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Lottbridge Drove, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 6NS

Welcome to your Elite Garages Eastbourne, located at Lottbridge Drove, Eastbourne. Our Manager Andy has been with the company for 20 years.

Andy and his team have a combined mechanical experience of 95 years. So whether it’s for an MOT Eastbourne, Car service, Tyres, Exhaust, Air conditioning check or free car safety check here at Elite Garages we are always happy to help.

We are the leading provider of MOT, Car Servicing, Tyres and car and van repairs in Eastbourne.

Learn more about the services we offer here, or book your MOT Eastbourne here.

Elite Garages Eastbourne MOT and service centre is another prime example of how a family-run and operated business positively impacts all our branches across the UK. At the head of the operation is Andy, the onsite manager who has been part of the Elite family for 20 years.

He is supported by Denise and Dave who also lend a hand with the daily running and management of the site. The amazing people servicing and repairing the vehicles are Tommy and Robbie, with Steve who also manages our Eastbourne MOT testing centre.

A Leading MOT And Service Centre In Eastbourne

Apart from delivering the highest quality services, the Eastbourne site prides itself on offering a friendly environment with full transparency in everything they do. The team is honest, trustworthy and always explains everything in detail to every customer. It’s these qualities and attitudes that set them apart from many other service centres.

Everyone is professional, highly experienced and friendly, which comes from the top down. Many customers get to know Andy and will attest that he is always friendly and eager to help, no matter the issue. This paints a clear picture of the type of service you can expect when visiting our Eastbourne service centre.

In terms of location, the Elite Eastbourne MOT testing station is in a great spot with plenty of customer parking. Located at Lottbridge Drove, Eastbourne, East Sussex (BN23 6NS), the Eastbourne site is easy to find with sufficient vehicle bays, where the team performs up to eight MOTs per day.

Who Visits The Eastbourne MOT and Service Centre?

Considering the high level of service and competitive prices across the board, it’s no surprise Elite Garages Eastbourne has a large loyal customer base. Many of the clientele have been trusting Elite for 10 to 15 years, if not longer. A host of different types of people of all ages and backgrounds come to Elite Garages Eastbourne.

The majority of customers are relatively local from areas such as Old Town, Langney, Hampden Park and the seaside. Even those who have moved further away are still choosing the Eastbourne MOT centre coming from areas including Willingdon, Friston, Hailsham, Wannock and Stone Cross.

Whilst they have the ability, equipment and knowledge to work with vehicle fleets, they most often service the vehicles of local employees. Among others in the area, a major source of this is Tesco which is just across the road.

What Services Can Elite Garages Eastbourne Offer?

Andy and his team provide the type of service you’d expect from a local garage. They have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to provide MOTs, services, tyres, safety checks, clutches and air con regas among others. Customers bring their vehicles for a variety of issues including brakes, exhausts, wheel alignment and a fair number of tyre puncture repairs.

In terms of free vehicle safety checks, Eastbourne customers often come in for a tyre check or an all-around visual check. A large number of customers will come in for a vehicle check especially when taking a road trip or a long journey. In some cases, people also request a visual inspection when their car is in for a specific job.

This helps give them total peace of mind knowing everything is in order and if something needs attention, the team will give a report and recommendations on repairs or replacements.

Air Con Regas In Eastbourne

If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy air con regas centre in Eastbourne, look no further than Elite Garage. The Eastbourne team performs many aircon regas jobs which increases when the sun comes out.

They offer both gases (R134a & R1234yf), which is really important as more cars are coming in for the new gas nowadays. Some of the more common questions customers ask include “will an aircon regas solve the problem?”

However, sometimes there could be a fault in the system where they investigate all possible issues. The most common symptom involves “why is my car aircon not blowing cold air?” Have a look at this article for a full explanation of how an aircon regas service works and what it entails.

Tyre Fitment Centre Eastbourne

When it comes to car tyres, Elite Eastbourne is the place to go as they offer a large range of budget tyres, mid-range tyres and premium tyres. This extends not only to walk-in customers but also from an MOT failure. They stock all the major brands including Bridgestone, Sailwin and Rapid which is a good quality mid-range tyre. Fact is, it’s just below the premium tyres which is why they are particularly popular.

Customers ask all types of tyre-related questions including the cost of tyres, tyre tread depth, tyre size and the difference between budget and premium tyres. Whatever the question, Elite’s tyre specialists will provide all the necessary information to help customers make a more informed decision. At Elite Garages, we help people find the tyres best suited to their vehicles and driving needs.

Looking For a Trusted Service And MOT Centre in Eastbourne?

Our Eastbourne MOT testing centre provides exceptional customer service and competitive pricing. As a group, Elite Garages continues to invest in new equipment to ensure vehicle servicing and MOTs in Eastbourne are performed at the highest possible level. Need an MOT? Book yours online now.

Customers often get a service with their MOT which is something we would advise but it also depends on when it is due. Sometimes they ask whether the recommendation is an interim or premium service, but it comes down to what had previously done, how much more mileage they’ve added, etc. The team is always happy to advise.

With so many different makes and models of vehicles, the team likes to be specific to each customer and will recommend accordingly. Elite Garages Eastbourne has a lot of repeat customers that bring their cars for a service every year so they can easily advise them based on what is in the system.

Eastbourne is also a Pirelli Performance Centre

Since the concept of a Pirelli Performance Centre was made a reality, it has gone from strength to strength, although the key objectives have remained the same; Providing a network of dealers with high technical levels and commitment to service, allowing Pirelli to direct drivers of High Performance cars with confidence. So what are they? Watch the video to find out!

FAQ At Eastbourne MOT and Service Centre

As you’d imagine, people ask various questions about their cars from MOTs and air con to brakes and what Elite Garage Eastbourne can do for them. Here are a few of the most common questions Andy and his team get asked regularly.

Click the + to read any answer or visit our most FAQ page to review the most frequently asked questions across all our Elite Locations.

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We can fit OE (Original Equipment) for customers and we’re always happy to discuss parts and brands.

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Categories: Brakes, Eastbourne

We can offer a variety of brands but will always recommend more premium parts, such as Pagid, but it all depends on the specific vehicle. OE fit is always best but we are able to fit various brands such as Delphi.

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Brake pads can last between 25,000 and 60,000 miles while brake discs can be anywhere from 80,000 to 120,000 miles. Once again, how you drive can also impact the replacement intervals.

The front tyres should last for approximately 20,000 miles while the rear tyres may last a little longer. When you replace your tyres also largely depends on driving style, frequency and the quality of tyres fitted.

In the UK and Europe, the legal tyre tread depth for cars is 1.6 mm around the tyre circumference and the central three quarters. However, most tyre experts recommend replacing your tyres when the tread depth is at 3 mm for better braking distances.

A car service interval will largely depend on the car and the service schedule from the manufacturer. The common interval is 12,000 miles or 12 months, but you still have to check your car’s service book to verify.