A Warm Welcome to Denmead Tyres

We’re buzzing with excitement at Elite Garages as we warmly welcome Denmead Tyre Services into our fold! This harmonious union marks the joining of two family-centric teams, both dedicated to top-tier service and the ultimate in customer care. Denmead has thrived as an independent gem in the lovely village of Denmead, near Waterlooville, thanks to the tireless efforts of Dave and Ian. Their ethos of reliability, friendliness, and integrity has made Denmead a household name in the community.

Two Families Become One

For us at Elite Garages, family is everything. Over 60 years and three generations, we’ve prided ourselves on weaving that familial warmth into every service, every interaction. Richard Whittemore, a proud member of our Elite family, expressed his enthusiasm that Denmead Tyres aligns seamlessly with their values, making them a perfect addition to our expanding family of vehicle repair centres. With 17 branches and counting, every addition feels like a family reunion!

Richard Whittemore continued by saying: “Denmead Tyres is a perfect addition to our family business group. At Elite Garages, we pride ourselves on providing the personal touch you would expect from a family business and we’re looking forward to continuing the legacy that Dave and Ian have built at Denmead Tyres.”

Denmead Tyres Joins Elite Garages - Richard Whittemore

Familiar Faces in New Places

Mark Stevens, our seasoned Area Manager, who’s been the guiding hand behind our branches in Portsmouth, Brighton, Pulborough, and Newport (Isle of Wight), is equally thrilled, saying: “We’re all excited that Denmead Tyres has joined the Elite Garages group. Denmead has a loyal base of customers who rely on the trustworthy service the team have provided for many years. The team on site is remaining the same, so customers can expect familiar friendly faces offering the expert automotive advice they have come to rely on.”

A World of Tyres and More

With thousands of tyres in stock across the group, Denmead Tyres have tyres for everything from a wheelbarrow to a Ferrari, at very competitive prices. Denmead has a vast range of tyres, from budget brands to premium and performance tyres for all makes and models. Their experienced tyre technicians are happy to help find the right tyre for your vehicle.

As well as a fantastic range of tyres, Denmead Tyres also offers puncture repair, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) services and wheel alignment utilising their Hunter 4 wheel alignment equipment. The team offer a convenient while-you-wait service. In summary, Denmead Tyres can cater to every need and budget with the following:

  • A Cornucopia of Tyres: From budget-friendly options to the premium range, Denmead Tyres caters to every need, every vehicle. Whether you’re steering a Ferrari or pushing a wheelbarrow, we’ve got you covered.
  • Expert Care: Puncture repairs, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) services, and precision wheel alignment are executed with finesse, thanks to our Hunter 4 wheel alignment equipment.
  • EV Ready: As the automotive landscape evolves, so do we. Our expanded range now includes Electric Vehicle (EV) tyres, ensuring we’re always in step with your needs.

A Bright Future: Elite Garages and Denmead Tyres

Elite Garages and Denmead Team

The fusion of Denmead Tyre Services and Elite Garages paints a promising panorama for vehicle aficionados in the region. It’s a commitment to unfaltering service quality, an array of premium products, and a personal touch that transforms transactions into meaningful connections. We are not just about cars but about community, connections and a commitment to driving excellence in every interaction.

Denmead Tyre Services is ready to welcome you from Monday to Friday, 08:30-17:00, and Saturday, 08:30-13:00. Reach out to us at 02392 255955 or explore www.denmeadtyres.co.uk.

As a reminder, Elite Garages offer car services, repairs, and maintenance for all types of vehicles. From tyres and brakes to batteries, cambelt replacement, vehicle diagnostics and MOTs – our team of highly trained technicians is here to help. Visit our website for more information or call your nearest branch today.