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Rapid Tyres

Rapid Tyres

Rapid consistently score highly for grip and longevity.

RAPID tyres are crafted utilizing state-of-the-art production techniques, premium quality materials, and undergo rigorous testing and inspection to ensure they adhere to the highest standards. They are compliant with all European Tyre legislations, delivering excellent performance at high speeds, exceptional grip in both wet and dry conditions, and ensuring safe handling and cornering.

While catering to the local market in China, RAPID Tyres also extends its reach globally, supplying to over 90 countries across multiple continents including Europe, the Americas, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

The strategic goal of Rapid Tyres is to prioritise product quality, with an ambition to ascend as a prominent figure in the tyre industry. Produced by the Shengtai Group, RAPID tyres offer unmatched performance at an affordable cost. The production facilities are internationally certified for quality assurance, guaranteeing that RAPID tyres meet stringent quality standards, instilling confidence in their product quality.

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Our Rapid range of tyre patterns


The P309 is characterised by its symmetric tread design, curated meticulously to ensure unwavering stability in straight-line driving while offering superior traction and effective braking in various weather conditions. It’s engineered for:

  • Sedans
  • City Driving

Key Features:

  • Noise reduction and minimized vibrations when traversing uneven terrains, ensuring a serene and comfortable drive
  • Prolonged lifespan owing to excellent wear resistance
  • Precise steering stability, ensuring control and safety
  • The balanced tread design assures continuous stability and refined performance at higher speeds
  • Reliable traction, guaranteeing safety and effectiveness in all weather conditions, and delivering consistent braking performance
Tyre Grooves in Primary Ribs

The primary ribs feature silencer grooves that facilitate smooth airflow, effectively minimising road noise for a quieter ride.

Grooved central rib

Tilted sipes in the center rib improves acceleration and ensures straight line stability.

Four longitudinal grooves

4 wide longitudinal grooves enhance water evacuation on wet roads, improving traction and reducing wet weather drift.


Designed For:
High Performance Vehicles
Urban Enviroments

The asymmetric tread pattern increases the contact area on the outside of the Rapid tyre offering improved handling through cornering even at high speed.

  • Reduced road noise and jolting when driving over uneven surfaces
  • Excellent steering performance at speed and in wet weather conditions
  • Asymmetrical tread pattern for improved cornering
  • Good traction in all weathers, in all seasons, even when braking
‘Green’ silica compound

Green tread compound with a higher ratio of silica reduces the friction between the rubber molecules decreasing energy loss and reducing the overall rolling resistance.

Shoulder block

A specially designed outside shoulder reduces deformation when cornering ensuring a precise and stable driving experience.

Anti-slip, all weather sipes

Anti-slip all weather sipes cover the tread offering stability in all weather conditions whilst offering improved traction under acceleration and braking.


Designed For:
– SUV’s and 4X4’s
– On-Road Enviroments

It’s symmetric tread pattern is specifically designed for straight line stability whilst providing excellent traction and braking in all weather conditions.

Shoulder ribs

Improved shoulder ribs suppress uneven tread wear throughout the life of the tyre.

Variable pitch

The variable pitch arrangement reduces road noise and the special bead design increases the overall tyre life expectancy.

Open grooves

Open grooves on the shoulder improve cooling.


Designed For:
– SUV’s & 4X4’s
– On & OFF-Road Use

Constructed with a focus on exceptional wear resistance and precise steering, its symmetric tread design is tailored to ensure straight-line stability, alongside offering optimal traction and braking in various weather conditions.

  • Diminished noise and vibrations when navigating uneven terrains for a smoother ride
  • Outstanding wear resistance, extending the tyre’s lifespan
  • Ensured steering precision and control
  • The symmetrical tread pattern guarantees linear stability and enhanced performance at elevated speeds
  • Adaptable traction, providing grip and safety across different weather conditions and ensuring effective braking


The EFFIVAN Rapid Tyres are intended for:

  • Van Operators
  • Everyday Driving

The Effivan model is crafted focusing on superb wear resistance and steering efficiency. It’s engineered to ensure minimal noise and smooth transitions on uneven terrains, promoting a comfortable driving experience.

Key Features:

  • Extended tyre lifespan due to excellent wear properties
  • Enhanced steering stability ensuring precision control
  • A symmetrical tread design that guarantees directional stability and performance at high speeds
  • Versatile traction performance, ensuring grip and safety across varying weather conditions, including effective braking
Vertical grooves

Three wide vertical grooves in the tread lead to faster water evacuation and shorter braking distances.

Crown grooves

Tiny Grooves on the tyre crown lower the rolling noise whilst the rigidity of the tread is better distributed reducing abnormal wear and increasing the overall mileage.

Tread rigidity

Scientific pattern design and low rolling noise offers a more comfortable driving experience.

History of Rapid tyres

The Shengtai Group, established in 2002, has roots tracing back to its original founding company created in 1987.

In the three decades since its inception, Shengtai has evolved into a diverse conglomerate, with operations spanning multiple sectors including tyre manufacturing, bead wire and carbon black production, aircraft maintenance and dismantling, and a venture into the entertainment industry.

Annually, we manufacture 3 million tyres for TBR and 18 million for passenger vehicles. Our comprehensive portfolio includes tyres of sizes 13-28 inches, catering to commercial vans, PCR, UHP, LTR, and SUVs.

Rapid tyres are esteemed for securing top positions in EU industry, backed by a slew of certifications and approvals such as DOT, ECE, INMETRO, GCC, REACH, BIS, SNI, SONICAP, CCC, ISO16949, and OHSAS1800.

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