Everything You Need To Know About Electric Car Tyres

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular as people become more environmentally conscious. However, one downside is that they are a lot heavier than combustion cars and that means they need special electric vehicle tyres. In this article, we discuss how EV tyres are different from regular tyres and why you need them for your electric car.

The Difference Between Electric Vehicle Tyres And Normal Car Tyres

Electric car tyres are different from regular tyres in a few ways. First, electric car tyres have a reinforced sidewall to handle the extra weight of the battery. Without this proper support, it could result in a tyre bulge or worse, a burst tyre.

Electric car tyre treads are also specially designed to grip the road better and provide traction, even at higher speeds. This is important as electric cars can accelerate and brake much faster than the average combustion car which calls for improved grip.

Lastly, electric vehicle tyres are made from a different type of rubber compound that is better suited for absorbing shocks and vibrations. Since electric vehicles run smoother and quieter than combustion cars, EV tyres help reduce road noise for a more enjoyable ride.

Can I Use Normal Tyres On My Electric Vehicle?

While you can fit normal car tyres to an EV, it is not recommended. According to Cnet.com, a normal road tyre can wear 30% faster when used on an electric vehicle. That means the average EV owner could end up buying tyres more often than they need to but what is the main reason? The simple answer is torque and here is why.

Do Electric Cars Have More Torque?

Yes. Electric cars have much more torque than normal gas vehicles. Torque is what drives more power to the car, otherwise known as “oomph” and power generated. Therefore fitting EV tyres becomes quite important to cope with the increased amount of torque sustained. One downside among the many benefits of electric vehicles is the increased weight. Since battery packs are rather heavy, the excess weight places additional strain on electric car tyres. Now, there are two sides to the incredible torque that electric cars offer. On the positive side, it provides instant acceleration but the additional torque places more strain on the tyre. So, if you’re an electric car owner, be sure to buy electric car tyres that can withstand the extra weight and torque.

Do EV Tyres Longer?

Generally speaking, electric vehicle tyres can wear faster but as with normal tyres, it does vary. For example, driving habits can certainly play a part. According to tests doing a like-for-like comparison, EVs with 2-wheel-drive systems shows a reduction in tyre mileage by 25%. However, on electric vehicles with a 4-wheel-drive system, the tyres can last up to 10% longer.

Bridgestone Pioneers EV Tyres

In partnership with leading EV manufacturers, Bridgestone’s engineers are pioneering industry-leading tyre technologies that meet the specific requirements of electric cars EVs and apply them to custom-engineered OE tyres for EVs to improve their performances, such as:


Ologic enhances battery range through two features: a large tyre diameter to reduce tread deformations and consequently reduce rolling resistance, and a narrow tyre width to reduce aerodynamic resistance

ENLITEN Technology

ENLITEN technology reduces the rolling resistance of a tyre by up to 30%, and weight by up to 20%. 1  It extends the driving range of EVs and also contributes to reducing environmental impact thanks to improved resource productivity.


TECHSYN enables tyres to achieve up to 30% better wear efficiency and rolling resistance that is reduced by up to 6%. It enhances tread mileage to extend a tyre’s designed life and cuts raw material consumption in the long term.


B-Silent minimises in-vehicle noise on all road surfaces by reducing air cavity resonance produced by air vibration within the tyre and significantly increases comfort for the driver – especially important as EVs are naturally quieter than ICEs.

What Are The Best Electric Vehicle Tyres?

Typically branded EV tyres are rated the best with leading brands such as Pirelli e Nero, Continental Conti eContact and Michelin Pilot Sport EV. Electric vehicles are not all the same as you have small city cars, family hatchbacks, SUVs and high-performance cars. These vehicle types will need tyres that perform at different levels so you can’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach.

Tyre brands across the world have invested heavily in developing EV tyres for all types of vehicles. This includes Continental, Pirelli and Michelin to name a few brands offering a wide range of quality electric vehicle tyres with the necessary required technology and specifications. Some examples include:

EV tyres brochure
Do EV Tyres Have Less Rolling Resistance?

Yes, EV tyres do have low rolling resistance. Tyre resistance can contribute up to 20% of the car’s energy use, so it is vital that electric car tyres have a lower rolling resistance.

The rolling resistance of a tyre is even more important when it comes to electric cars. When buying low rolling resistance EV tyres, you could help extend the range by up to 12%. While this may not sound like a lot on an EV with an 80-mile or 130 km range but it is significant for newer cars with ranges exceeding 250 miles (400km).

If you want to buy low friction tyres for electric vehicles, look for the EU tyre label value ‘A’. This tyre could result in an additional 30-mile or 50km range per charge compared to a ‘C’ rated tyre. Learn more about the EU Tyre Label.

How To Choose The Best Tyres For Your Car

When choosing electric car tyres, you need to consider your driving style as well as the conditions you’ll be driving in. If you live somewhere with heavy snowfall or rainstorms then it’s best if you opt for tyres with a higher traction rating.

Likewise, if you tend to drive on the highway at high speeds, then you’ll need tyres that can handle those speeds without skidding or slipping. When shopping for electric vehicle tyres, it’s important to find a reputable tyre retailer who can help you choose the right set of tyres for your needs.

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Buying Electric Vehicle Tyres

If you have an electric car, it’s important to use tyres that are specifically designed for them. Not only will this help keep your car safe, but it will also improve its performance. Make sure to consult with a tyre specialist before buying new tyres for your electric vehicle!

Have a look at our wide range of budget (economy), mid-range and premium tyres. If you have any questions or would like more information on electric vehicle tyres, please contact your nearest branch. Remember, you can reserve your tyres online.


1 Based on Bridgestone internal data comparing Bridgestone premium summer tyres with and without ENLITEN Technology
in the same tyre size (92Y 225/40R18 XL).