Why Summer Safety Checks Are So Important

Compared to the beautiful weather we had last year around this time, you wouldn’t think we’re anywhere near summer. But hopefully, the warmer weather is on the way and that means making sure your car is ready. The only way to do that properly is with summer safety checks, something you can book at any of our Elite centres.

Why Should I Book Summer Safety Checks?

There are several distinct differences between summer and winter driving with excessive heat and bright lights topping the list. Summer driving may not carry the same risks in terms of consistently wet weather but there are plenty of other areas to consider for your summer vehicle health check.

With summer comes weekend getaways and more frequent family excursions but is your car safe and reliable enough? It’s important to keep your car in good shape throughout the year and summer safety checks can help. Expert technicians will inspect your vehicle to identify any potential safety issues before they become more serious, dangerous and expensive to repair.

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Why Choose Elite For Summer Safety Checks?

Elite Garages have been in business for more than 50 years and know a thing or two about car safety. Even with better summer weather, road safety remains a big concern and it’s something we take very seriously.

As one of the leading independent tyre, MOT, car service and forecourt operators in the south and south-east, we provide comprehensive vehicle safety checks to help ensure safe travels for you and your family.

Getting comprehensive summer safety checks from a reputable service centre can help identify any underlying issues you may not even be aware of. In many cases, these minor issue could cause real concerns at a later stage.

Our expert technicians check a range of components to see if they are safe and reliable. They will provide a no-obligation quote for any work that may be required but we never carry out repairs without your consent.

What’s Included In Elite’s Summer Safety Checks?

At Elite Garages, our free summer safety checks are conducted by expert technicians who will look at various parts and components, including the following:

  • Visual safety check (inside and outside)
  • Coolant level/condition
  • Top up the washer bottle
  • Check battery condition
  • Check exposed belts (fan belt, cam belt etc.)
  • Tyre condition/inflation
  • Shock absorbers
  • Lights and indicators
  • Check exhaust
  • Windscreen wipers and blades
  • Visual radiator and heater hose check
  • Brake fluid boiling point
  • Oil level
  • Clutch condition
  • Check air conditioning

Planning a road trip any time soon? Make sure your car is up to the task by booking your FREE Summer Safety Check at Elite Garages.

Hot Tips For Summer Driving

Vehicle safety is paramount but even with the most reliable car in the world, you also need to prepare yourself. Where possible, plan your journey and route to help reduce stress, especially when travelling with young children. This includes keeping a close eye on traffic reports and weather conditions.

Don’t forget to add some stops to stay fresh and avoid falling asleep behind the wheel. A quick pit stop will also cool your car but if the engine does overheat, don’t do anything until the engine has cooled down, which can take up to an hour or so.

If you are travelling long distances, start the journey early in the day to minimise the risk of getting stuck in traffic. Get a good night’s sleep before you depart, avoid big meals before driving and never consume any alcohol.

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Simple Car Safety Checks To Do At Home

Whilst we recommend you always consult a professional, there are some checks you can perform at home. These should be done every few weeks, before long journeys and when booking your MOT.

  • Check that you have enough fuel for your journey
  • Make sure your oil level is between the minimum and maximum mark on the dipstick
  • Check your tyres for general wear and tear, splits, cracks, bulges and tread depth (at least 1.6mm)
  • Look at your coolant levels when the engine is cold and make sure it’s topped up
  • Ask another person to walk around the car and make sure all your lights are working
  • Check the battery and make sure the terminals are clean and tight
  • Check your windscreen wash level and top up if necessary
  • Top up your brake fluid and test the brakes
  • Test your air conditioning and see whether you need a re-gas


In addition to road safety and performance, these type of checks can also help save you time and money. Our technicians can help identify potential problems early on, offer sound advice and give a no-obligation quote for repairs.

Remember, the longer you wait to fix a minor issue, the higher the chances of it becoming more serious and expensive to fix. These vehicle safety checks can also help with MOTs. Considering these parts or components are also part of an MOT test, if you maintain your vehicle better, the easier it is to pass your annual MOT.

Don’t compromise your safety and that of your passengers and other road users. Book your summer safety check with Elite Garages today and enjoy a safer journey with much-needed peace of mind. Here you will also find a full list of Elite Garages service centres, customer reviews and some interesting articles.

If you suspect anything is wrong with your brakes, regardless of how small it may seem, book a FREE Visual Brake Check at any of our Elite Garages. All technicians across our 13 retail branches are expertly trained to offer you the best possible advice and service, and are fully trained to ensure a professional brake repair.