On the 12th of May 2022, we celebrated Dave Morrison’s 25 years with Elite Garages! Dave started at Elite Garages as the Site Manager for our Haywards Heath site. He ran an extremely successful and busy site, which continues to prosper today. In 2007, Dave took on the role of Operations Manager, and since then has grown with the company now overseeing all 16 branches. We spoke to a few of Dave’s colleagues about his time at Elite Garages.

What The Elite Garages Team Had To Say

Richard Whittemore said, “Dave has been vital to the growth and success of Elite over the years. It’s a real pleasure working with Dave. The whole Elite team see him as a good friend as well as a knowledgeable and respected boss. Thank you for everything you have done with us over the last 25 years!” 

Susan Whittemore said, “Dave is a good friend and a respected, loyal member of the Elite team. Thank you for your 25 years of excellent work and dedication to the Whittemores and Elite.”

Elite Garages recently opened a new branch in Newport on the Isle of Wight which Area Manager Mark Stevens oversees. Mark has always enjoyed working with Dave to progress existing sites as well as new branches. Mark said, “Dave has been a great person to work for over the years. Always on hand with sage advice when I need it. I look forward to working with Dave as we continue to expand the business.” 

Ricky Dyer, who also works alongside Dave, oversees branches in Salisbury, Southampton, Bournemouth and Shaftesbury. Ricky said, “It’s always been a pleasure working with Dave. Thank you for being such a great person to work for.” 

Dave Morrison at Elite Garages Southampton
Dave Morrison with the Elite Southampton Team in 2021

Josh Whittemore said, “Dave has been a pleasure to work with during my time with Elite so far. I have had the opportunity to work alongside him at depots as well as on exciting projects, such as the Electric Vehicle training project. I look forward to seeing how this training will allow our business to change and am excited to see Dave and our team beginning to work on electric vehicles. Dave has always been exceptionally helpful and a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working on many projects with Dave in the future.”

Kelsie Whittemore said, “Dave is highly respected throughout Elite Garages and is crucial to the success of new projects we undertake. Over the last couple of years, we have really focussed on our online presence and online bookings, and Dave has been key in the success of this and encouraging all sites to get on board. We’re all very lucky to have such an experienced and knowledgeable colleague leading the Elite team.”  

Tara Rye had to say: “Dave is my first port of call for all things retail within Elite. Dave is knowledgeable and is always helpful no matter what needs doing, he rolls up his sleeves and gets the job done. I think I can speak for everyone within the Elite family that Dave’s professionalism, commitment, and hard work certainly make our lives easier, and he is always ready for a cuppa and a chat when he visits Head Office. It’s a pleasure working with him and congratulations on 25 years!”

Darren Barber said, “We’re very lucky to have Dave as part of our management team, he’s doing an excellent job at managing and coordinating the depots and teams. We appreciate Dave’s hard work and dedication. He’s very supportive and always at the end of the phone when needed.”

Steve Booth works alongside Dave, focussing on training and development throughout the Elite group. Steve said, “I am honoured to contribute and help celebrate Dave’s service of 25 years with Elite Garages. I have enjoyed working with Dave for many years finding him, dedicated, reliable and dependable. I consider him to be a good friend who shows loyalty and commitment to all and is greatly respected by his team. One of Dave’s attributes is to be able to respond thoughtfully and calmly no matter what the situation he is faced with. This has benefited those around him providing guidance and leadership.”

A Poem To Dave Morrison

Denise Stack put together this beautiful poem to celebrate Dave’s 25 years at Elite Garages:

Elite Garages poem to Dave Morrison


Elite Garages Haywards Heath
Dave Morrison at the Elite Garages Haywards Heath branch in the late 1990s