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Elite Garages Walmer (Deal): Your One-Stop shop for Clutch Repairs and Replacement Services

Do not let clutch repair costs blow a hole in your budget! Get the service you deserve from Elite Garages Walmer (Deal) where our accredited technicians will provide you with comprehensive advice on clutch repairs or replacements. You can rest assured that our prices are competitive, as we strive to deliver dealership quality services from start to finish!

Understanding how a clutch works

The clutch is composed of three essential elements – the pressure plate, flywheel and clutch plate. Once engaged, springs in the mechanism join the parts together, linking the motor to an axle which then provides motion to your wheels.

When you press down on the clutch pedal, the springs pull the pressure plate away from the clutch plate. This stops the connection between the engine and the wheels that are rotating through their own momentum allowing you to change gears smoothly.

How do I know I need clutch repairs or a new clutch?

As with most vehicle components, regular use of the clutch can result in wear and tear which will eventually lead to certain issues that need addressing. While a clutch can last anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 miles, certain driving habits can significantly reduce that, such as resting your foot on the pedal and leaving your car in gear when parked.

To avoid breaking down and spending a fortune on potentially serious issues, it’s important to know the most common signs that you may need clutch repairs or a replacement:

  • Clutch slipping is the most common with issues such as struggling to drive forward at low speeds in a high gear and difficulty going uphill in a high gear
  • Clutch is squealing or making ‘growling’ noises
  • Burning smell coming from the clutch
  • A soft or spongy clutch
  • A noisy clutch pedal
  • Rattling or grinding sound when changing gears

If you suspect something is wrong, our experienced clutch fitters in Walmer (Deal) have your back! They will only use original parts from the manufacturers and let you know about any costs before starting clutch repairs. For added peace of mind, you can also visit one any of our centres for a free clutch check along with expert guidance and advice. If you’d like more information on how a clutch works and other related FAQs, here’s a comprehensive guide you simply must read!

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