5 th January 2021: National Lockdown Measures

In order to limit the spread of coronavirus, tough new lockdown restrictions are now in place to prevent social gathering and unnecessary contact. These new rules are comparable to those of the first lockdown in March 2020. Measures are set to be reviewed on 15 February. For more detailed information on the new measures, visit the government website.

So What Does The National Lockdown Mean For Motorists?

Can I Still Drive During The National Lockdown?

As with previous lockdowns, motorists are still able to drive for various essential reasons including travelling to a place of work, to shop for essentials or to attend a medical appointment. It is important that garages are able to remain open to keep these vehicles on the road.

Can I Visit A Car Garage?

Garages and car workshops have been deemed an essential service throughout the two previous lockdowns, meaning you are still able to get your car serviced and fixed if necessary. Car garages are able to stay open to continue providing their essential services.

If you will be using your car during the national lockdown, it must be roadworthy. Therefore, it is still necessary to have
your vehicle serviced and MOT tested if it is due. If you are experiencing any issues with your vehicle, you
are able to book in at your nearest Elite Garages site.

Can I Get my MOT Done?

Yes. MOT testing centres will remain open and you are able to get your car booked in and MOT tested. During the first national lockdown in March, there was a six-month MOT extension to limit unnecessary driving and close contact in garages. This measure has not been put in to place again. Therefore, it is essential that your car is MOT tested if you are going to drive it.

There is still a significant backlog of cars to be tested due to the previous extension, so it is recommended that you book your MOT test in as early as possible. You can book your MOT here.

Should I Delay My MOT?

No. As there is no new MOT extension in place, it is essential that your vehicle has a valid MOT. MOT tests ensure that cars are roadworthy and meet important safety and environmental standards. They are crucial for your own safety and that of other road users. Being caught without a valid MOT certificate could result in fines, points on your licence and police cautions.

My MOT is Out of Date – Can I Still Drive to a Garage?

If your MOT certificate has expired, you are able to drive to the garage for a pre-booked MOT appointment. If you are stopped by the police, you will need to show proof of your appointment at the garage. If your vehicle is clearly dangerous to drive, you may still face a penalty so it is important to plan properly. To make sure you always had a valid MOT, sign up to our free MOT reminder service here.

What about Car Servicing During The National Lockdown?

If you need to use your car during the national lockdown, it has to be roadworthy so if your vehicle is due for a routine service, it is best to book it in. However, if you or someone you live with has Covid-19 symptoms or have been told by the NHS Test and Trace to self-isolate, it is important that you do not bring your vehicle for its MOT or service. If either of these situations applies you must stay at home and self-isolate.

What Safety Measures are in Place at Elite Garages?

During the first national lockdown, we ensured that all our garages were ‘covid-secure’ and have continued to uphold our strict safety measures.

The health and wellbeing of our customers and staff if our top priority. Our Covid safety measures include increased handwashing, hand sanitising facilities, countertop screens, social distancing, face coverings and more.

For further information on the steps we are taking to keep you safe, please read our recent article which highlights everything you need to know. If you any further questions, please contact us at enquiries@elitegarages.co.uk and we will be happy to help!

Stay safe everyone.