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Welcome to Tyres Maidstone at Elite Garages! With decades of experience and an exceptional track record, Elite Garages have rightfully earned the reputation as the South of England’s leading independent tyre specialist. If you are trying to find the best tyres for your car, simply use the button below to reserve yours online.

Have you checked your tyre tread recently?

At our Tyres Maidstone Elite Garages fitment centre, safety is paramount to us as we’re sure it is to you, your passengers and other road users. Don’t wait until your MOT to check the tread depth; do it now or visit any of our branches for a FREE tyre check.

We know it’s easy to get complacent with the hustle and bustle of everyday life but tyre experts recommend that you should check your tyres at least once a month. Tyres play a vital role in how well your car grips the road and without sufficient tyre tread, your car will handle poorly.

In addition to better grip and improved safety, quality tyres with sufficient tread will also help with fuel economy. Why wait until your tread is too low; rather order your tyres online and replace them before they get damaged. While the price of tyres ranges considerably, and are subject to change without prior notice, you can find out all the information by contacting our tyre experts. For added convenience, here is the starting price of some of the tyre related services we provide:

  • Puncture Repair FROM £24
  • 2-Wheel Alignment FROM £36
  • 4-Wheel Alignment FROM £74
  • 4-Wheel Alignment + Front Camber FROM £85
  • Four-Wheel Alignment + Rear Camber FROM £85
  • Four-Wheel Alignment + Front and Rear Camber FROM £110

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Tyres Maidstone – While you wait

Once you’ve Reserved Your Tyres, including booking a time to get them fitted, why not plan what else you can do when you’re in Maidstone?

To learn more about Elite Garages Maidstone, visit our dedicated Maidstone page and remember, Elite Garages are No.1 for Tyres Maidstone.

Have you checked your tyre tread recently? Tyre safety is paramount to you, your passengers and other road users. Don’t wait until your MOT to check your tread depth, do it now or visit any of our branches for a FREE tyre check.

We know it’s easy to get complacent with the hustle and bustle of everyday life but tyre experts recommend that you should check your tyres at least once a month. Tyres play a vital role in how well your car grips the road and without sufficient tyre tread, your car will handle poorly. Find out more about why and how keeping an eye on your Tyres is so important by visiting our dedicated Tyre Tread page.

Have you noticed the writing on your tyres? The new tyre labelling is based on European regulations focusing on driver education to help them make more informed decisions when buying tyres. This refers to fuel efficiency, quality and the importance of finding the right tyre size for your car.

Knowing your tyre size is important especially when buying new tyres. It’s not uncommon that many people don’t know their tyre size but that’s where Elite Garages come in. Looking at a tyre with the numbers, 215/60 R 15 91 H, what exactly do they mean? Find out more on our Tyre Size page or if you are ready, you can check out the best tyres and prices for you here on our Reserve Tyres page.

Did you know that one of the primary reasons tyres need replacing is due to uneven tread wear? Both under-inflated and over-inflated tyres can affect handling and grip, making your car unstable and increase braking distance. In many cases, low tyre pressure can wear out your tyres faster, resulting in increased rolling resistance, reduced fuel efficiency and increased emissions. It’s really important to keep your tyre pressure at the right level otherwise your car may behave erratically. There is loads more useful information here on our Tyre Pressure page or if you're ready to buy your tyres now you can check out the best ones for your vehicle and pricing here, on Reserve Tyres or alternatively, visit any of our centres for a FREE tyre check.

Tyres are all made using similar processes but no two makes of tyres are the same. The aim of the EU tyre labelling legislation is to increase driver safety, promote fuel-efficiency and tyre safety, decrease noise levels and educate consumers to make informed purchasing decisions. You need to find the right tyres that match your driving requirements. Some provide better traction in wet weather or snow, while others offer a smoother ride at high speeds. Read more in-depth advice on our dedicated Tyre Labelling page or visit our Reserve Tyres page and put in your own Registration Number to quickly and easily see what tyres are exactly right for you.

