Why Part Worn Tyres Cost More In The Long Run

Contrary to popular belief, buying part worn tyres is not necessarily cheaper than buying new tyres. The purchase price may be lower but that doesn’t mean they will save you money. Fact is, part worn tyres are used and have less tread which means you’ll have to replace them sooner than expected.

Cutting Costs With Part Worn Tyres

The AA has warned motorists trying to save money at the expense of safety is a “false economy”. Data collected from an AA Tyres survey in 2017 revealed that 4.4 million Brits would buy one or more used tyres within the next 12 months. That number hasn’t changed much and similar numbers can be expected.

In this survey, young drivers were identified as the worst offenders where 25% admitted to cutting costs on their wheels. Shockingly, it also revealed that millions of drivers incorrectly believe part worn tyres are just as good and safe as new tyres. While reduced rubber can improve fuel efficiency, it does increase braking distances along with less grip.

Part Worn Tyres By The Numbers

Looking at the numbers, the AA said that while you may get a used tyre for as little as £10, the cost per millimetre over its life span is often more expensive. Earlier research from TyreSafe states that you will pay £6.33 per mm of usable rubber on part worn tyres compared to £5.32 per mm on new ones.

Mark Shankland, managing director of AA Tyres, said: “When it comes to choosing tyres, picking price over safety is a dangerously regular occurrence. It’s not surprising that drivers are looking for ways to lower the cost of running their car, but buying used tyres is simply a false economy that continues to mislead millions of motorists each year.”

Are They Classified As Dangerous Tyres?

Many UK drivers know they can buy part worn tyres but only a handful understand the serious threat they pose. The main problem is that by the time you fit them, they are often worn far beyond the recommended quality. Best case scenario is that they are partially safe which is simply not good enough.

Most people within the industry agree, from tyre manufacturers and retailers to independent tyre testers, leading motoring organisations, driving safety charities and NGOs. Part worn tyres may seem like the cheaper alternative but you have to careful as most are extremely dangerous.

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Understanding Tyre Tread

The minimum tyre tread depth by law in the UK and Europe is 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the tyre. In addition, it has to meet this requirement across its entire circumference. However, many experts believe that tyres should be replaced when they reach 3mm and not wait until it reaches 1.6mm. At the minimum tread depth, tyres don’t provide sufficient grip, especially in wet and slippery conditions.

Checking Your Tyre Tread

You can check your tyre tread depth at home using the simple 20p coin by inserting it into the tread grooves. If the outer band of the coin is not visible, your tyres are above the legal limit. On the opposite side, if you can see the band and the coin is still visible, your tyres could be unsafe and require a professional inspection.

part worn tyres 20p coin test

Tyre manufacturers also add tread wear indicators which show when a tyre is “illegal”. If the tyre is flush with the indicators, they are below the legal limit and must be replaced. The best way to check on your own is by using a tyre tread depth gauge. Of course, you can also visit your nearest tyre fitment centre for advice and assistance.

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Legal Implications Of Worn Tyres

If you are caught driving on illegal, dangerous tyres, you can be fined up to £2,500 and three points on your licence. Remember, this is per tyre so if you made the wrong choice in buying a set of part worn tyres that are below the legal limit, that’s a total of £10,000 fine and 12 penalty points. This is essentially equal to a driving ban and even worse still, any insurance claim as a result of an accident could be invalidated.

While the initial outlay on part worn tyres is low, it could very well cost a lot more down the line. Purchasing used tyres with 2mm of tread may seem like a good idea as it’s above the legal limit but it is far less economical than a new set that comes with 7mm, for example.

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