Vredestein Tyres – Driving pleasure through advanced technology

Vredestein Tyres, embracing its rich European legacy and fueled by a desire to craft an unparalleled driving experience, is at the forefront of the worldwide tyre technology evolution. The company carries forward its 110-year-old tradition while stepping into the future through relentless research, development, and testing, thus safeguarding its remarkable heritage for future generations.

The History Behind Vredestein Tyres

Vredestein’s legacy stretches back over a century, during which time they have honed their tyre production skills, establishing themselves as a leading premium tyre producer in Europe. The vision for Vredestein has always remained unaltered: to revolutionise mobility by creating and advancing tyre products that set new benchmarks in performance, safety, and control worldwide.

Their continued investments in R&D have resulted in tyres that consistently offer exceptional driving experiences throughout the year. Vredestein has excelled in the fundamentals of tyre design and operation. For them, the future revolves around further refining these aspects. They are committed to ensuring that both their products and the manufacturing processes not only benefit today’s generation but also the ones to follow.

The strong emphasis Vredestein places on innovation, design, and ultra-high performance has resulted in noteworthy collaborations. Original equipment from Vredestein is used by prestigious brands like Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Seat, and Volkswagen.

Environmental preservation and resource conservation are responsibilities shared by all. As an international brand and a member of Apollo Tyres Ltd, Vredestein Tyres is dedicated to continual investment in sustainable solutions in tyre design, manufacture, distribution, and disposal.

From the raw materials used in Vredestein’s tyres to the end-of-life recyclability of these materials, Vredestein is committed to working towards a future that is promising and sustainable for the entire industry. Please use the Reserve Tyres page to find your tyres!

Summer Tyres


UltracVorti R+

Maximum performance for your sports car The UltracVorti R+ is our newest ultra-high-performance summer tyre offering the best sports experience.


UltracVorti R

Supreme sportiness for the most powerful cars Ultimate high performance tyre delivers extreme precision and maximised grip for high-powered sports cars.


UltracVorti +

Control and precision have never been sportier The UltracVorti+ offers a unique driving experience for your sports car.



Control and precision have never been sportier Powerful cars equipped with the UltracVorti enjoy a high level of steering precision, grip and safety while driving at high speeds.



Drive like you’ve never driven before The Ultrac summer tyre offers an exceptionally comfortable driving experience, long mileage and low fuel consumption for the mid-range car segment in 15-18 inch sizes.


Ultrac Satin

Driving pleasure through advanced technology The tyre for premium cars that offers comfort through design and safety through performance.


Sportrac 5

Driving safe, comfortable and quiet Summer tyre for mid-segment vehicles with excellent performance levels in dry and wet conditions.


T-Trac 2

Comfortable and energy-efficient with a high safety reserve Summer tyre for smaller cars with a high safety reserve on wet roads, offering a quiet and comfortable drive.


Comtrac 2

Efficiency, safety and comfort in one A robust and durable construction. High stability when driving with heavy loads.

All Season Tyres


Quatrac Pro EV

First all-season tyre fully dedicated to electric vehicles Quatrac Pro EV is built to better cope with specificities of electric vehicles: higher weight, less noise, same safety standards.

Quatrac Pro+

All Season with a big plus The ultimate driving experience, all year long.

Quatrac Pro

First all-season tyre fully focused on UHP / UUHP segment Unique performances in all-season segment. Design by Italdesign Giugiaro.


Perfectly balanced seasonal performance The Quatrac combines four seasons in one year-round high performance tyre.

Quatrac 5

The best tyre for all seasons The Quatrac 5 gives you the luxury of one tyre for all weather conditions without compromising on safety or steering precision.
Vredestein-Comtrac-2 All Season Tyres

Comtrac 2 All Season

High safety and comfort while driving with heavy loads Comtrac 2 All Season combines high safety and comfort in all weather conditions.

Winter Tyres


Wintrac Pro

Unrivalled winter performance for the most powerful cars. With Wintrac Pro you can put your car to the ultimate winter test. Focussing on grip and control, this tyre is designed to perform.



Steady performance on winter roads Enhancing safety standards. Lowering environmental impact. Dedicated to European roads and winters.


Wintrac Xtreme S

Maximum winter performance for the most powerful cars Top class winter tyre that provides maximum safety at lower temperatures for high-powered cars.


Snowtrac 5

Safe and comfortable tyre in wintry conditions Mid-segment winter tyre with excellent grip on snow and wet roads.


Comtrac 2 Winter

Stability and reliability during winter Comtrac 2 Winter combines high stability and reliability in winter conditions.

Classic Tyres

Sprint Classic Classic look combined with contemporary performance The Sprint Classic completes the image for classic cars and is specially developed for enthusiasts with an eye for detail and design.
Sprint + High-tech performance modern-classic design Finally back: a proper tyre specially developed for the Audi Ur Quattro!
Snow Classic Classic look combined with contemporary winter performance The Snow Classic makes your classic car ready for winter performance.