Buying tyres is not always an easy task especially if you consider the extensive tyre range currently on the market. At Elite Garages, our tyre experts will always recommend the right tyre for your vehicle, budget and your driving style. We strive to provide all of our customers with high performance, reliable tyres at an affordable price. Our tyre range includes performance tyres, commercial tyres, general Use and touring tyres among others. Contact any of our garages nationwide to find out more.

To read more about our tyres, visit our Tyre Range page or our Tyre Brands pages.

Can my tyre be repaired?

Our tyre repair policy adheres to the British Standard, BSAU159 which defines the limits to the location, size and number of repairs allowed. It also suggests recommended materials to use for the puncture repair. In addition, the BSAU159 also indicates requirements for a safe, minor car tyre puncture repair and its proximity to the sidewall.

To remain compliant, we only carry out a tyre repair to the central tread area of the tyre, also known as the minor repair area. If the puncture is located outside of this area, it is deemed too close to the sidewall to guarantee a safe and sustainable minor tyre repair. Find out more about your options on our Tyre Repair page.

A new tyre should be ready to offer you maximum grip and optimum performance. All new tyres (especially mud & snow tyres) should be run in for the first 150 to 200 miles at medium speed on dry roads, in order to abrade the tread surface. Find out more about this subject on our dedicated Running in Tyres page.

There is a lot more to your tyres than just rubber and we believe that knowing your tyres is essential. This entails how a tyre is made, why your tyres are so important to the safety and performance of your vehicle and the benefits of choosing premium car tyres. While we may drive on them every day, we often forget just how important they are. To recap what the FOUR vital functions of tyres are then visit our Car Tyres page now, or if you are ready to order, visit our Reserve Tyres page or if you're still not sure then why not book a FREE check with us and let us set your mind at rest.

There are three frequently asked questions and answers about 4×4 tyres that you might find particularly useful. Check out what these are on our dedicated 4x4 Tyres Page or alternatively if your ready to order now or check out which tyres are right for your 4x4 then visit our Reserve Tyres page now and simply punch in your Registration number to find out.

Regardless of your van’s purpose, it is essential that you know which tyres are best suited for your driving requirements. The choice of your tyre will largely depend on several factors that could impact your buying decision. To find out what those are then visit our dedicated Van Tyres page, or if you'd rather we checked this for you why not book a FREE check. Finally, if you want to simply pucj in your Registration number and see the range of tyres that are right for your van and choose the one that fits your budget, you can do that here on Reserve Tyres.

Want to find out what they are and how they were developed? Click on Premium Tyres and find out or if you're ready to order yours now, just click on Reserve Tyres and filter by Premium Tyres.

Run flat tyres are a pneumatic vehicle tyre designed to resist the effects of deflation when punctured and enables the vehicle to continue driving at reduced speeds. The tyres temporarily maintain their shape and strength even if there is a total loss of tyre pressure. They allow you to drive for 50 miles at 50mph so that you can safely get home or to the nearest garage. Run flat tyres give you the peace of mind knowing that you won’t be left stranded. If you consider convenience and safety as paramount, it is certainly worth the investment. Find out why they might be right for you by visiting our dedicated Run Flat Tyres page.

The main difference between normal summer tyres and winter tyres is quite simple. Summer tyres work well in dry conditions but stiffen up when it is cold. Winter tyres consist of a special rubber with a high silica content and a deeper tread pattern designed to remain flexible in low temperatures. This means that your vehicle offers better grip for braking and handling on snow, ice and wet roads in conditions below 7°C. They are also specially designed to perform better with frost, slush and mud. Find out more on our dedicated Winter Tyres page.

If you need to replace your caravan tyres, Elite Garages offer a wide selection of affordable, quality stock. Find your nearest branch to get your tyres expertly fitted and the good news is that, with 13 branches across the South East, you are never too far from one of our centres. Click here to find out more about Caravan Tyres.

Our weather can be very unpredictable, and if the past few years are anything to go by Winters are getting worse. To prepare you for Winter driving, follow Bridgestone’s safety tips by checking them our here on our dedicated Winter Driving Tips page.