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4-6 Frindsbury Road, Strood, Kent, ME2 4SS

Welcome to your Elite Garages Strood, located at Frindsbury Road, Strood. Our Manager Barry has been with the company for over 15 years.

Barry and his team have a combined mechanical experience of 75 years. So whether it’s for a Car service, Tyres, Exhaust, Air conditioning check or free car safety check here at Elite Garages we are always happy to help.

At Elite Garages Strood, manager Barry is supported by experienced vehicle technicians Dean, Paul and Dave. As you’d expect from a family-run business, they take pride in providing a friendly and professional service. They treat every customer that walks through their doors with courtesy and respect which is a clear indication of the attention you can expect when visiting our Strood service centre.

Looking For a Trusted Car Service Centre in Strood?

Elite Garages Strood is in a great, central spot located at 4-6 Frindsbury Road, which is near St Mary’s Medical Centre so it’s easy to find. It has sufficient parking and a waiting area for customers with free wi-fi and is close to several shops and restaurants.

Elite Garages Strood serves a large geographical area, including places such as Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham and Medway to name a few. Many customers have been with the branch for some time and continue to entrust Barry and his team to perform their annual car service.  While Strood Elite does not offer MOTs, customers travel to our Maidstone branch which is about 12 miles away when travelling on the A229 and M2.

What Services Can Elite Garages Strood Offer?

In addition to car servicing, some of the more popular jobs include tyre puncture repairs, tyre replacements, battery replacements, air con regas and Free Safety Checks. Barry and his team are always happy to provide customers with helpful advice whether it’s vehicle maintenance or tyre care. They have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to provide car services, tyres, wheel alignment, exhaust replacement, clutches and cambelts among many others.

Tyre Fitment Centre Strood

When it comes to tyres, Elite Garages Strood knows best as the team is experienced and knowledgeable. Plus, they have a large selection of budget tyres, mid-range tyres and premium tyres at great prices, including brands like Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin and Rapids. We always consult with the customer and offer advice on the best tyre based on their unique driving requirements and budget.

For example, if you only travel a short distance around town, budget tyres are usually fine but not if you’re driving long distances at high speeds on the motorway. In this case, you are better off getting mid-range or premium tyres as they typically last longer and provide more grip. They will also explain the risks of part-worn tyres as this question does come up from time to time. The truth is, they are not very safe as you don’t know how they were driven on before.

Things To Do In Strood While You Wait

Strood is on the northwest bank of the River Medway with plenty of attractions, shops and restaurants. While you wait for your car, grab a cup of coffee and a bite to eat at Starbucks, Tolgate Coffee (Parana Cafe) or KFC. If you need to do some shopping before heading out, ALDI and Asda Strood Supermarket are a 5-minute walk away (about 0.2 miles). If you’d like to explore the area more, have a look at the top 10 things to do in Strood.

FAQ At Elite Garages Strood Service Centre

People ask various questions about their cars or what Elite Garage Strood can do for them. Here are a few of the more common FAQ:

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We never fit part worn tyres and always encourage customers to avoid fitting part worn tyres at all costs. There are many safety concerns and they really are not any cheaper than economy tyres in the long run. Here is a good article about why part-worns offer a false economy.

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While our Strood branch does not perform MOTs, all of our other Elite Garages do on-site MOTs and Elite Garages Maidstone would be the closest MOT centre (about 12 miles from Elite Garages Strood via the A229 and M2).

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Elite Garages Strood offers a wide range of budget, mid-range and premium tyres at various prices. The type of tyre will depend on several factors, including the make and model of the vehicle (performance, load-bearing, EV), how often you drive and personal driving habits, among others. Please visit our website to see the different tyre brands we stock.

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All Elite Garages branches offer a wide range of budget, mid-range and premium tyres at various prices.  While some tyres may cost anywhere from £46, others go up to £83 or more, for example. If you’d like to know the price of a specific tyre, please contact your nearest Elite Garages branch.

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