Save On Your Air Con Re-gas With Elite Garages

If your car has air con but it’s not working properly, it can affect more than just cooling or heating your vehicle. Your car’s air con actually helps filter out pollen, pollutants and airborne bacteria. It effectively acts as a multi-purpose system in terms of heating, cooling and improving the overall air quality in the cabin.

We understand people have busy schedules and that getting a service can seem daunting and expensive. Some people even tend to skip the air con service altogether but we would not recommend that. Without regular vehicle maintenance, which includes air conditioning, you could end up damaging your car more. As a result, it could cost you more than the service would have in the first place.

Why Should I Service My Air Con Regularly? 

Considering it’s a multi-purpose system that provides heat, cooling and cleaner cabin air, it can also affect fuel economy. The reason is simple actually as a low level of coolant will result in the system having to work harder to cool the air which, of course, uses more fuel.

A regular air con service will also help avoid paying for expensive repairs or replacements in the future. The coolant in the air conditioning unit is extremely cold while also cooling the air con compressor. If you have no refrigerant or the levels are extremely low, the compressor can overheat and result in total failure.

Without coolant flowing through the system, the essential components won’t be lubricated which could lead to faulty seals. There are some extreme cases where the AC system can no longer hold any gas and that would require new seals.


Is The Air Con Part Of My MOT Or Normal Car Service?

This is a common question and the straight answer is no. The industry sees having air conditioning as a luxury or ‘nice-to-have’ so it doesn’t form part of a critical system. That means it is not responsible for safety and MOT testers don’t include it.

At the same time, air conditioning is also not part of a standard service. That said though, regular check-ups will help keep your car in better running conditioning. Many car makers provide a separate air con service schedule with recommendations on when a re-gas should take place. While it is usually every two years, it does depend on how often you use your car AC.

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How To Tell If Your Air Con Needs A Re-gas

If your air conditioning system is clean, you use it frequently and ensure it’s re-gassed, you really shouldn’t have any serious problems. However, things do go wrong and it’s good to know what signs to look out for. These are FOUR of the most common signs that your vehicle’s air con needs a service:

  • Bad smells coming from the vents
  • AC no longer blows cool air
  • It starts making strange rattling or banging noises
  • You notice visible coolant leaks on the floorboard or under the car

Strange smells coming from your air conditioning system could be a sign of bacteria build-up or even mould. When you notice a musty-type odour, first try an anti-bacterial cleaning product but if that doesn’t work, bring it down to any of our Elite Garages for an expert opinion.

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Benefits Of Using Air Con During Winter

Your car’s air con is designed to blow cool and warm air which makes it perfect to use in all season. Air conditioning actually does more than just keep you cool or warm as it also helps demist the inside of your windows.

Experts recommend that you should run your car air con for at least ten minutes every few weeks. Regardless of weather conditions, turning it on will allow the coolant to move around the system. Fact is, if you leave your AC off for too long, the compressor could seize.

Considering a replacement compressor costs in the region of £1,000, you should heed the warning and run the air con all-year round. Besides the cost factor, the benefits of using air con extend to condensation-free windows and the dry air keeping many bacteria at bay.

Air Conditioning Service And Re-gas At Elite Garages

Our air conditioning service can take up to an hour as it includes replacing the old gas with fresh coolant. We also offer an antibacterial air sanitizer as an optional extra from only £10. This will help remove any unpleasant odours and build-up of harmful bacteria. Our Elite air con service includes the following:

  • Fresh system oil
  • Recharge the refrigerant to the recommended levels
  • Check the operation of the system
  • A full visual inspection that checks the temperature and any leaks

As part of our drive to offer exceptional customer service and value, we are offering a special air conditioning service and re-gas for only £60. Hurry though, as this offer is only valid until 3 March 2020.

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Why Elite Garages?

Besides saving on air con servicing and re-gassing, Elite Garages also provide standard and premium car services at a great price. In addition, we offer comprehensive FREE vehicle safety checks to help identify any underlying issues before they become serious, dangerous and expensive.

All of our technicians across all 13 retail branches are expertly trained to offer you the best possible advice and service. To ensure you and your family enjoy a safe journey, visit Elite Garages today for a FREE vehicle safety check. For more information about vehicle servicing, tyres, batteries, shocks and exhausts among others, please get in touch.