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Experience the perfect blend of robustness, longevity and stability; characteristics that set ILINK tyres apart

Founded in 1978, ILINK has emerged as a trusted brand in the industry, providing a comprehensive range of tyres suitable for a vast array of vehicles. From family cars and motorcycles to heavy-duty trucks and agricultural machinery, ILINK’s innovative design and rigorous quality control ensure exceptional reliability and safety.

Please use the Reserve Tyres page to find your tyres! Elite Garages have rightfully earned their reputation as the South of England’s leading independent tyre specialist. With 16 branches and growing (Newport IoW, Shaftesbury and Maidstone are our most recent branches to open), we have the buying power to pass on competitive prices to our customers, without compromising quality or service! We have locations in the following areas:

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Our range of iLink tyre patterns

ILink Tyres | L-GRIP 16


The L-GRIP 16 is a high-performance tyre designed for small to medium-sized passenger cars. Its shark fin tread pattern enhances tyre rigidity, ensuring optimal performance and grip. The grooves feature six horizontal equal sipes, effectively eliminating noise and improving the rigidity of the tread blocks.

With an enhanced tread design, it not only reduces noise but also enhances safety and handling performance. The L-GRIP 16 boasts four wide longitudinal grooves that excel in wet weather, providing exceptional drainage for added safety on rainy days.

  • Enhanced tread pattern for noise reduction
  • High level of safety and performance
  • Excellent in wet weather
ILink Tyres | L-Zeal-56


The L-ZEAL 56 is a premier tyre built for high-performance and sports vehicles. Its unique asymmetric tread pattern along with side grooves guarantees superior water evacuation.

Ample and robust shoulder blocks boost handling and cornering, enhancing the overall driving performance.

Its integrated tread pattern design not only diminishes noise but also amplifies grip on damp surfaces.

The prominent central rib is designed to augment stability during high-speed driving.

  • Exceptional water evacuation
  • Improve handling and cornering for an elevated driving performance.
  • Enhanced grip with a strong central rib
iLink Tyres | THUNDER-U09


The THUNDER U09 is a superior performance tyre, tailored for medium to large sporty and high-performance vehicles. Its asymmetric tread pattern design bolsters steering capabilities in wet conditions and assures stability at high speeds.

The novel Silicon tread compound heightens grip on damp roads and curtails rolling resistance.

Its inventive tread grooves design significantly diminishes noise when driving at high speeds.

A fusion of numerous steel sheets and grooves design enhances grip and driving performance on damp surfaces.

  • Heightens steering performance in wet conditions
  • Ensures stability at high speeds
  • A silicon tread compound improves grip on wet roads and lower rolling resistance
iLink Tyres | L-GRIP-55


The L-GRIP 55, a novel high-performance design, is tailored for medium-sized vehicles. This design bolsters handling performance, effectively diminishes noise, and enhances driving comfort.

Broad longitudinal grooves facilitate rapid and effective water drainage, preventing tyre slippage on wet roads and improving handling in damp conditions.

The presence of lateral grooves diminishes tyre shoulder rigidity, effectively curbing uneven wear, lowering tyre noise, and ensuring a smooth ride.

The unique hook groove design on the outer shoulder aids in reducing heat generation, thereby cutting down on driving noise.

  • Enhanced handling performance and driving comfort
  • Efficient water drainage for better grip in wet conditions
  • Reduces heat generation and driving noise
iLink Tyres | L-COMFORT-68


This high-performance car tyre is designed for medium to large saloon vehicles. Its optimised grooves contribute to exceptional high-speed performance, offering a quiet and comfortable ride.

The large shoulder blocks are engineered to enhance handling, while the open horizontal grooves ensure excellent water drainage on wet surfaces.

Featuring four wide anti-slip vertical drainage grooves, this tyre guarantees exceptional grip and traction.

  • Superior high-speed performance, low noise and a comfortable ride
  • Improved handling and excellent drainage on wet surfaces
  • Excellent grip and traction


The POWERCITY 79 tyres offer dependable performance for SUVs and 4×4 vehicles. These tyres ensure superior high-speed performance and provide efficient water drainage, enhancing steering and handling capabilities on wet surfaces.

A directional central rib promotes exceptional handling performance in both rain and snow conditions.

The tyre features a closed shoulder design supported by longitudinal vertical grooves, which not only diminish noise but also ensure a comfortable drive. This design also prevents uneven wear and boosts handling stability during high-speed drives.

  • Ensures high-speed performance and efficient water drainage
  • Excellent handling in rainy and snowy conditions
  • Reduced noise and improved handling stability at high speeds
iLink Tyres | POWERCITY-77


The POWERCITY 77 is a dependable tyre designed specifically for on-road SUV applications. Its all-season tread design guarantees top-notch performance, regardless of the weather conditions.

The robust central rib along with harmonised tread blocks on either side provide exceptional steering and handling performance, all while reducing noise for a more comfortable journey.

With a high count of grooves, the tyre’s contact area with the road is increased, significantly boosting drainage capabilities and grip on wet surfaces.

  • Top-tier all-season performance in all weather conditions
  • Superior steering and handling performance while offering a quieter ride
  • Improved drainage and grip on wet surfaces
iLink Tyres | L-Stong-36


The L-STRONG 36, a reliable van tyre, offers popular fitments and is designed for longevity. Its multi-angular tread block design significantly boosts grip, amplifies off-road performance, and optimises the vehicle’s performance under all conditions.

Three wide grooves expedite water dispersion, enhancing drainage, and subsequently improving safety and performance.

The 3D shoulder design improves handling and guarantees a secure drive.

The central grooves are designed to quickly dispel stones from the tread, thereby enhancing mileage capabilities and resistance to punctures.

  • Significantly improved grip and enhanced vehicle performance
  • Enhanced drainage, safety and performance
  • Added safety, fuel economy and puncture resistance
iLink Tyres | L-MAX-9


The iLink L-MAX 9 tyre is an ideal choice for vans and crafted with precision to manage the additional weight and challenging conditions associated with these types of vehicles.

  • Tailored specifically for vans, accommodating their unique requirements
  • Built to manage increased load and withstand harsh conditions
  • Ensures optimal performance and longevity under van-specific conditions
iLink Tyres | L-Power-28


The iLink L-POWER 28 tyre is optimally designed for use on vans. They are constructed with a focus on the unique requirements of these vehicles, providing the ability to handle additional weight and withstand challenging conditions.

  • Purpose-built for vans, catering to a wide range of needs
  • Constructed to handle extra weight and tough conditions typical for vans
  • Offers enhanced performance and durability for van usage
iLink Tyres | TERRAMAX-LSR2-AT


The TERRAMAX LSR2 A/T Tyre is engineered for all-terrain use, making it adaptable to varying road conditions. Its new formula guarantees superior handling performance and extends the tyre’s mileage.

  • Designed for all-terrain use, offering adaptability to fluctuating road conditions
  • New formula enhances handling performance
  • Increases tyre mileage for prolonged usage

History of iLink Tyres

Originating from China, iLink Tyres is a prestigious brand offering a steadily growing portfolio of products thanks to its continuous investment in state-of-the-art production facilities. These tyres are specifically designed to satisfy the demands of contemporary drivers and iLink takes pride in providing these high-performance tyres at an appealing and affordable price. The brand’s commitment to quality and performance has earned it a trusted place in the market, meeting the evolving needs of today’s road users.

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