Supporting The UEFA Women’s Team With Continental Tyres

Continental Tyres have been a proud supporter of Women’s Football in England for 12 years since signing as a founding partner of The Barclays FA Women’s Super League. That support continues ahead of England hosting the 2022 UEFA Women’s EURO tournament with the ‘Grip The Nation Campaign’ with some exciting prizes up for grabs.

Continental remains the official tyre partner to the England Women’s Senior Team and will continue as the title partner to The FA Women’s Continental Tyres League Cup since the first competition in 2011. The 2022 UEFA Women’s European Championship will be the 13th edition of the quadrennial tournament consisting of Europe’s top football sides.

When Is The EURO 2022 And Where Can You Watch The Matches?

The competition was supposed to start in 2021 but due to the coronavirus pandemic and the postponement of other events, organisers moved the event to this year. The opening match between England and Austria kicks off on 6th July at Old Trafford. If all goes to plan, we could see the Lionesses in the final at Wembley on 31st July. Matches will take place in at 10 different venues across the country:

  • Brighton & Hove Community Stadium (Brighton)
  • Brentford Community Stadium (Brentford, London)
  • Manchester City Academy Stadium, (Manchester)
  • Stadium MK (Milton Keynes)
  • New York Stadium (Rotherham)
  • Bramall Lane (Sheffield)
  • St Mary’s Stadium (Southampton)
  • Old Trafford (Manchester)
  • Leigh Sports Village (Leigh)
  • Wembley (London)

Show Your Support With Continental Tyres

The Continental Tyres ‘Grip the Nation’ campaign is an incredible opportunity to be part of one of the biggest sporting events in the country. To support the women’s team, Continental Tyres has produced various special edition products, including footballs, grip socks and water bottles. You have a chance to win any of these by claiming your supporter’s pack! All you have to do is find the ball and you could score big.

Marzena Bogdanowicz, The FA’s Head of Women’s Marketing and Commercial said: “The growth of women’s football over the last ten years has been outstanding and the fact that Continental Tyres have been with us on that decade-long journey is testament to their commitment to our game. I’d like to thank them for their ongoing support of our League Cup and for recognising the value of women’s football from those early days of our domestic competitions in 2011.”

Continental Tyres At Elite Garages

Continental is the premium tyre brand that has been leading the way in tyre technology for more than 140 years. Through technical excellence, innovation and design, they have consistently delivered premium tyres which provide us all with exceptional braking, handling, performance and safety.

As a group, Elite Garages across the country stock a wide range of budget, performance and premium tyres from all the top manufacturers. It’s no surprise, however, that Continental tyres are among the most popular since it’s German engineering at its best. Our range of Continental tyre patterns includes the following:

  • ContiCrossContact LX
  • ContiPremiumContact 2
  • VANCO 2
  • CrossContact AT
  • ContiEcoContact 5
  • CrossContact UHP
  • ContiCrossContact LX Sport
  • 4×4 SportContact
  • Continental SportContact 6
  • Continental PremiumContact 6
  • ContiVanContact 100
  • ContiSportContact 5
  • VancoFourSeason 2
  • VancoFourSeason
  • Vanco Contact Eco
  • Vanco Winter
  • ContiEcoContact 3

What Is Vision Zero From Continental Tyres?

Modern cars with driver assistance systems and safety technologies help prevent accidents and can ultimately save lives. However, they can only reach their full potential when combined with quality tyres. Since many only associate Continental with premium tyres, they have also developed game-changing safety technologies like ABS, ESC and EBA.

As such, Continental Tyres know braking inside and out which is why they have set themselves an ambitious goal to bring the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities down to zero. The aptly named Vision Zero aims to educate every active road user, from drivers and fleet operators to safety bodies and even cyclists. A partnership with the Global New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) through its ‘Stop the Crash’ campaign has further enhanced Continental’s status as a leader in automotive technology and safety.

How Long Do Continental Tyres Last?

Continental tyres can last anywhere from 15,000 to 70,000 miles but it greatly depends on driving habits, frequency and tyre care. The harder you drive any tyre, the faster it will wear. When you don’t drive all that much, Continental tyres could last as long as 6 years but they will normally wear out after 3-4 years.

How Do I Tell The Age Of My Tyres?

Whether it’s Continental tyres or any other brand, all tyres have an imprinted DOT code on the sidewall. Short for the Department of Transportation, a DOT code consists of numbers and letters indicating the place and date of the tyre’s manufacture. The first and second digits represent the week while the third and fourth indicate the decade and year respectively.

Why Choose Continental Tyres

Every Continental tyre is made using the finest quality raw materials and construction methods to ensure improved road handling in all driving scenarios. Through the company’s continued dedication to safety, Continental tyres consistently deliver tremendous braking performance on just about any surface.

Continental is regarded as one of the world’s best manufacturers and it shows as one in three new cars made in Europe is fitted with Continental tyres. They have also consistently won independent tyre trials while being a ‘Best Buy’ in leading consumer tests. Among a long list of awards, Continental was named Tyre Manufacturer of the Year in 2014.

Premium Tyres From Elite Garages

Ignoring regular vehicle maintenance and tyre safety are common causes of many road accidents each year. While you could drive the most expensive car with the best brakes and shocks, it won’t help if your tyres are worn or damaged. That’s why you can book a FREE tyre safety check at Elite Garages to ensure your tread is above the legal limit and there are no other underlying issues that could put you and other road users in danger.

Elite Garages tyre fitment centres stock a wide range of premium, budget tyres, run-flats, 4×4 tyres and performance tyres. We have over 1 million tyres in stock across the entire group with excellent availability, including Continental tyres. Find out more about our Same Day / Next Day Fitting and reserve your tyres online today!