How Elite Garages Are Keeping Customers Safe

Sadly, it appears that the coronavirus is not going away any time soon. This means everyone has to continue taking precautions and putting in place the necessary Covid-19 safety measures.

During the first lockdown, most of our Elite Garage locations remained operational with skeleton staff only providing essential services. With potential stricter regulations imminent, all of our branches have taken extra steps to ensure our staff and customers are safe.

The Importance Of Covid-19 Safety Measures

The health and safety of customers and staff are essential and, by law, employers must continue to do ‘what is reasonably practicable’ to protect everyone who enters any premises. To meet the health and safety requirements, all companies must review their risk assessments and put in place the appropriate Covid-19 safety measures. You can find these guidelines on the GOV website.

Any business that continues to operate whether during a lockdown or not should keep in mind certain Covid-19 safety measures. One important consideration, as part of the risk assessment, is to follow general advice regarding distancing. Companies must ensure that distancing is observed between employees at reception, workstations and other areas of their premises. Full guidance can be found here.

What Covid-19 Safety Measures Are In Place At Elite Garages?

At Elite Garages, we take the health and safety of our staff and customers as seriously as our own family. Nothing is left to chance and we keep all of our branches safe by implementing strict Covid-19 safety measures. Here’s a summary of what we’ve done to ensure your (and our) safety.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

All staff are required to practice good handwashing with soap and water for 20 seconds. We have placed sanitiser in multiple locations from the entrance and the waiting area to the washrooms and workstations. Frequent cleaning takes place of all busy areas and equipment is cleaned and sanitised between each use.

This also extends to stringent cleaning of objects and surfaces, especially those that are frequently touched like door handles and vehicle keys. For your safety, we’ve decommissioned coffee machines in waiting rooms and there are no magazines. You will see signage across all of our facilities encouraging handwashing and hand sanitising etc.

Social Distancing At Elite Garages

In terms of social distancing, we’ve taken extra precautions by implementing a 2-metre gap where possible. Where not practical, a distance of ‘1 metre +’ shall be maintained. This means that 1-metre distancing will be maintained alongside additional risk mitigation such as face coverings, installing screens, providing extra handwashing or hand sanitising facilities.

All vehicle windows will be opened to ensure additional ventilation and waiting room chairs will be spaced 1 metre apart. In places where there is a limited waiting room capacity, seating will be prioritised to customers whom the staff deem need it most. We have also added signage on walls around our premises to enforce social distancing.

Face Coverings and Covid Screens

All visitors, including customers and contractors, must wear a face covering when inside the premises unless medically exempt under regulations. Employees are also required to wear face coverings in reception and inside customer vehicles. Staff will practice social distancing and wear a face covering when in proximity to anyone not wearing a mask.

Remember, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser before putting on a face covering and after removing it. It’s important that you change a face covering as soon as it damp or if you have touched it without sanitising your hands.

We have also installed physical barriers at the reception desk and wherever necessary. Staff clean the screens regularly to ensure we keep the risk of infection to an absolute minimum.

Covid-19 Screens
Covid-19 Safety Measures When Working on Vehicles

We take Covid-19 safety measures extremely seriously when working on our customers’ vehicles. Employees wash their hands before entering a vehicle or when operating any piece of equipment and wear clean gloves. Technicians and any other staff member must also wear a face-covering inside your car. For added protection, we place seat covers inside every vehicle.

Please contact your local branch to discuss any bookings as some of our service centres are running at a lower capacity. All the Covid-19 safety measures are monitored and reviewed in line with government guidelines. For any queries regarding Covid-19 or available services, please contact