Should I Use My Car Air Con In Winter?

We can all agree that the cold days of winter are approaching faster than we’d like. For many drivers, that means turning off the air conditioning in their car for the next few months. However, that may not be such a great idea as most experts agree that using your car’s air con in winter prolongs the life of your vehicle’s air con. It can also prevent issues when the warmer weather returns. Today, we’d like to share some valuable motoring advice on getting the most from your car’s air con.

Reasons To Use Your Air Con In Winter

Some car owners hesitate to use their car’s air con in winter months as many don’t think they need it in cold conditions. The truth is, running your A/C in winter does not cause any harm to the heating or cooling system and there are many associated benefits.

By keeping your air con running consistently throughout the year, you can more easily identify any changes in performance. When running your car’s air con in the winter, you’ll also know when it needs regassing as soon as any issues arise. This helps you avoid having a faulty A/C when spring and summer come around again. Here are FOUR main reasons you should use your air con during winter.

Air Con Maintenance Means Better Performance

Considering air con is not part of a standard MOT, many drivers tend to forget its importance as a vehicle component. Drivers should treat their car’s air conditioning like any other essential vehicle system in terms of maintenance and servicing.

If you don’t use your air con for weeks or months, the system could seize up and cause faulty circulation. If you saw our Guide on Air Con Regas Service, you’ll know how an A/C system works and how the oil and refrigerant will stagnate, dry out, or congeal if left unused.

Using Your Air Con In Winter Can Help Save money

While an air con regas is relatively inexpensive and painless, repairs and air con debugging could cost a lot more. The only way to ensure you are not left with a hefty bill is to use your car’s air con in winter as you do in summer and book a regas when needed. If you have any concerns about your air con, book a free air con check at your nearest Elite Garages centre.

A Breath Of Fresh Air In The Cabin

A car’s air con does far more than simply blow cool air into your face as it also means fresh air in the cabin. The best way to get rid of old, stale air and promote comfort and cleanliness in the car is by continuously using your A/C. Remember, the air from the vents is dry and acts as a dehumidifier which has several benefits of its own.

Demists Windows On Cold Mornings

One of the benefits of the dehumidifying effect in your car is clearing any fog or mist from your window on those cold, frosty mornings. Many of you will know what it’s like rushing to work but first having to clear the windows. Here, using your car’s air con in winter can help save a considerable amount of time. All you do is utilise the warm setting, sit back and watch the frost disappear, creating an unobstructed view of the road.

How Not Using Your Air Con In Winter Could Damage Your Car

Not turning on your car air con in winter is more damaging than many drivers realise. The vehicle’s coolant contains a lubricant that keeps the rubber seals and pipes in working condition. When you don’t use the air conditioning for a long period, the coolant doesn’t move around which means the lubricant is unable to work on the rubber parts.

Another problem associated with not running the air con in winter is a build-up of moisture within the air vents. This could lead to the forming of mould and bacteria which could be blown into the vehicle when you eventually switch on the air con. It could even lead to serious accidents as your air conditioning helps keep your windscreen and windows clean by removing moisture in the air.

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Signs You May Need An Air Con Regas

We expect our air con to work all the time but the coolant doesn’t last forever. When it’s running low and warm air comes from the vents or the system stops working altogether, an air con regas is usually the only solution. Without refrigerant in your A/C, it simply won’t work and could leak or even explode. Here are the tell-tale signs of faulty air con or that you need an aircon regas service.

  • Not blowing as cold as before or not blowing cold air at all
  • A bad smell coming from your air con once you switch it on
  • Strange noises when turning on the air con
  • Greasy film on any air con components, or pools of refrigerant underneath the vehicle

Air Con Regas Service At Elite Garages

At Elite Garages, you can book a free air con check where our expert technicians will take care of your car. They will look at the refrigerant level, check for signs of leaks and make sure it’s safe and in good working condition. The air conditioning regas service also involves additional quality checks and identifies whether your system needs any replacement parts.

To avoid any serious issues, you have to use your air con in winter and book an annual maintenance service. Find out where your nearest Elite Garages service centre is on our website and book yours today. For more motoring news, tips and other interesting topics, read our blog and join the conversation on social media.