The Evolution Of Elite Garages Since 2000

Elite Garages have been in business for a little over 50 years providing MOTs, vehicle servicing, tyres and free safety checks among others. Three generations have worked hand-in-hand to make this family business a resounding success bringing quality, professionalism and convenience to 18 locations across the south and south-east of England. We take a closer look at how Elite’s website has progressed over the last 20 years.

Elite started at a petrol station in High Wycombe all those years ago (before the internet and social media) to where they are now one of the leading fast-fit retailers in the country. Thanks to continued investment and dedication, as a member of Group Tyre, Elite Garages represents more than 15% of the total tyres sold in the UK.

The Digital Prowess Of Elite Garages

Over the years, the Elite Garages website has changed considerably always looking to improve customer experience. Before the days of WordPress and other advanced content management systems, this successful family business made their online presence felt. Even back then, Elite Garages made sure that customers could easily find them online and contact the relevant branches.

Today, Elite Garages has a fantastic website with loads of valuable information, special offers, online bookings, a simple branch locator and loads of customer reviews. They produce top quality blog content covering all things related to vehicle servicing, maintenance and driving tips. You can also find them on social media where they regularly post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

How The Elite Garages Website Has Improved Over 20 Years

In 2000, Elite Garages had a turnover of £13 million with 90 employees across four locations in Sussex and Surrey. Whilst the website looks basic compared to today’s standards, it contained all the necessary information and generated a good amount of interest.

Elite Garages website 2000

Ten years later, in 2010, they’ve grown substantially turning over £40 million with 200 employees across 18 locations. The website doesn’t quite reflect the impressive nature of this family business but that all changed in 2013.

Elite Garages website 2010

A New Era For Elite Garages

The year is 2013 and technology has advanced tremendously as did the web development companies. Elite now had a much more visually appealing website with more structure and ease-of-navigation. It was around this time that Elite Garages offered a hugely successful online “Reserve and Fit” tyre service.

Elite 2013

Shifting focus to 2015, the website had a similar look and feel but, once again, they kept up with changing trends and customer demands to produce this version. They were now turning over £45 million per year with 200+ staff spread across 18 locations offering more products and services.

Elite Website 2015

The Latest Web Development Success For Elite

In 2018, web development and SEO changed somewhat which meant updating the website once again. They focused more on the convenience factor for customers by offering online bookings for MOTs, services and tyres.

Elite web development and SEO

At this point, they partnered with a leading digital marketing agency that helped grow their online presence through Google My Business, PPC and the latest marketing automation software. The website received more traffic as it now contained videos, animation and loads of online content customers could easily find and share.

What Elite Looks Like Today

The latest 2020 version of the website is a clear indication of how far they have come (and what they still want to achieve). It’s more intuitive, creative, super easy to use and highly responsive on all devices. Customers can now book MOTs, services and tyres from their mobile phones. They can also sign up to the Elite Members Club which entitles customers to receive free MOT text reminders and first access to special offers.

Today, they are one of the south’s leading independent tyre, MOT, car service and forecourt operators. Turnover is now over £53 million with approximately 230 employees. Elite has also recently opened the brand new Maidstone MOT & Servicing Centre. They now also have Pirelli Performance Centre status at Horsham, Eastbourne and Pulborough.

Final Thoughts

Elite Garages has continued to evolve alongside changing consumer and industry demands. With evolution comes obstacles, which they certainly faced, but overcame through sheer determination to offer top-shelf services to all.

The family-run and operated business now offers FREE Winter Safety Checks where expert technicians will inspect your vehicle to ensure all is in good working order. When they find a fault, they will present their findings and help you book a service to get your car back on the road. It’s always best to be prepared for anything so visit our website and book your free safety check today!

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, our website also contains information on Elite’s response to Covid-19 as we take your safety, and ours, very seriously. We are staying open during the lockdown to continue providing essential services. If you have any questions, contact your nearest branch for more information.