Every Christmas, Elite Garages organise an annual staff Christmas meal but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the normal festivities were not possible in 2020. So, we decided to donate the Christmas money to charity instead. The total amount was £6,000, which went to three very important charities that have been crucial during the pandemic.

Crisis Charity

Elite Garages donated £2,000 to ‘Crisis’, a national charity that helps people directly out of homelessness and campaigns for the changes needed to solve it altogether. 2020 reminded us all of the value of a safe home like never before, but too many are going without this.

Elite Garages donate to UK charities

The pandemic has been tough on everyone and particularly for homeless people in England. Crisis support people out of homelessness. They do this through education, training and support with housing, employment and health. With decades of working with thousands of homeless people, they are able to use their experience to shape the services they provide and the changes they campaign for.

Crisis Help Rebuild Lives

Crisis work side by side with people to help them rebuild their lives. Everything they do contributes to ending homelessness. The core values of Crisis include inspiration, integrity through knowledge, dignity, fearlessness through independence, adaptability and resolve to end homelessness. Working with others, their goal is to end homelessness once and for all. This is why we are proud to be able to donate to such an important cause, especially during such a difficult period in time.

To find out more about the amazing work Crisis do, visit their website here. Alternatively, you can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

NHS Charities Together

Elite Garages donated £2,000 to ‘NHS Charities Together’ a membership organisation who represent, support and champion NHS Charities. These fantastic charities enhance patient experience and care within the NHS. It’s likely that either you or someone special to you has received care and support from the exceptional staff and services of the NHS, and donations help NHS Charities Together to continue to enhance the care given by the NHS.

Elite Garages donates to NHS Charity Together
NHS Charities Together and its members across the UK use donations to support their 241 member charities, which provide extra support to the NHS. These charities fund major capital projects, pioneering research and medical equipment, and help patients access the best possible care.

Supporting Mental Health And NHS Staff

These charities are also crucial in mobilising volunteers to support the NHS and providing a link between hospitals and communities. Mental health trusts, community health and ambulance services are all supported by the NHS charities. NHS Charities Together also provides a forum for nationwide fundraising and advocacy campaigns, specialist advice and guidance and many conferences and training opportunities.

Money donated makes a huge difference to patients and staff struggling to cope with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. NHS Charities Together donations have supplied services and resources above and beyond what the NHS alone can provide. Taking care of the mental health of NHS staff is hugely important and funding has meant hospitals have benefitted from enhancing well-being resources for staff.

Funding also contributes to efforts to improve the lives of patients. For more information or to donate, visit NHS Charities Together or find them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Elite Garages donated £2,000 to ‘Samaritans’, a charity dedicated to reducing feelings of isolation and the disconnection that can lead to suicide. The coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of many and it’s normal that this has affected people’s
mental health and wellbeing. Isolation, mental ill-health, family and unemployment are just a few concerns connected to coronavirus.

Elite Garages donates to Samaritans Charity

Samaritans have seen an increase in people calling them for help due to the pandemic. Many have lost their usual coping strategies to manage mental health, such as support from friends and family as well as personal hobbies. Samaritans is a critical service, needed more now than ever.

Samaritans Helping Those In Need

Every seven seconds, Samaritans answer a call for help. Samaritans are there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for anyone who’s struggling to cope or who needs someone to listen. Samaritans give people ways to cope and the skills to be there for others. Those moments of connection between people can save lives and Samaritans actively encourage, promote and celebrate this. It is through donations that Samaritans are able to keep up their amazing work.

Samaritans’ vision is that fewer people die by suicide so they work tirelessly to reach more people and make suicide prevention a priority. If you are concerned about your well-being or need someone to talk to, call Samaritans free on 116 123 or send them an email at jo@samaritans.org. For more information on the amazing work that Samaritans do, visit their website or find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.