Elite Garages Wins At TyreSafe Awards

The 2022 TyreSafe Awards were held at St. George’s Park on 7th July 2022, following the TyreSafe Briefing. It marked a triumphant return to face-to-face events after lockdown restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic pressed pause on the TyreSafe Awards for the last two years. Elite Garages are among the long list of winners who received accolades for their continued efforts in promoting tyre safety.

What Are The TyreSafe Awards?

The TyreSafe Awards is the organisation’s leading event of the year, celebrating and promoting outstanding work across the UK to educate the public about tyre safety. Since Covid put a halt on the event since 2020, it’s good that we can once again celebrate some of the leading names in road safety.

TyreSafe is always inspired by the efforts of both big and small businesses that use innovative campaigns and activities to increase public awareness of tyre safety. This year was no exception, with some truly original and impressive initiatives from all corners of the UK.

The TyreSafe Awards are also a fantastic opportunity to share best practices so all stakeholders continue to work together to make our roads safer for everyone.

On winning the online and social media award, Kelsie Whittemore had this to say:

We’re grateful to have been highly commended by TyreSafe for our online and social media activity promoting tyre safety. Over the last year, we have really focussed on and improved our online presence, including our website and social media platforms. We have created new content throughout the year, such as informational blog posts on our website, as well as photos and videos for our social media platforms. Elite Garages offer free tyre checks all year round, and lots of our online activity promotes this. We will continue to promote tyre safety and free tyre checks online, and it was great to be recognised for our efforts.”

TyreSafe Awards Elite Garages For Online And Social Media Efforts

Elite Garages has been a name synonymous with quality and exceptional customer service for over 60 years. With 16 workshop locations covering the south and southeast of England, this family-run business has built up an impressive reputation across the UK.

At this year’s TyreSafe Awards, Elite Garages were highly commended for activities online and on social media. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Alfred Daily podcast daily features, mentioning important aspects of vehicle safety such as free tyre checks
  • Tyre safety-related video content and social media posts. To join the conversation and help promote tyre safety, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Offering free tyre checks all year round
  • Throughout Halloween, we created a “Scary Tyres” series, demonstrating a variety of ‘scary’ tyres we had in our branches which we either replaced or offered free tyre checks for.

uneven tyre wear - TyreSafe Awards
More About Elite Garages

Elite Garages are one of the south’s leading independent tyre, MOT, car service and forecourt operators with more than 240 staff members. As a member of Group Tyre, Elite Garages represent in excess of 15% of the total tyres sold in the UK which makes us one of the leading fast-fit retailers in the country.

With over 1 million tyres in stock across the group, Elite Garages prides itself on having excellent availability for same-day or next-day tyre fitment. The group also continues to grow with two new state-of-the-art garages in Shaftesbury and Newport (IOW). Elite Garages have also invested in the necessary equipment and staff training to provide customers with EV and hybrid vehicle servicing.

2022 TyreSafe Briefing

At this year’s TyreSafe Briefing, as part of the TyreSafe Awards, the charity not only announced the winners but also their new campaign, “Don’t Let Tyres Ruin Your Summer“. Ahead of tyre safety month in October, TyreSafe has released campaign materials to provide a further boost to raising tyre safety awareness and the importance of performing routine tyre checks throughout the year.

Why Are Tyre Checks Important?

Making sure your tyres are in excellent condition with sufficient tread depth, tyre pressure and no physical damage is essential for tyre safety. In the UK, it is a legal requirement to have a tyre tread of at least 1.6 mm deep around the circumference and central three-quarters of the tyre. Make sure to check your tyre in at least three different locations across the tyre to check for uneven tread wear. Keep the following in mind:

  • Under-inflated and over-inflated tyres are dangerous and could easily lead to tyre failure.
  • Over-inflated tyres make less contact with the road which means less traction resulting in poor braking distances
  • In many cases, low tyre pressure can wear out your tyres faster, resulting in increased rolling resistance, poor fuel efficiency and higher emissions
  • Incorrect tyre pressure results in uneven contact with the road so tyres will wear excessively on the inside and outside edges

Free Tyre Safety Checks At Elite Garages

If you notice a nail or screw lodged in your tyre during your visual check, it’s best to leave it until you can get to a garage. Pulling it out could let air escape and you may end up with a flat tyre. In the event of a slow puncture or any form of physical tyre damage, visit any of our Elite branches for a free tyre safety check.

Our tyre experts will thoroughly inspect your tyres for any signs of damage. They will report their findings and discuss the best options for you. A free tyre check usually takes a few minutes and includes inspecting tread depth and wear, tyre pressure and damage to the side walls. For information on the TyreSafe Awards or the upcoming campaigns, follow us on social media or visit the TyreSafe website.