Competitive Car Battery Pricing At Elite Garages

A car battery is something you cannot live without and regardless of your vehicle, it needs a fully functioning battery. During colder months, it’s even more important to ensure that your car battery is in tip-top shape. The adverse weather conditions are known to compromise the effectiveness of all sorts of car batteries.

Although a different type, even electric cars need batteries and when it’s not working properly, you are left stranded on the side of the road. It’s also during colder, wetter months that flat battery is more likely to spoil your day. Not only is being stranded a massive inconvenience but it can also be dangerous. At Elite Garages, we take your safety and comfort very seriously and offer customers a FREE battery check.

Why Is A Car Battery So Important?

Your battery supplies the necessary current to the starter motor and the ignition system to start the engine. In petrol engines, the battery also supplies power to the spark plugs which ignite the fuel and air mixture.

It also supplies extra current when there is a higher demand than what the alternator can provide which essentially acts like an electrical storage unit. When starting your car, the battery power you used is then replaced by the alternator. The strength of your battery is generally affected by the amount of work it does and the operating conditions.

The technology in today’s cars places more strain on your battery than ever before. This includes air conditioning, digital displays, music players, satellite navigation and other electronic gadgets. As a result, your battery and charging system could lead to premature failure.

Looking For A Quality Car Battery?

A car battery is rechargeable, just like your mobile phone and laptop, which means it won’t last forever. Until better technology becomes available, modern car batteries can only take so many recharge cycles before they should be replaced.

Regular car battery checks and vehicle maintenance are important as it keeps everything in check while identifying any potential issues. If you suspect any problems with your battery or concerned about its age or charging ability, visit any of our Elite Garages.

All of our service centres have friendly, professional and expertly-trained technicians who can assist you. They will carry out an extensive battery check using the latest testing equipment and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Why Choose Car Batteries From Elite Garages

In addition to battery tests, we also offer advice on any parts that may need replacing or if anything else could be problematic. We have a wide variety of car batteries suitable for most makes and models at great prices. What else do we offer?

  • Competitive battery pricing
  • Same-day car battery fitting
  • Batteries are fitted while you wait
  • Quality batteries that come with a guarantee
  • FREE Battery Check

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Elite’s Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Performing basic car maintenance will help avoid any unexpected and costly bills while ensuring you are not stranded with a flat battery. When you are not using your car, you should ideally keep it in a garage to protect it from the elements.

You could also invest in a car battery booster which you can clip onto your flat battery for an instant boost. It’s ideal when you can’t find your jumper leads or can’t wait for a conventional battery charger to work. A few top tips include the following:

  • Never allow the car battery to discharge completely
  • Apply special battery grease to terminals to avoid corrosion
  • Ensure that the battery is firmly secured and that all connections are tightened
  • Keep the car battery clean and dry at all times

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How Long Does A Car Battery Usually Last?

Cold weather may play a major role in the condition of car batteries but hot temperatures are often worse. Oxidisation could occur which can drastically reduce the lifespan of your battery. While it’s not set in stone, a battery typically lasts 3 – 4 years but it depends on the type of battery and how you use it.

Want to check your battery lifespan? Try out this battery life calculator.

Signs Of A Faulty Or Failing Battery

Identifying when your battery might be on the blink is an important part of vehicle maintenance. To put your mind at ease, here are some of the major signs that your battery could be failing:

  • The engine takes longer to start or it doesn’t start at all
  • The “Check battery” light on your dashboard appears
  • Low or no power for some electronic equipment inside your car
  • If you already jump-started it several times before
  • You need to rev your car more frequently
  • Headlights are dimming

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What Else Do We Offer?

If you want a service centre you can trust, choose Elite Garages as we are a family-owned business providing dealership quality services. We guarantee exceptional value for money with no hidden costs or small print.

We specialise in servicing vehicles of all makes and models, MOTs, quality tyres, shocks, brakes and vehicle safety checks to name a few. Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our valued customers say about us.

To confirm our commitment to you, simply refer to the ‘Elite Price Promise’.

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