4X4 Tyres

Taking the road less travelled is all about adventure.

But the one thing you should never compromise on when going off-road is good quality, durable 4×4 tyres. Any minor damage to a tyre could have disastrous consequences especially on a long trip in challenging road and weather conditions. That is why Elite Garages should be your first port of call as we provide a free tyre check to help keep you and your loved ones safe on every journey.

Elite Garages knowledge and skill has meant we have been nominated by Pirelli as 4×4 specialised centres. From supporting the driving habits of smaller crossovers and compact SUV’s, to sports trucks and extreme off-roading, we have the right Pirelli tyres for every occasion. In fact, Elite Garages offer tyres for all car manufacturers where local tyres are available at online prices. If that doesn’t tweak your tread or burn your rubber, you should know that our prices are fully fitted which include valve, wheel balance and disposal of your old tyre.

Book a same-day fitting at any of our 13 branches in the South East and trust us to take care of you. Our skilled tyre technicians are among the best of the best and will expertly fit your 4×4 tyres while you wait. We strongly believe in quality products, superior workmanship and exceptional customer service. With that in mind, our staff are well-trained and knowledgeable, ready to offer advice on your 4X4 tyres should you need it.

Here are three frequently asked questions and answers about 4X4 tyres that you might find particularly useful.

Do my driving habits affect the lifespan of my tyres?

They most certainly do, especially bad driving habits. Avoid speeding as it generates more heat, leading to tyre wear and reducing durability. Don’t drive on or over pavements, potholes or other obstacles.

Should I fit winter tyres on my car?

You should keep a spare set of wheels fitted with winter tyres at home throughout the year. This allows you to quickly switch to winter driving while at home. While that is an option, we recommend that you visit any of our branches to let the experts help you – changing tyres may put stress on a wheel which could wear it out.

What is the difference between Retreaded and Remoulded Tyres?

With retreaded tyres, a tread is simply glued or bonded onto an old tyre after removing the old tread. This can be dangerous for the vehicle, driver and passers-by as it will eventually separate and fall off, possibly causing loss of control and veering off the road.

Remoulded tyres, on the other hand, are made using the same manufacturing process as producing new tyres. The tread is not just glued on but rather moulded to a proven casing at high temperatures and pressure. While many argue that remoulded tyres are better than ‘retreads’, the safest bet is having new tyres fitted.

Elite Garages have over three generations of industry experience and a real commitment to quality, performance and customer satisfaction. Why go anywhere else for your local tyres? Call us now for more information on 4X4 tyres or to book a fitting at your nearest branch. Alternatively, please fill in the form and we’ll call you back.