How To Tell Whether You Need A Brake Repair

Brakes are one of the most important parts of your car and are regarded as an essential safety feature. Considering it’s the only thing that prevents you from crashing into other vehicles or obstacles, you need to make sure to get a brake repair at a reputable garage. 

If your car has become too old or you haven’t paid much attention to it, there could be some wear and tear on your brake pads. This can put your safety at risk and those of your passengers and other road users. In this guide, we look at some warning signs of failing brake pads and discs, and why a brake repair is essential.

What Happens If I Don’t Get A Brake Repair Service? 

The potential consequences of getting a brake service late could be catastrophic. Worn brake pads and brake discs mean your braking ability is compromised and can lead to poor stopping distances. This is already dangerous under normal circumstances but in an emergency situation, it can be fatal! 

Nothing good comes from ignoring a brake repair as you could harm yourself, someone else or other parts of your vehicle. So it’s not only dangerous but failing brakes can also be expensive. Do the right thing and book a brake repair at your nearest Elite Garage the moment you notice anything wrong within the braking system. 

With Elite Garages, you can rest assured knowing that our brake repair specialists will inspect everything thoroughly. This includes the brake pads, brake discs, brake fluid level and timing belts among others to assure your safety on the road. 

Warning Signs That You May Need A Brake Repair Or Brake Replacement

A brake repair is an essential part of vehicle maintenance but you also need to check your brake pads and brake discs regularly to ensure everything is in good working order. Drivers should know when it’s time for a brake pad replacement or a complete brake repair by paying attention to the following warning signs:

Brake Noise

A good indicator that your brake pads are worn is noticing a high pitch squeal, grinding or crunching sound. This means your brake discs are starting to rub on the metal frame attached to the brake pad. You should book a brake repair immediately as left unchecked could damage your brake disc which is far more expensive than a normal brake repair job!

Vehicle Pulls To The One Side 

If your brakes are damaged, your vehicle could veer to the right or left-hand side of the road when pressing down the pedal. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean your brakes are failing as it can also be improper wheel alignment. Regardless, we recommend getting it checked straight away as swerving on the road is dangerous.

Poor Responsiveness

A more obvious sign that you may need a brake repair is if they start to lose responsiveness. There’s nothing scarier than pressing down the brake pedal and they don’t work properly! If you find that you have to push the pedal further down for a response, you should get your brakes checked as soon as possible. Another sign of failing brakes related to this is if your pedal is too high or makes a hissing noise when pressed.

Vibrations Or A Brake Shudder

A vibration or shudder when applying the brakes is another sure sign that you may need a brake repair. This can either indicate that your brake pads are worn down or that heat has warped your brake discs. The heat can build up if you often tow or brake on hilly roads as there is more friction. This can lead to your brake discs changing shape which often affects stopping distances as well.

How Often Should I Change My Car Brakes?

The main components of your car brakes include brake callipers, brake pads and brake discs. You should replace your brake pads after approximately 50,000 miles but sometimes as early as 25,000 miles.

The amount of wear and the elapsed time depends on several factors from driving habits, the environment, materials used and brake pad hardness. In some cases, brake pads can last for up to 70,000 miles but it will depend on the above factors.

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Book A Brake Repair At Elite Garages

If you notice any of these signs when driving, you should book a brake repair as soon as you can. We have all the necessary specialist equipment and trained professionals ready to check if your brakes are working correctly. 

We know first-hand how important a regular brake repair is and the impact it can have on safety. If you suspect that your brakes are faulty in any way get it checked right away. At Elite Garages, you can book a FREE visual brake inspection where our expert technicians will take care of everything and give you much-needed peace of mind.