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More than 100 years of motorsport experience and modern-day innovation make Dunlop tyres stand out. Dedicated to those who love driving, the sheer passion of driving is also in our heart.

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Our range of Dunlop Tyre patterns


An ultra quiet tire for city cars

  • Superb braking and accelerating
  • Resistant to aquaplaning
  • Quiet, comfortable ride

Sport Maxx Race

The Sport Maxx Race tyre offers maximised track performance derived from Dunlop Motorsport technology with its high grip racing compound it gives your exceptional levels of road adherence and braking ability. While optimised for dry conditions, the tyre performs well on wet roads with a tread pattern designed to quickly evacuate water, reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

SP 4 All Seasons MS

Confident handling, all year around

  • Year round performance
  • Strong grip on winter roads
  • High aquaplaning resistance
  • Smooth and stable at high speeds

SP Sport Maxx GT600

Exceptional levels of grip and handling, for high performance sports cars

  • Enhanced grip on wet and dry
  • Precision handling at speed
  • High aquaplaning resistance
  • Enhanced driving comfort

SP Quattromaxx

Sport car precision and driving pleasure for high performance SUVs.

  • Excellent road feedback
  • Exceptional grip on wet and dry roads
  • High resistance to aquaplaning

The perfect tyre for high performance SUVs – experience sports car precision and sheer driving pleasure

Discover the Dunlop SP QuattroMaxx, the perfect tyre for high performance SUVs – with exceptional grip and high aquaplaning resistance.

SP Streetresponse

Superior dry handling and fuel efficiency, for city cars

  • Superior dry handling
  • Better braking on wet
  • Fuel efficient


Responsive sports handling with maximum comfort. For high performance vehicles.

  • Enhanced acceleration and braking
  • Superb handling and safety on wet
  • Greater stability at high speed
  • Comfort and durability

SP Sport Fastresponse

Superb road feedback for responsive handling on wet and dry roads

  • Excellent road feedback and responsiveness
  • Superb wet weather performance
  • Precise cornering control
  • Fuel efficient with high mileage

SP Winter Sport M2 MS

Performance in all winter weather

  • Good traction on slush and snow
  • Excellent high speed stability
  • Superb handling
  • RunOnFlat

SP Sport Maxx

Maximum grip and handling, maximum driving pleasure. For high performance sports cars.

  • Outstanding dry and wet handling
  • Superb braking and acceleration performance
  • High aquaplaning resistance
  • Stability and comfort

SP Sport Maxx TT

Precision handling, powered by DuPont™ Kevlar®. For high performance sports cars.

  • Driving precision with DuPont™ Kevlar®
  • Superb handling and cornering
  • Excellent grip and braking

SP Winter Response MS

Balanced performance for all winter conditions

  • Balanced performance on wet, snow and ice
  • Outstanding traction on snow
  • Excellent cold weather grip
  • Superior road feedback

Winter Response 2 MS

Confident braking and handling in all winter conditions

  • Superb cornering grip on snow
  • Dependable winter braking
  • Excellent handling in wet weather
  • Low rolling resistance

Experience confident braking and handling, even in the bleakest of winter weather.

Discover the Dunlop Winter Response 2, a versatile performance tyre with excellent cornering grip on snow and reliable winter braking.

Sport Maxx Race 2

The Dunlop Sport Maxx Race 2, developed in collaboration with the new Porsche 911 GT3, offers enhanced dry grip and steering responsiveness. This advancement is a result of Dunlop’s engagement in motorsport, with the tyre incorporating a casing that employs a hybrid top layer infused with aramid to optimise the contact patch across the tyre’s speed range, especially during cornering. The integration of motorsport technology in the tyre alleviates pressure points and minimises hot spots, ensuring exceptional traction.


The LT 60 features a tread pattern optimised for winter roads. A bladed center section allows for confident grip on wet and snowy surfaces. Deep transverse grooves and an open shoulder design quickly disperse water and prevent aquaplaning. The tread compound and tyre profile are designed for even wear, prolonging tyre life and enhancing load-carrying abilities. Designed to reduce noise generation to a level comparable to passenger car tyres.

Grandtrek SJ6

Impressive in extreme winter conditions

  • Outstanding winter traction
  • High aquaplaning resistance
  • Comfort and stability on all kinds of terrain

Street Response 2

Enhanced wet and dry performance for city cars

  • 6% shorter braking distance in wet conditions compared to forerunner*
  • 4% shorter braking distance in dry conditions compared to forerunner*
  • Reliable handling

Improved performance for city cars on both wet and dry roads

Discover the Dunlop Street Response 2, an enhanced city car tyre with reliable handling in all road conditions.

SP Winter Sport 3D MS

A high performance tyre for unpredictable winter weather

  • Drivability in any kind of weather
  • Superb dry handling
  • Optimised wet and dry grip
  • Resistance to aquaplaning

A Dunlop tyre that performs – even in unpredictable winter weather.

Discover the Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D, a tyre that performs – even in unpredictable winter weather. With excellent grip and resistance to aquaplaning.

SP Winter Sport M3 MS

Premium winter performance

  • Good traction on snow
  • High aquaplaning resistance
  • Good braking performance
  • RunOnFlat


Superb winter handling and grip for high performance cars

  • Great performance in wintry conditions
  • Improved traction on snow and ice
  • Grip and control on wet roads
  • Fuel efficient design

Ideal for high performance cars, this Dunlop tyre features excellent winter handling and grip

Discover the Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D, a high performance tyre with excellent handling an grip in winter conditions. With fuel efficient design and more.


