On 4th August 2021, we celebrated Graham’s 35 years at Elite Garages! Graham is the Manager at our Pulborough branch, where he has many loyal customers who have been returning for years.

Elite Garages is a family-run business, so Graham has now worked alongside Susan and Richard, as well as Kelsie, Jack and Josh who represent the third generation of the Whittemore family working for Elite!

When asked how Elite Pulborough retains so many loyal customers, Mark (Area Manager) replied, “it’s Graham. He’s local, he’s friendly and everyone gets to know him. He gives that personal touch which is really important in a village environment.” 

High Praises For Graham From Co-Workers And Customers

Dave (Operations Manager) says, “what comes to mind about Graham is his character, his commitment and his valued hard work in his Manger’s role. He has a positive effect on others, customers and staff. Everyone knows Graham; he’s a local guy and well-liked in the village, with a great sense of humour. He loves camping within the vicinity of Pulborough on his holidays, so not too far if the alarms go off at the garage! Thank you for being part of Elite Garages’ success over the years I’ve known you.” 

Richard Whittemore also expressed his gratitude towards Graham, stating, “I’d like to thank Graham for all his help over the years. I’ve enjoyed working with Graham and building Elite Garages with his help.” Susan summarised her thoughts by saying “we’re lucky to have people like Graham at Elite. Thank you for all your hard work over the years and still today.”

What The Customers At Elite Garages Pulborough Have To Say About Graham

Kelsie pointed out that “it’s not just Graham’s colleagues, but also the customers that speak so highly of him.” Graham is often described as “polite”, “professional”, “kind”, “helpful”, “friendly”, “courteous” and “knowledgeable”. His care, concern and kindness have even been described as “out of this world.”

Whilst working at Pulborough, Josh also noticed that “customers would often specifically ask to speak with Graham and had been loyal customers at Elite Garages for years due to the customer service Graham provides”. 

Below is a selection of just some of the lovely feedback Graham has received recently from customers at Elite Garages Pulborough. Want to know what people are saying about Elite Garages as a group? Here are some more reviews

Customer Reviews