What Do Fully Fitted Tyres Mean?

Elite Garages have been providing tyre fitment services for more than 50 years offering customers a wide selection of tyres for all types of vehicles. With so many different suppliers and fitters, it is important to know what fully fitted tyres mean since they may not be the same at every fitment centre.

Fully Fitted Tyres At Elite Garages

Our branches are spread across the south and southeast of England, fully stocked with budget tyres, and mid-range and premium branded tyres. This ranges from Bridgestone and Continental to Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli among many others. When you see the prices of fully fitted tyres at Elite Garages, it includes the actual tyre, VAT, fitting, valve, balance and disposal of the old tyre.

Fully Fitted Tyres Breakdown

At Elite Garages, we strive to deliver exceptional customer service and highly competitive prices while being fully transparent in everything we do. As such, when we say fully fitted, we mean fully fitted!

If we don’t have a particular tyre in stock at your preferred branch, we will source it from our distribution centre and on the day of your appointment, our expert tyre fitters will do what they do best. Here is the fitment process and a summary of what fully fitted tyres at Elite Garages mean for you.

Tyre Fitment At Elite Garages

The first step is to remove your old tyres using the right tools and your car’s locking wheel nut if it has one. Once they’ve fitted the new tyres, they will add new rubber valves and perform a wheel balancing check to ensure the weight is evenly distributed. The process involves adding or removing small weights to the wheel as required.

By correctly balancing the wheels, your car should not exhibit excessive vibrations or any other uncomfortable driving experiences. Now that your tyres and wheels are correctly balanced, our technicians will fit the newly balanced wheels and tyres using the correct machinery and tools. Since there is no need to keep your old worn tyres, we will dispose of them in a safe, sustainable manner.

Important Tip:

Wheel balancing is different from wheel tracking and wheel alignment which happens when the wheels are fitted to the car. This is not included as part of fully fitted tyres.

What Do New Tyres Cost?

This entire process takes place by teams of tyre experts which means all you have to do is arrive on time for your appointment. The cost of all of these tasks is included in the fully fitted tyres price when placing your order online or by contacting your nearest fitment centre. Our fully fitted tyres mean you do not have to pay anything extra on the day of your fitting.

If you are looking for new tyres, here is a list of some of our most popular tyres with very competitive prices:

  • 205 55 16 FROM £59
  • 225 50 17 FROM £80
  • 195 55 15 FROM £57
  • 155 65 13 FROM £46
  • 185 65 15 FROM £54
  • 195 65 15 FROM £57
  • 195 55 16 FROM £65
  • 185 60 14 FROM: £51
  • 225 45 18 FROM: £82
  • 235 40 18 FROM £83

Please note that prices are the same at all of our branches but they are subject to change without prior notice. To find out more, contact your local Elite Garages fitment centre.

How To Order Tyres Online

Since we’ve now covered what fully fitted tyres mean, here is how you can order your tyres online from Elite Garages.

  • visit our website and navigate to the Reserve Tyres page
  • select your nearest branch
  • choose the type of tyre you want to order
  • enter your registration number

Where To Buy New Fully Fitted Tyres

Our branches cover the south and southeast of England with a brand new centre in Shaftesbury and one in Newport on the Isle of Wight. If you need new fully fitted tyres at competitive prices, look no further than Elite Garages. For your convenience, here is a list of our branches: