Why Elite Garages Support Tyre Safety Month

October marks Tyre Safety month where the primary focus is on the dangers associated with driving on defective or part-worn tyres but also educating drivers about tyre maintenance in general. This time of the year means summer is over with everyone preparing for darker nights and colder, wetter weather conditions. This is partly why TyreSafe, the road safety charity, runs a tyre awareness campaign every October. 

Their vast industry experience means they can pass a wealth of information to UK motorists and provide clear and objective advice on all aspects involving tyre safety. This includes finding the right tyre for your driving needs and regular tyre maintenance.

If you haven’t checked your tyres recently, perhaps now is the perfect opportunity, especially since we are heading into winter. Not only will it help keep your vehicle safe and legal but it will also improve performance and fuel efficiency. 

Tyre Safety Month: What’s Stopping You?

Regular tyre safety checks can help reduce the risk of an accident while on the roads but did you know that an estimated one-in-five drivers have never checked their tyre tread? This also equates to one-in-three young drivers which is a shockingly low number and should be a bigger cause for concern. Checking and maintaining tyres regularly will promote road safety and save you money in the long term as underinflated tyres will wear quicker, and reduce fuel economy. 

To show drivers how important tyre safety is and the many benefits, TyreSafe has developed impactful, and realistic scenarios involving families, loved ones and young drivers to better resonate with a wider audience. It highlights the potential stakes of driving on defective tyres so, for the 2021 Tyre Safety Month, TyreSafe is asking Britain’s motorists “What’s Stopping You?” 

A.C.T. Now For Better Tyre Safety

The TyreSafe campaign incorporates an acronym ‘A.C.T.’ which refers to Air pressure, Condition and Tread. In the section below we explain in more detail the importance of checking tyre pressure, tread and the overall condition.

Checking Air Pressure 

You will find the correct tyre pressure on a sticker in the car door, filler cap or in the vehicle owner’s manual. Always use an accurate pressure gauge to check, especially before long journeys, and adjust tyre pressures accordingly, especially if you are carrying a heavier load. 

When driving on under-inflated tyres, you reduce the tyre’s endurance which can lead to deterioration and possibly rapid deflation. It’s extremely dangerous when tyres are under-inflated at 7 psi (0.5 bar) or more with an increased risk of aquaplaning if tyres are 30% below the recommended air pressure. 

Over-inflated tyres are no better as they essentially have a smaller contact patch which can lead to a loss of traction and increased braking distances. It also causes heavy and uneven wear across the central part of the tyre leading to a much shorter lifespan. 

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Check Tyre Condition

You should check your tyres at least once a month and before embarking on long journeys. However, considering how vital car tyres are, you can check them as often as you need. This includes inspecting the tyre for punctures, cracks, stones or other objects in the groove, and particularly damage to the sidewall. 

In addition to performing a visual tyre check, pay attention to how the car drives and feels. When you experience a rougher ride, there may be tyre damage or excessive wear. Vibrations or other issues while driving could be potentially dangerous and you should slow down immediately. If you suspect anything is wrong, drive cautiously and visit your nearest service centre

At Elite Garages, we will gladly do a full free tyre safety check and report any findings. If you need new tyres, we stock a variety of budget, mid-range and premium tyres with same-day fitting when possible.

Checking Tyre Tread 

Under UK law, the minimum tyre tread depth is 1.6 mm although many experts agree that you should replace tyres when they are at 3 mm. One of the simplest ways to check your tyre tread is using a tread depth gauge. This little device will measure the inside and outside of your tread which you can buy at most auto care centres.

Another easy method is by looking at the tread wear indicators. Tyre manufacturers add these into the grooves to make it easier to identify worn tyres. If the tread is level with the indicators, it’s time to buy new tyres.

If you prefer going old-school, you could do it yourself with nothing more than a 20p coin. Simply insert the 20p at several points across and around each tyre. If you can see the coin’s outer rim at any point, it may be time to replace your tyre. If you have any doubts, give us a call or visit your nearest Elite Garage for professional advice.

Are Part-Worn Tyres Safe?

Part worn tyres may seem like a good deal but there’s no history on how the tyres were used. More importantly, you have to remember that somebody removed those tyres as they were no longer good enough, so why risk it on your car?

Don’t get duped into the false economy of part worn tyres as they are not safe in any way or form. They may seem in good condition on the outside but there may be several ‘hidden’ issues you can’t see. This includes sidewall damage which could put you and passengers at greater risk and goes against tyre safety guidelines.

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Tyre Safety With Elite Garages

Tyre Safety Month is all about reminding motorists of the benefits and importance of fitting quality tyres and performing regular tyre checks. However, it also carries the literal message that tyres are the only point of contact between the road and the vehicle which only emphasises why tyres are critical for safety. 

Regardless of the car you drive or how often, tyre safety should be a top priority. Whether you’re an experienced driver or a student getting to grips with all things car-related, Elite Garages is here to help. Drivers must know and understand the importance of routine tyre checks but if you prefer an expert opinion, book a free tyre check at Elite Garages.