What Are All-season Tyres?

All-season tyres, or all-weather tyres, are specially designed for driving in countries with moderate weather patterns. A prime example is the UK as our winters are typically more cold and wet, rather than having huge amounts of snow or ice. Whilst all-season tyres work better on wintry roads than summer tyres, they are not quite as efficient in snowy and icy conditions compared to winter tyres.

Why Choose All-Season Tyres

All-weather tyres are designed to perform well in a wide range of temperatures where summer tyres lose some ability to grip when it’s below 7 degrees Celsius. The tread pattern on these types of tyres is better at dispersing water while offering more grip in wintry conditions.

Many motorists prefer all-season tyres as an economical option and because they don’t often drive in areas with extreme weather conditions. Some main features make all-season tyres a cut above the rest, including tread depth, tread life and ride comfort. Here’s a brief look at each one.

Tread Depth of All-Season Tyres

The tread depth of all-weather tyres makes it stand out as it’s moderate which makes them more adaptable to different conditions. The tread depth is thinner than winter tyres that need it to handle snowy and icy conditions which make all-weather tyres better to the road once the snow has melted. At the same time, they have a thicker tread depth than summer tyres which results in improved grip in wet conditions.

Longer Tread Life

All-season tyres are made in such a way that they offer better longevity compared to winter and summer tyres. The tread life is significantly longer due to the thicker tread which takes longer to wear down compared to other tyre types.

Better Ride Comfort

The way all-weather tyres are designed also offers a quieter, more comfortable ride. There’s plenty of evidence suggesting all-season tyres are the ideal all-around tyre for urban areas.

When Should I Fit All-season Tyres?

The unique blend of properties means you can fit all-weather tyres at any time of the year. When your current tyres start wearing down, it’s worth buying all-season tyres. Besides the benefits mentioned in the previous section, by fitting these types of tyres you won’t have the hassle of replacing them when the seasons change. Fact is, research data has shown an increase in sales of all-weather tyres since 2019.

Should I Fit 2 Or 4 All-Weather Tyres?

When you fit all-weather tyres, we highly recommend that you replace all 4 tyres at the same time. Only fitting 2 all-season tyres and the other set is winter or summer tyres, for example, could negatively impact your vehicle’s handling and stability.

What Are The Downsides Of All-season Tyres?

As good as all-weather tyres are, there are a few disadvantages to keep in mind. Whilst nothing serious, it’s worth noting the following:

  • Some compromise on performance in extreme temperatures whether it’s too hot or too cold. In these cases, it is best to fit either a standard tyre for summer driving or a specialist winter tyre in heavy snow and ice
  • All-season tyres are not available in all sizes but the options are increasing
  • Only a few select manufacturers make them, which means the choice is often limited
  • They are slightly more expensive than standard tyres (but worth every penny)
  • May not always be available with the highest speed ratings required for high-performance vehicles

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Where To Buy Quality Tyres For Cars, Vans and Motorbikes

At Elite Garages, we stock a wide range of tyres so you always have good options regardless of the weather or road conditions. Our tyre experts are here to help fit the right tyres for your needs and answer any questions you might have.

If you are looking for top-quality tyres to handle wintry conditions with ease, have a look at Firestone Multiseason2 and Bridgestone Dayton D320 among others. Here is a breakdown of some of the tyres we stock, from budget and mid-range to premium tyres.

  • Winter tyres
  • Runflat tyres
  • 4×4 Tyres
  • Van tyres
  • Caravan tyres
  • Eco-friendly tyres


While all-season car tyres can’t quite match the performance of specialist summer or winter tyres in extreme conditions, they offer a great mix of strengths. All-season tyres offer many benefits but none more important as the ability to use them all year round. Knowing your vehicle is fitted with a tyre that is specially designed to adapt will give you peace of mind knowing you are safer no matter the weather.

Elite Garages have been supplying and fitting a wide tyre range for several decades. We work with customers requiring general use tyres, commercial tyres and performance tyres. Regardless of the car you drive, we are confident to recommend our range. So, ask us about all-season tyres and remember to book your free tyre safety check.

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