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Increase the lifespan of your car and maximise vehicle safety with regular services. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can service your car with original matching quality parts while saving your hundreds on dealership prices.

A regular car service is important, and is not something you should overlook. Many vehicle owners still take their cars to dealerships but European legislation states that you can have a car service at an independent garage without invalidating your warranty. While that is the case, all service garages must keep to the manufacturer’s schedule and only use equal quality car parts.

Routine maintenance to the manufacturer specification is essential for prolonging the life of your engine. At Elite Garages, we specialise in servicing vehicles exactly as they should be, while giving you much-needed peace of mind in terms of any warranty claims.

We service ALL major makes and models including the following:

Audi Jaguar Mazda
Mercedes Jeep Mitsubishi
Bentley Honda Mini
BMW Kia Nissan
Citroen Land Rover Peugeot
Ford Lexus Renault
Fiat Skoda Volvo
Seat Toyota Volkwagen
Suzuki Vauxhall

Increase the lifespan of your car and maximise vehicle safety with regular services. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can service your car with original matching quality parts while saving you hundreds on dealership prices. You can also book a car service with your MOT!

How often do I need a car service?

A car service interval will largely depend on the car and the service schedule from the manufacturer. When buying a new car, there are two main types: fixed-schedule servicing and variable servicing (long-life service plan).

Fixed-schedule servicing requires a car service when you reach a set mileage or time limit, whichever comes first. The common interval is 12,000 miles or 12 months, but you still have to check your car’s service book to verify. This is best suited for low to medium-mileage drivers who often take short trips.

Variable servicing depends on sensors fitted around the car and the onboard computer informing you when something needs attention. Once again, depending on your driving habits, this service interval can exceed 12,000 miles and suits drivers with high annual mileages who often take longer trips.

What’s included in a car service at Elite Garages?

Car services will vary depending on the age of your vehicle but it normally includes changing the engine oil and oil filter. Some services may also include replacing the spark plugs in petrol cars, antifreeze engine coolant, brake fluid or power-steering fluid.

During the service, we also check for any additional issues and if we find that further rectification is needed, we always contact you first. These checks usually apply to safety-critical items such as tyres and brakes. We never carry out unnecessary work and we will keep all the old parts for your inspection.

Our service packages are tailor-made for you and include all the necessary checks you’d expect from a dealership. These include the Bronze Service (Interim), the Silver Service (Premium) and Gold Service (Major).


We have updated our service packages and pricing. See below what each one entails and if you have any further questions about our car services and pricing, please contact your nearest branch.

DESCRIPTION Bronze – Lubricant service + health check Silver – 12,000 miles / 12 months Gold – 24,000 miles / 24 months
1:  Check operation of exterior lights
2:  Check headlight alignment
3:  Check rear reflectors
4:  Check operation of instrument warning lamps
5:  Check illumination of dash and heater control lamps
6:  Check battery condition and connections
7:  Check horn
8:  Test / advise alternator output and security
9:  Check door / bonnet lock operation and lubricate locks, hinges and catches
10:  Check windscreen wiper and washer condition and operation
11:  Top up windscreen washer reservoir with additive if required
12:  Check / advise pollen filter condition, replace if necessary*
13:  Check air conditioning system / temperature if applicable
14:  Drain engine oil and refill*
15:  Replace oil filter
16:  Replace air filter
17:  Replace fuel filter (if fitted and external from fuel tank)
18:  Check / advise general oil leaks
19:  Check / advise coolant level and antifreeze strength
20:  Top up antifreeze if required
21:  Check coolant hoses for leaks and condition, incl. header tank
22:  Check condition and tension of auxiliary drive belts (excl. timing belt)
23:  Spark plugs changed according to mileage*
24:  Check / clean HT leads and components (if fitted)
25:  Visual check of fuel system (incl. tank and cap)
26:  Check timing belt replacement interval & report if due according to mileage / age
27: Check brake servo operation
28: Check / advise brake fluid level and boiling point
29: Top up brake fluid if required
30: Visual check of brake pads for wear or damage
31: Visual check of brake calipers for leaks and security
32: Visual check of brake discs, shoes and cylinders for wear or damage
33: Visual check of brake pipes and hoses
34: Check operation of handbrake
35: Check security of handbrake linkages and travel and adjust if required
36: Check condition of road springs
37:  Check power steering fluid reservoir
38:  Check steering / suspension components for wear and corrosion
39:  Check steering rack gaiters condition
40:  Check shock absorber condition and mounting, report any leaks
41:  Check wheel bearings for excessive play or noise
42:  Check drive shaft gaiters for security and report any leaks
43:  Check gear box fluid level manual / automatic differential (if applicable)
44:  Check / adjust clutch operation
45:  Check for transmission oil leaks
46:  Check condition of clutch cable (where visible)
47: Full car fault code read
48: Check / advise condition of exhaust and mountings
49: Check / report on additive levels for Diesel vehicles (where applicable)
50: Check tyre condition and tread depth (incl. spare)
51: Check / adjust tyre pressures (incl. spare)
52: Remove all road wheels and check flanges and mountings
53: Check wheel nut torque to manufacturer’s specification
54: Expiry date for the puncture repair cannister (where applicable)
55: Carry out engine management system scan
56: Reset vehicle service light where applicable
57: Reset Oil quality counter (Diesel vehicles)
58: Stamp service book

* Additional charges will apply should the vehicle require a pollen filter, special or synthetic oils, platinum or multi-electrode spark plugs.

*Note – Additional service operations may be required for your vehicle make/model and will be an added charge
*Note – Stamp service book as per Elite Service Manual

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FAQs on Car Servicing

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At Elite Garages, we always try to get your car booked in as soon as possible and our booking system helps. Call your local garage within normal business hours or request a service slot online if after hours.

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Some customers will have a bronze car service one year and a silver car service the next so if they’re not doing the mileage, it’s not always advised to book a silver car service every year. Most of our customers book an MOT and service at the same time.

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We offer bronze car service (standard) and silver car service (premium) at affordable, competitive rates – see the home page for our current Car Service prices.

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We always explain this in detail, providing a list of what’s included and what is not. If a customer asks what service they need, we can advise depending on the service schedule and the manufacturer’s specification. Click here for more information.

At the time of posting, the price of a bronze car service (standard service) is from £110 and a silver car service (premium service) from £210. The service time will depend on what is being done and if any problems are identified which may require additional work.

We will discuss the customer’s vehicle and what extras it may need and then provide them with a quote specific to their requirements. Typically, a bronze service starts from £110, and a silver service from £210 but prices do vary depending on the vehicle.

As with internal combustion engine cars, an electric car service interval also depends on manufacturer recommendations so it’s important to check your owner’s manual for accurate details. For the most part, an electric car service schedule is similar to that of petrol or diesel cars.

A car service interval will largely depend on the car and the service schedule from the manufacturer. The common interval is 12,000 miles or 12 months, but you still have to check your car’s service book to verify.

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We get them in and out as quickly as possible. We have a good booking system where we can work out our day so we’re not overlapping appointments too much. We do our best so people aren’t waiting too long.

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At Elite Garages Bournemouth we always try to get the customer’s car booked in as soon as possible and our booking system helps. Call your local garage here or outside of normal business hours where you can request a slot and we’ll be in touch the next working day to confirm it.