Proxes T1-R

Designed for sportscars, powerful saloons and coupes, Proxes T1-R meets the need for high-speed stability and excellent handling in dry and wet conditions, while retaining low noise and optimum driving comfort.


Original equipment for the Mazda CX-5 compact SUV
Proxes R36 complements the SKYACTIV technology introduced on the Mazda CX-5. The technologies combine to offer enhanced handling and stability, greater fuel economy and lower emissions
Proxes R36 delivers the agility and vitality required by Mazda’s theme of efficient yet beautiful movement.


Toyo’s Proxes R30A has. been chosen to provide the best tyre to suit the luxury executive car and help achieve an amazing, comfortable, safe drive.


225/55 R 18 98H Toyo R37 tyres are Original Equipment for the Mitsubishi Outlander.
Mitsubishi Outlander is a car which is both refined to drive as well as highly versatile. Toyo R37 tyres provide the necessary driving dynamics whilst also providing safe, dependable load carrying.
Tire choice was critical to achieve a mix of environmental improvement without compromise and Toyo R37 delivers.


The Open Country A33 is Original equipment tyre for Isuzu D-Max 2016 onwards.

Proxes CF2 SUV

The Proxes CF2 SUV is tailored to enhance the features of compact SUVs and smaller crossover vehicles. It’s crafted with a new silica tread compound that not only ensures shorter wet braking but also optimises fuel efficiency. The tyre’s lightweight design, paired with the innovative compound, extends its lifespan. As such, Proxes CF2 emerges as the wise selection for SUV owners seeking performance and durability.

Proxes CF2

Proxes CF2 has been created to take advantage of the latest materials, structures and tread pattern design in order to guarantee a high level of safety, durability, savings, and comfort. The right choice for drivers looking for a high performing and safe tyre for medium and high powered cars.

Open Country A/T plus

Open Country A/T Plus is meticulously crafted to deliver top-notch performance, complemented by a distinct appearance. The tyre features a solid block design and an asymmetrical tread pattern, making it an ideal choice for drivers keen on traversing a variety of terrains, from highways to forest trails. It boasts improved durability, superior on-road handling, and augmented off-road performance, offering a versatile driving experience.

Open Country M/T

A sturdy off-road tire engineered meticulously for situations where superior off-road abilities are essential. It incorporates cutting-edge technology, ensuring outstanding uniformity that results in improved handling and control, making it suitable for both rugged terrains and regular street driving.

Open Country U/T

Open Country U/T has been developed to satisfy owners of a wide variety of contemporary luxury Pickups and SUVs requiring quiet and comfortable ride, stable handling capabilities, and low fuel consumption in urban type of road operations.

Open Country A28

Japanese Quality
The Open Country A28 is original equipment on the Mistubishi L200 Triton


New Toyo Celsius is the smartest tire choice for year round comfort and safety.
Extended mobility in cold temperatures means when the weather changes, your tires don’t have to. Ceslius delivers control on snowy or wet roads for a wide range of small and medium sized cars.

With a legacy spanning over seven decades, Toyo Tyres is synonymous with innovation, top-tier quality, remarkable performance, and exemplary service. Established 36 years ago in Europe, the brand is part of a conglomerate that boasts a global footprint, with operations straddling the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania.


The company’s journey commenced in August 1945 with the vision of its founding president, Mr. Rikimatsu Tomihisa. The inception of Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. in Japan marked the beginning of an era of excellence and innovation. The expansion into Europe began with the establishment of Toyo Reifen GmbH in Germany in 1975, followed by Toyo Tyre UK in 1981, and Toyo Banden B.V in the Netherlands in 1989.

European Expansion

2005 saw the establishment of Toyo Tire Europe, the brand’s European headquarters, overseeing all sales and marketing initiatives across the continent. The Moscow-based Toyo Tire RUS was inaugurated in 2008, and six years later, Toyo Tire Deutschland GmbH was set up to streamline sales and marketing in Germany and Austria.

Product Innovation

Toyo Tyres has remained at the forefront of the tyre industry, offering products that combine aesthetic appeal with functional efficiency. The early 21st century’s tuning market expansion was met with innovative high-performance tyres like the Proxes T1S, Proxes T1R, and Proxes T1 Sport, leading to the unveiling of the Proxes Sport in 2017, acclaimed for its ‘A’ grade wet grip and superior cornering and braking.

Specialization in SUV and Off-Road Tyres

Toyo is renowned for its expertise in SUV and 4×4 tyres, offering a diverse range from the Proxes T1 Sport SUV for fast highway use to the Open Country U/T tyres for working 4x4s and pickups. The Open Country A/T plus and Open Country M/T tyres ensure off-road enthusiasts are well-equipped for rugged terrains, with race versions clinching victories in renowned rallies and championships.

Motorsport Presence

Toyo’s influence in motorsports is pervasive, with their tyres gracing circuits from the Spa 24hours and VLN Endurance racing to the UK’s Porsche Championship. The brand’s Proxes R888 was enhanced in 2015 with the introduction of Proxes R888R, offering elevated levels of grip and cornering power.

Contemporary Offerings

Today, Toyo Tire Europe GmbH, with its subsidiary sales companies and distributors, permeates every major European market. Their diversified tyre portfolio caters to various vehicle types and applications, from the performance-oriented Proxes line and the rugged Open Country series for 4x4s and SUVs, to the eco-friendly NanoEnergy range.

Toyo Tyres’ unwavering dedication to innovation, quality, and outstanding customer service continues to set benchmarks in the tyre industry globally.

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