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Coach & Horses Roundabout, London Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO2 9RN

Welcome to your Elite Garages Portsmouth, located at London Road, Portsmouth. Our Manager Mat has been with the company for 9 years and he is backed up by a team of professionals with a combined mechanical experience of 100 years. Whether it’s for an MOT, Car service, Tyres Portsmouth, Exhaust, Air conditioning check or free car safety check, Elite Garages Portsmouth is happy to help.

As you’d expect from a national, family-owned business, Elite Garages Portsmouth is at the top of their game. Branch manager Mat Brookes and assistant manager Iain run a tight ship sporting nearly 20 years of combined experience at Elite Garages. They are supported by the area manager Mark Stevens, Dan and Alan who are both highly experienced MOT Testers and Vehicle Technicians.

The team at Elite Garages Portsmouth is highly experienced, helpful, polite, trustworthy and professional. They take pride in communicating well with customers regarding repairs, parts and advice on general vehicle maintenance. 

Looking For A Trusted MOT Centre in Portsmouth?

In addition to exceptional customer service, Elite Garages Portsmouth offers customers competitive pricing on MOTs, services, wheel alignment and tyres among many other related vehicle services. Elite continuously invests in new equipment to ensure vehicle servicing and MOTs in Portsmouth are performed at the highest level.

Our Elite Garages Portsmouth MOT centre serves a large geographical area including Hilsea, Cosham, Wymering, Northern Parade, Stamshaw, Buckland, North End, Baffins, Milton, Southsea and Portsea. Since Portsmouth is traditionally a naval town, they provide all types of vehicle services to locals and folks from the Navy. A large percentage of visitors are returning customers which speak volumes of the team’s performance and reputation. 

What Vehicle Services Do Elite Garages Portsmouth Offer?

Mark and Mat believe that doing the job right the first time is vital which is a mindset that extends to the entire team at Portsmouth MOT and car servicing centre. They have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to provide MOTs, car services, tyres, wheel alignment, clutches and cambelts. When performing services, we only use quality parts with some of the big names being Luk, Ina, Pagid, Crossland and Mann.

They also have a few requests for Free Safety Checks (winter or summer safety checks) with several vehicles being booked in every week. Speaking of bookings, their MOT diary fills up fast which is often coupled with full vehicle service. We recommend that you book your MOT online and sign up for the Elite Member’s Club to receive free MOT text reminders and access to various special offers.

Tyre Fitment Centre Portsmouth

The Portsmouth team also performs many tyre replacements with a great range of economy tyres, mid-range tyres and premium tyres available for same-day fitting. They stock all the major brands including Sailwins and Rapids, which are among the most popular. When customers visit the branch, our technicians always ask them if there are any particular requirements in terms of quality and budget so we can provide them with the best possible tyres for their vehicle.

Our tyre experts will explain the differences between budget, mid-range and premium tyres to ensure the customer buys tyres that suit their driving needs. Remember, if you often only travel short distances, budget tyres should be fine but we highly recommend choosing a good mid-range tyre or premium tyres when driving long distances at high speeds on the motorway. 

Whatever you do, avoid buying part-worn tyres at all costs as they really are not safe at all. If you’re looking for quality tyres in Portsmouth, reserve yours online today!

Things To Do In Portsmouth While You Wait

Our Portsmouth MOT and service centre is in a central location with some shops and cafes to visit while you wait. The Coach & Horses Pub is right next door while a short walk away you will find the sandwich shop, Melted, Toby Carvery Hilsea and a nearby play area. If you are new to the area, here are 10 things to do and see in Portsmouth.

FAQ At Elite Garages Portsmouth MOT and Service Centre

Different people ask different questions about their cars or what Elite Garages Portsmouth can do for them. Below you will find some of the most common FAQs:

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Yes, you certainly can and it’s often something we recommend. In fact, around 95% of the time our customers get a premium or standard service with their MOT. Click these links to find  out what’s included in an MOT and what’s the difference between a Service and an MOT

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Depending on the type of service, checks may include the engine oil, oil filter, lights, tyres, bodywork, exhausts, brakes, steering, fluid and coolant levels, suspension and 12V battery. We will always explain this in detail, providing a list of what’s included and what’s not.

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Manufacturers have different recommendations but the general consensus is to replace your brakes when only 20% of the original thickness remains. Brake pads can last between 25,000 and 60,000 miles while brake discs anywhere from 80,000 to 120,000 miles. Remember, your driving habits can also impact the brake replacement intervals.

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The price of brakes varies greatly as it depends on the vehicle and brake specification. At Elite Garages, new brakes cost anywhere FROM £80 but please note prices may be subject to change without prior notice.

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Rapids are also budget tyres but they are more high-end and rated as premium economy.  Whilst they provide more grip than standard budget tyres, Rapids don’t perform as well as a good quality mid-range or premium tyre. However, Rapid tyres do offer a great in-between offering quality and value for money.

No, as part-worn tyres are not safe and there is no guarantee they won’t fail.