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Are you in the market for new EV tyres?

With so many great options to choose from, it can be tough to decide which ones are right for your electric vehicle. Keep in mind that while you can put regular tyres on an EV, we don’t recommend it as EV tyres are specifically designed to handle the extra weight of the batteries and have better grip to manage the tremendous acceleration and higher top speeds that EVs typically offer.

Your choice of EV tyres may depend on the type of electric vehicle you have, how often you drive it and your budget. At Elite Garages, we keep a wide selection of tyres in stock for most makes and models but if we don’t have what you are looking for onsite, we can usually get it from our warehouse for same-day tyre fitting or next-day fitting.

What Are The Best Electric Car Tyres To Buy?

If you have an electric car, it’s important to use tyres that are specifically designed for them. Not only will this help keep your car safe, but it will also improve its performance. Like regular cars, EVs are not all the same as you have small city cars, family hatchbacks, SUVs and high-performance vehicles. These vehicle types will need tyres that perform at different levels so you can’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach.

If you have any questions or would like more information about EV tyres, please contact your nearest branch and remember, you can reserve your tyres online.

Bridgestone EV Tyres

In partnership with leading electric vehicles manufacturers, Bridgestone’s engineers are pioneering industry-leading tyre technologies that meet the specific requirements of electric cars and apply them to custom-engineered OE (original equipment) tyres for EVs to improve their performances, such as:


Enhances battery range through two features: a large tyre diameter to reduce tread deformations and consequently reduce rolling resistance (a force that acts against a vehicle’s travelling direction), and a narrow tyre width to reduce aerodynamic resistance. Reducing the resistance will allow a vehicle to move with less energy and thus improve fuel efficiency.

ENLITEN Technology

A set of technologies that provides best-in-class tyre performance with a step change towards sustainability compared with previous generations. ENLITEN reduces the rolling resistance of a tyre and significantly extends the driving range of electric vehicles. ENLITEN technology allows Bridgestone to achieve outstanding performances with a step change towards sustainability.


Enables tyres to achieve up to 30% better wear efficiency. It enhances tread mileage to extend a tyre’s designed life and cuts raw material consumption in the long term.


Minimises in-vehicle noise on all road surfaces by reducing air cavity resonance produced by air vibration within the tyre and significantly increases comfort for the driver – especially important as EVs are naturally quieter than internal combustion engine vehicles.

Continental EV Tyres

EV tyres developed by Continental are designed to meet the highest standards of performance and safety. These tyres feature special compounds that increase grip on wet roads, reduce noise levels and help reduce rolling resistance to help increase the vehicle range. The tread pattern is also specifically designed to help disperse water quickly, which helps keep your electric car in control even in heavy rain or on slick surfaces.

Goodyear EV Tyres

By using innovative materials in the innermost tyre layers to absorb shocks, Goodyear EV tyres offer improved grip and stability on wet surfaces while resisting wear and tear for an extended lifespan. As with most EV tyres, Goodyear has a special tread pattern that reduces noise levels, offering a quieter and more comfortable ride.

What Other Electric Car Services Do We Offer?

Looking For “EV Tyres Near Me?”

Elite Garages is a family-owned business with several conveniently located tyre fitment centres in the south and southeast of England. If you are looking for EV tyres near me, you are spoiled for choice with branches in Brighton, Bournemouth, Shaftesbury, Portsmouth, Newport (IOW), Salisbury, Caterham, Mannings Heath and Haywards Heath among others.

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As with internal combustion engine cars, an electric car service interval also depends on manufacturer recommendations so it’s important to check your owner’s manual for accurate details. For the most part, an electric car service schedule is similar to that of petrol or diesel cars.

Yes, even electric cars need an annual MOT once they are three years and older. The main difference is that a car with an internal combustion engine (ICE) has an exhaust system which needs to be tested, whereas this is not required during an EV service. If your vehicle is due an MOT, click here to make an appointment.

Electric vehicles require regular servicing and maintenance just like any other car. During an electric car service, technicians check various parts and components, including brakes, tyres, suspension, lights, electrics, high-voltage cabling, battery pack and more. Contact your nearest branch for a full list or read our EV Servicing page.

The tyres on electric vehicles are different from regular tyres as they have a reinforced sidewall to handle the extra weight of the battery packs. EV tyres also have specially designed treads to grip the road better and provide traction since they have a much higher acceleration than petrol or diesel cars. Ask us about the best EV tyres for you!

Yes, since the tremendous uplift in customer requests to repair and service electric vehicles, technicians at all of our branches have received the necessary IMI Level 3 electric/hybrid vehicle training.