OE Tyres – what does that mean?

When did you last take a really look at your tyres?

Many of us only think about it when they need replacing. Since most drivers don’t know which tyres are necessarily the best fit for their vehicles, paying close attention to expert advice is paramount. Contrary to what some may believe, not all tyres are the same and in many instances, certain car manufacturers only fit specific tyres to their vehicles. This is where OE tyres come into the equation.

OE stands for “Original Equipment” and that means your vehicle manufacturer approved these tyres which are fitted as standard to your vehicle. OE tyres will ensure that the safe driving capacity and vehicle design is not compromised. For many of us, going through the unending list of tyre brands and associated jargon can seem overwhelming and time consuming. Just ask the experts at Elite Garages on how to find, and replace, your OE tyres.

The process is actually quite simple especially for those who purchased a new car. All you need to do is buy the same tyres that your vehicle came with and pay attention to the tyre markings for added peace of mind.

Original Equipment Tyres

In essence, original equipment refers to more than just OE tyres and includes all vehicle components that car manufacturers fit as standard. While all tyres have labels, only those specifically developed for a particular vehicle will have OE markings. All OE tyres are developed with safety first but it also includes the development of other characteristics such as ride comfort, fuel efficiency and acceleration.

Original equipment tyres are one of the highest accolades bestowed upon a manufacturer as very few other recommendations can compare. This accolade is also only given once the tyres meet strict performance requirements of the vehicle manufacturer in accordance with the brand’s philosophy and backstory of the vehicle.

Being an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to the world’s leading car manufacturers means absolute trust in a particular tyre. This means you can also rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in great hands. For that reason, tyre brands work closely with vehicle manufacturers throughout the entire process, from initial design to extensive product testing. This ensures that each and every tyre is ideally suited to the vehicle it is fitted to. You can imagine that the tyre requirements of a Land Rover are vastly different from that of a city roaming Ford Fiesta.

As an indication of just how valuable it is, the OE approval of vehicle manufacturers can sometimes take up to four years, from concept to testing and supply. The tyre development process generally involves approximately 100 different attributes which are determined by the specific car’s key characteristics.

OE tyres form part of the vehicle design and provide optimal driving performance. Original equipment tyres also directly impact the car’s comfort and handling. When manufacturers design a high-performance vehicle, they have very specific requirements which mean OEMs optimise their tyres to meet the exacting standards of that model.

Replacing Original Equipment Tyres

Using OE tyres will ensure that the vehicle performs exactly as the manufacturer intended. Many leading vehicle manufacturers, such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar among others, equip their vehicles with tyres specifically designed for their brand. If the original tyres on your vehicle have an OE marking, we recommend that you replace them with tyres carrying the required label.

When it comes to replacing your tyres, tread patterns also play a part as they are designed to provide different comfort levels. This includes road noise, braking performance, cornering ability, wet & dry grip and terrain requirements. It’s vital that you choose the tread pattern best suited to your driving style and needs. Always select the correct tyre size, speed rating and load index for your vehicle. In addition, remember to rotate, balance and align your tyres every 5 000 – 7 000 miles and maintain the correct tyre pressure.

To the naked eye, OE tyres may look like regular tyres but they are so much more, but how can you tell the difference? You can easily identify OE tyres as they will have a special OE marking on the sidewall.

Take a look at the OE Markings by Vehicle Brand:
OE Tyre Key
Audi AO, AO1, AOE
Audi Quattro RO1, RO2, RO3
Alfa Romeo AR
Aston Martin AM4, AM8, AM9, AMP, AMS, AMV, AM
Bentley B
Cross Fitment: BMW / Mercedes *MO
BMW / Mercedes Runflat *MOE
Ferrari K1, K2, K3
Jaguar J
lamborghini L
Land Rover LR
Land Rover & Jaguar JLR
Lotus LS
Maserati MGT
Maserati & Jaguar MGT J
McLaren MC, MC1
Mercedez-Benz MO, MO1
Mercedes-benz Runflat MOE
Pagini HP
Porsche NO, N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6, NX
Tesla T0, T1,T2
Volvo VOL

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