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Are you looking for a reliable and affordable Eastbourne tyres and fitment centre? Elite Garages is one of the leading car repair and tyre fitment centres in the south and southeast of England providing vehicle services, MOTs, wheel alignment and a wide range of tyres, including EV tyres. Today, we’d like to draw your attention to the importance of regular tyre checks and overall maintenance; something our Eastbourne tyres and car repair centre can help you with.

Safety First At Eastbourne Tyres & Car Repair Centre

For us at Elite Garages Eastbourne tyres and car repair centre, safety is paramount as we know it is to you, your passengers and other road users. Since tyres are the only parts connecting your vehicle to the road, it’s vital that you know how to check your tyre tread, tyre pressure and when to replace your car tyres.

Don’t wait until your tyres are worn down too much as it can be extremely dangerous and you may be faced with hefty fines and penalties. Follow this simple guide to ensure your car tyres are fit for purpose and if you have any concerns, book a FREE tyre check at Elite Garages Eastbourne tyres and car service centre.

How To Check Your Tyre Tread Depth

One of the easiest ways to check your tyre tread is using a tread depth gauge which measures the inside and outside of your tread. You can purchase a tread depth gauge at most auto care centres or on Amazon.

Another way to check tyre tread is by looking at the tread wear indicators which all tyre manufacturers add into the grooves. This makes it easier to identify worn tyres. If your tyre’s tread is level with the indicators, it’s time to visit our Eastbourne tyres and fitment centre.

A popular method most of you may know is using the 20p coin test. Simply insert a 20p coin into the main tread grooves and if you can’t see the outer band, your tyre tread is fine. However, if you can see the outer band of the coin, it’s likely that you need new tyres.

20p coin test for tyres in Eastbourne
How To Check Your Tyre Pressure

When checking your tyre tread, make sure to measure the tyre pressure as it can impact the overall integrity of your car tyres. For best results, use a pressure gauge that uses the same unit of measurement as the guidelines given for your car. Once you’ve done that, we’ve broken down a few steps to help check your tyre pressure:

  • Remove the dust caps from the tyre valve
  • Place the pressure gauge onto the valve stem
  • Gently press down on the gauge evenly to ensure an accurate measurement
  • Check the reading to see whether you need to inflate or deflate your tyres
  • If they need inflating, use a suitable pump and make sure you don’t over-inflate
  • To release air when deflating tyres, use the tip of a flat-head screwdriver or any thin, blunt object to push the metal pin on the valve stem
  • Take regular measurements between inflating and deflating
  • Check the tyre tread and pressure on all four tyres and the spare as it may vary

When Should I Replace My Car Tyres?

There is no specific guidance on how long car tyres last as it greatly depends on several factors. This includes tyre design, driving habits, weather and road conditions and the level of tyre maintenance. Other considerations are unforeseen damage and different rates of tyre wear between the front and rear.

When your car tyres are five years or older, we recommend getting a tyre expert to inspect them at least once a year and our Eastbourne tyres and fitment centre is just the place. According to Michelin, car tyres older than 10 years after the manufacturing date that appear usable and not worn down to the tread wear indicator should be replaced as a precaution.

Although the minimum legal tyre tread depth is 1.6 mm around the tyre circumference, some experts recommend that you replace your tyres when they reach a tread depth of 3 mm.

example of worn tyres
Fines For Driving On Worn Tyres

Not only is it illegal to drive on tyres with worn tread, it is also incredibly dangerous as you won’t have enough grip and it can result in a tyre blowout. Getting caught driving on tyres that are below the legal tread limit can result in fines up to £2,500 and three points on your license per tyre. So, if all four tyres on your vehicle are not above the legal limit of 1.6mm, you could be fined £10,000 and 12 penalty points on your license.

Aside from fines and penalty points, another issue when driving on worn tyres is insurance. If you are in an accident and they deem that the tyre tread is low, any subsequent insurance claims could be invalidated. That means they may refuse to pay for repairs to your vehicle or an injury claim.

Premium Eastbourne Tyres

No matter the brand, all tyres will eventually wear out, even those on cars with anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control. The tread wears even faster if you don’t follow simple tyre maintenance advice. However, good quality tyres will last longer especially if you practice good driving habits and look after your car tyres properly.

At Elite Garages Eastbourne tyres and fitment centre, we have more than a million budget, mid-range, performance tyres and EV tyres across the entire group. We supply tyres from all the major manufacturers including Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental and Michelin among many others.

If you are looking for tyres in Eastbourne, you can reserve your tyres online. If it’s at the branch, we could do same-day tyre fitting or next-day fitting if we have to order it from our warehouse.

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Tyre Prices

While tyre prices do vary, we’ve added a few tyre sizes to the list below which indicates a cost estimate. For more information on pricing or tyres in Eastbourne, contact us today.

  • 205 55 16 – FROM £59*
  • 225 50 17 – FROM £80*
  • 195 55 15 – FROM £57*
  • 155 65 13 – FROM £46*
  • 185 65 15 – FROM £54*
  • 195 65 15 – FROM £57*
  • 195 55 16 – FROM £65*
  • 185 60 14 – FROM: £51*
  • 225 45 18 – FROM: £82*
  • 235 40 18 – FROM £83*

* Prices may vary so please contact Elite Garages to confirm tyre prices

Elite Garages Eastbourne Tyres and Vehicle Services

This guide should provide you with enough information to help you understand the importance of tyre tread depth, tyre pressure and effective maintenance that can improve vehicle safety and increase fuel economy.

At our Eastbourne tyres and fitment centre, you will benefit from friendly, professional and expertly-trained technicians who will take exceptional care of your vehicle. They will make sure your tyres are up to standard in terms of safety and legislation.

Elite Garages is also a member of Group Tyre and represents more than 15% of the total tyres sold in the UK. To find the right tyres for your car, book a wheel alignment or for more information on EV tyres, contact our Eastbourne tyres and fitment centre today!