Car Service History – The Real Value

As with any machine, cars also need regular inspections involving oil or tyre changes and other tweaks to keep them in good condition. Regular maintenance from a reputable garage not only ensures smooth driving, but it also provides you with a car service history and that’s something many buyers look for.

What Is A Full Car Service History?

Anyone who has bought a car should know the term ‘car service history’ or ‘full service history’ (FSH). A full service history is proof that a car has been serviced at the required intervals whether annually or every 12,000 miles. The work should have been done by the vehicle manufacturer or at any approved car service centre.

An FSH indicates any work done on the car from normal annual services and tyre changes to brake fluid and vehicle repairs. This can refer to fitting new brakes, exhaust, clutch and shocks or more serious repairs such as cambelt replacement.

The car service history should include a stamped service book, invoices and any other paperwork from the garage. Without a stamp, the vehicle was likely serviced at a non-approved centre which means it will have a partial service history. This also applies when the car service history is missing a few stamps.

The Importance Of A Full Service History

Contrary to what many believe, the biggest expense with a new car is not fuel, road tax or insurance but rather the value it loses over time. This only gets worse when the owner doesn’t pay enough attention to the vehicle which is where most of the problems start.

Due to a lack of regular vehicle maintenance, a build-up of material in one area could easily result in a bigger problem somewhere else. This can lead to expensive repairs down the line, not to mention endangering yourself and the lives of others.

Don’t underestimate the value of a full car service history as it is a great way to show that you have looked after your car. At Elite Garages, we service vehicles exactly as they should be and we do it right the first time. We service all major makes and models saving you hundreds on dealership prices.

Buying And Selling Cars With FSH

Potential buyers want to see a car’s history as it reassures them that the mileage is accurate while showing it has been regularly serviced and indicates any repair work. Well-kept service records give buyers added peace of mind knowing that a car has been well looked after.

When buying a car, ask for the service history to see whether the vehicle is in the advertised condition. At the same time, when selling a car, keep the service history close at hand in case the buyer requests it. Always be transparent and tell them exactly what’s been done on the car and if there are any potential issues.

If they have to spend a small fortune on fixing something, they are not going to pay what you are asking so make sure you factor everything into the price.

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Where Can I Find My Vehicle’s Service History?

Finding a car service history can be challenging, especially if you don’t know who owned it before or where it was serviced. Fortunately, you can complete a V888 form on the DVLA’s website which allows you to request specific data such as the previous owners and their contact details.

This will cost a few quid but you can’t put a price on finding out more information about the car. However, depending on the circumstances, the DVLA may refuse your request and previous owners may not want to help you either.

If you know the service centre, you can contact them as most reputable garages keep records of your vehicle’s history. They should be able to provide you with the necessary documents but you may have to prove that you are the owner by showing them your logbook (V5C).

Why Should I Service My Car Regularly?

While poor driving does contribute to some road accidents, many are due to faulty or worn brakes, uneven tyre tread and damaged wiper blades among many other factors. Regular services can help identify any potential problems before they become dangerous and expensive to fix.

With thousands of accidents on UK roads every year as a consequence of poor vehicle maintenance, car owners are encouraged to take better care of their vehicles. Besides increasing the resale value with a car service history, regular maintenance checks and services have numerous benefits.

  • A well-maintained car offers better fuel economy
  • Car services can help you save on unnecessary and costly repairs
  • Your car will last longer
  • Regularly serviced vehicles will produce fewer emissions

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Final Thoughts

A car without a service history doesn’t mean it’s faulty but you won’t be able to see what work has been carried out. This includes normal services, MOTs, tyre changes, cambelt replacement or things like shocks and brakes.

Vehicles are classified as ‘Part History’ if they are missing stamps or have no records at all. Even if a car without a service history is perfect in every way, buyers are often wary if they can’t see an official record. In these cases, you won’t be able to get the price as you could have with an FSH.

Keep your car in good condition with standard or premium services from Elite Garages. Our friendly, expert technicians are here to help so contact your nearest garage and make sure you get the most value with a full car service history.