Summer tyre for high performance SUVs

  • Superb grip
  • Excellent cornering stability
  • Enhanced traction on all terrains

Grandtrek ST1

All season tyre for small and medium sized SUVs

  • Excellent high speed stability
  • Excellent snow and wet performance
  • Low noise levels

Econo Drive

The Dunlop Econodrive is constructed with a rigid and durable framework designed for extended durability, while enhancing both cornering and braking capabilities. The specialised tread composition is infused with carbon particles to enhance tread rigidity and road traction. For budget-aware drivers and fleet operators, the Dunlop Econodrive is engineered to offer substantial enhancements in mileage and fuel economy, attributed to the integration of silica particles within the tyre.

Winter Sport Response 2

The Winter Response 2 tyre gives the driver confident braking and handling in all winter conditions. It offers excellent cornering grip on snow and has good wet weather handling. It’s optimised construction means less deformation in comparison to a standard tyre, for improved rolling resistance and better fuel economy.

Winter Sport 5 SUV

The Winter Sport 5 SUV features a flatter tread profile with a 4-8% bigger contact patch, providing more stability and enhanced road feedback, allowing tires to respond quickly and precisely to driver actions. Incorporated into the tyre is Multi Radius Tread technology, the effect is smoother transitions from straight to corner, leading to more precise and progressive reactions. Protect against aquaplaning with the Winter Sport’s directional tread design, water is quickly channelled away through directional grooves to keep the tyre connected to the road. ‘V’ shaped grooves in conjunction with the tread’s basic grooves create a fine network, which collects snow in the tread. This snow-on-snow contact enhances traction and grip.

Winter Sport 5

The Winter Sport 5 tyre delivers the grip you need for unforeseen winter road conditions. It gives supreme lateral grip on slippery surfaces, with enhanced performance on snow-covered roads. The unique design also gives increased resistance against aquaplaning and gives greater fuel efficiency.


Excellent all weather performance for your luxury SUV

  • Superb handling on wet
  • Excellent all weather traction
  • High driving comfort

Sport Maxx RT

Motorsports grip and braking for a dynamic driving experience

  • Outstanding grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Shorter braking distances, even at high speed
  • Fuel efficient
  • Superior control on corners

A dynamic tyre with motorsports quality braking and grip

Discover motorsport-quality grip and braking with the Dunlop SportMaxx RT, a tyre that delivers a dynamic driving experience every time.


The 4×4 tyre that performs on gravel and dirt roads.

Grandtrek Touring A/S

The Grandtrek Touring A/S developed with our very own Touch Technology provides a balanced, all-season, all-condition performance with outstanding grip. Adopting VersaLoad Technology, the Grandtrek Touring A/S offers consistent handling, superb ride comfort and minimal tread wear in a wide range of load conditions. Optimised to provide enhanced road feedback in both dry and wet conditions, including improved traction and braking in the snow.

SP Sport 01A

A versatile tyre for mid-range and luxury vehicles

The SP Sport 01 combines three essential performance characteristics into one innovative tyre. Its asymmetric tread is comprised of three unique zones, delivering a harmonious balance of sporty handling, high resistance to aquaplaning, and serene riding comfort.

SP Sport 01

A multi-talented tyre for mid class and luxury vehicles

  • Outstanding performance in all conditions
  • Precise high speed handling
  • Enhanced grip on wet surfaces
  • Quiet, smooth and comfortable

A versatile, all-round tyre suitable for mid-class and luxury vehicles

Discover the Dunlop SP Sport 01, a versatile performance tyre with superior grip and handling in all road conditions, plus a smooth, comfortable ride.

Sport Blue Response

The Sport Bluresponse tyre offers fuel savings and improved grip with no compromise. It also provides excellent performance on wet roads with large central grooves reducing the risk of aquaplaning. Closed shoulder grooves suppress noise emissions for a quieter, more comfortable ride.

Sport Maxx RT 2

The Sport Maxx RT 2 tyre is known for its exceptional grip and steering accuracy. It ensures improved cornering traction on both wet and dry surfaces, attributed to increased rubber-to-road contact and heightened road feedback. Additionally, this tyre is designed to reduce braking distance significantly, a feature that is particularly noticeable at elevated speeds.


Responsive sports handling with maximum comfort. For high performance vehicles.


Superior grip in dry conditions and agility for high-performance sports driving

  • Enhanced grip on dry surfaces
  • Precision in handling
  • Stability during high-speed cornering

Indulge in a high-performance sports driving journey characterised by excellent grip and swift responsiveness. The Dunlop SP SportMaxx GT is engineered to provide a distinguished sports driving experience, marked by superior grip, refined handling, and unwavering stability.

Grandtrek AT3

Grandtrek AT3 all-terrain 4×4 tyres are adept at navigating both on-road and off-road terrains with ease. Innovative bead seat technologies amplify control and provide exceptional road feedback, ensuring enhanced stability and accuracy. The tyre’s more even tread profile guarantees that pressure is uniformly distributed across the contact patch, promoting consistent wear and extending the tyre’s lifespan. Experience a quieter drive courtesy of the Grandtrek’s dual-purpose shoulder block design, which effectively reduces noise levels.

Grandtrek AT2

The Grandtrek AT2 4×4 tyre can comfortable take on gravel and dirt roads with:

  • Excellent performance on dirt and gravel
  • Low noise levels
  • Great traction even on wet surfaces


Outstanding winter traction for high performance SUVs

  • Superb snow traction
  • Improved cold weather grip
  • High aquaplaning resistance

History of Dunlop tyres

Dunlop stands as a premier brand globally for high and ultra-high-performance tyres, boasting a commendable history of triumphs in motorsport. The brand’s rich experience in racing has inspired the development of innovative tyre technologies tailored for daily driving needs. Dunlop is committed to enhancing the driving experience, ensuring every category of driver benefits from the fusion of performance and longevity born from cutting-edge tyre innovations.

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