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With the increased number of motorists on the road embarking on more frequent and longer journeys, vehicle safety checks are essential. Some vehicle owners may not know that their cars require servicing, which means there are often more unsafe vehicles on the road than we realise. Without proper car maintenance, drivers put themselves, their families and other road users at risk of an unnecessary accident.   Keeping your vehicle in peak operating condition is the best way to ensure your safety on the road, especially before a long business trip or family holidays. All it takes is a FREE Safety Check from Elite Garages to get you on your way again.

Why have a Free safety check?

Vehicle Safety Check

A well-conducted free safety check could identify any issues which may cause real concerns at a later date. Early detection could avoid potentially fatal problems on the road, keeping you and your family safe.   It’s important to do all the necessary checks ahead of the summer to prepare you for driving in the heat. This includes air conditioning, coolant levels and tyres while in winter, checking batteries, lights and wipers are essential for wet weather vehicle safety.   Booking your vehicle in for a Free Safety Check at Elite Garages should be a top priority along with your accommodation and route planner. Elite Garages have helped keep drivers safe on the road for more than 50 years. We offer our customers FREE safety checks all year round which includes the following:

  • Coolant Level/Condition
  • Check Level of windscreen Washer Bottle
  • Check Battery Condition
  • Check Fan Belt
  • Check Tyre Condition/Inflation
  • Check Shock Absorbers
  • Check Lights And Indicators
  • Check Exhaust
  • Windscreen Wipers And Blades
  • Visual Radiator & Heater Hose Check
  • Brake Fluid Boiling Point
  • Check Oil Level

After conducting the free safety check, our professional and experienced technicians will provide you with a full report and share any known issues along with a quote for repairs if needed.   Visit your nearest Elite branch for expert advice, exceptional customer care and dealership quality servicing.

Book your free safety check today and ensure a trouble-free and safe journey.