Winter Car Safety Check: Start Your Year The Right Way

With 2022 already in full swing, why not start the new year on a positive note and book a winter car safety check? With the weather in the UK often worsening between January and March, making sure your car is in good working condition and safe should be a top priority.

As a nationwide provider of car services, MOTs, tyre fitment and more, Elite Garages is here to help. With 16 locations in the south and southeast of England, you should be able to easily find us online when searching for “winter car safety check near me”.

Why Is A Winter Car Safety Check Important?

Of all the seasons, driving in winter requires the most care and preparation. This will help ensure that you, your family and other road users are safe. Considering the typical weather conditions in winter, driving is potentially more dangerous with breakdowns a common sight on UK roads. It is especially important to be well-prepared for the colder, wetter weather which makes road conditions more challenging with the potential of snow, ice and sleet.

A well-conducted free car safety check can help identify any issues early on before they become more serious down the road. Early detection could avoid potentially fatal problems on the road which, in turn, will keep you and your family safe. Booking a winter car safety check with Elite Garages can give you peace of mind ahead of the properly wet winter months.

What Is Included In The Free Winter Car Safety Check?

When preparing your car for winter, it’s important to do all the necessary checks and that includes your tyres, lights, wipers and battery. A typical winter car safety check at Elite Garages include the following checks:

  • Coolant and antifreeze levels
  • Tyres
  • Battery check
  • Windscreen wipers
  • All vehicle lights
  • Check oil level and refill
  • Fan belt
  • Shock absorbers
  • Exhaust
  • Visual radiation and heater hose check
  • Brake fluid boiling point

At Elite Garages, our professional, friendly and expert technicians will discuss the results and offer any necessary advice. If your car requires repairs, they can provide a no-obligation quote and you can rest assured that we will never do any work without your consent.

Winter Car Safety Check: Taking Care Of Your Tyres

Tyres form part of our free winter car safety check where our technicians inspect the tread, pressure and overall condition of your car tyres. Knowing the condition of your tyres and getting expert advice on any potential issues can help you save time and potentially a lot of money in the future.

Tyres are important as they keep you safe and steady on the road. Alongside the brakes, car tyres also help bring your vehicle to a stop when needed but worn tyres are all too common in the UK. They negatively impact stopping distances and increase fuel consumption while damaged tyres could result in a blowout.

Your car tyres must be ready for anything as UK roads in winter can become icy and wet. Do the right thing and book a free winter car safety check with Elite Garages.



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Benefits Of Free Wheel Alignment Checks

Among other vital aspects of vehicle maintenance is proper wheel alignment which plays a vital role, especially as part of winter car safety checks. Wheel alignment not only affects fuel efficiency and tyre wear but also tyre performance, handling and manoeuvrability.

If you regularly service your car, change the tyres and do your compulsory MOT annually, you can’t ignore wheel alignment. Here are five of the many benefits of doing a wheel alignment check and adjusting it if necessary.

  • Improve the lifespan of your tyres
  • Better ride quality
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Reduced vehicle wear and tear
  • Reduced impact on the environment

Free Brake Check

The possible consequences of ignoring a brake service or doing it late could be catastrophic. Worn brake pads and brake discs can compromise your braking ability and lead to poor stopping distances. This is already dangerous under normal circumstances but in an emergency, it can be fatal not to mention in adverse weather conditions!

Checking your car brakes regularly is part of any vehicle preventative maintenance plan. It allows you to identify potential problems early on so they don’t impact your braking abilities. This allows you to react before it’s too late and ensure your vehicle’s braking system operates at peak level.

We understand the importance of a regular brake service and overall winter car safety checks for continuous maintenance. All of our branches offer a FREE brake inspection where trained experts perform a visual inspection and provide advice if brake repairs or replacements are needed.

Free Battery Check

The purpose of a vehicle battery is to supply the necessary current to the starter motor and the ignition system while cranking to start the engine. It also supplies extra current when the demand exceeds what the alternator can provide, and acts as an electrical storage unit.

When colder weather hits, everything on your car has to work harder including the battery. If you don’t take care of your car battery, you may be stranded on those icy winter mornings. For that reason, your car battery forms part of our winter car safety check where technicians will check the voltage and the charge rate (whether the alternator is working fine).

Winter Car Safety Check With Elite Garages

Bringing your vehicle to Elite Garages for a free winter car safety check should be a top priority. This way you will know if any work is required on the most important parts of your car.

As winter driving presents a whole different set of challenges than other seasons, you also need to plan your journeys. This includes keeping an eye on the weather forecast, traffic alerts and possible accommodation along your planned route.

Elite Garages have helped keep drivers safe for more than 50 years and continue to provide solutions to drivers searching for a “winter car safety check near me”. If you have any concerns about your car, contact your nearest branch or book a winter car safety check online now.

If you suspect anything is wrong with your brakes, regardless of how small it may seem, book a FREE Visual Brake Check at any of our Elite Garages. All technicians across our 13 retail branches are expertly trained to offer you the best possible advice and service, and are fully trained to ensure a professional brake repair.