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Looking after your car is an essential part of vehicle maintenance which includes regular servicing, MOTs and tyres among others. There are several Elite centres across the country with friendly, experienced staff with MOT and car servicing Deal being among the best. Fact is, Elite Garages in Deal was purchased in 2005 and became part of our successful chain of 13 retail locations across the South East of England.

Welcome to Elite Garages MOT and Car Servicing Deal

Located on Dover road, our MOT and car servicing Deal centre has ample parking for customers offering exceptional services and value for money. If you want dealership quality car servicing without the exorbitant prices, then Elite Garages car services Deal is for you.

We can help you save hundreds of pounds on dealership servicing pricing while also offering a discount for booking a premium car service with an MOT. You can qualify for the special car services deal by simply downloading the online voucher and presenting it at our service centre in Deal.

The manager at our car servicing centre in Deal is Dave with over 12 years’ experience in the motor industry. You are in good hands as Dave and his team are highly experienced in all areas of car care and maintenance. They are friendly, professional and fully transparent in everything they do. You never have to worry about hidden costs and we will always quote you before performing any additional work.

Standard Car Servicing Deal

While cars are designed to keep you safe, they won’t be able to without regular car maintenance. As with every moving part, wear and tear are normal but you can keep a close eye on everything by checking parts regularly. At Elite Garages, our expert technicians will look at your brakes, tyres and windscreen wiper blades among others to ensure that everything is in perfect working order.

Among others, standard car service at Elite Garages includes the following:

  • Top up battery if applicable and check if it’s secure
  • Check windscreen wipers, windscreen washer operations and top up
  • Check the condition, tension and adjust as required the auxiliary drive belts (excluding timing/cam belt)
  • Top up all fluids (coolant/antifreeze, engine oil, transmission and brake fluid)
  • Check the condition of all tyres, pressure and tread
  • Wheel balancing
  • Check condition of fuel lines and HT leads where applicable

Elite Garages Premium Car Service

When it comes to your car, prevention is ALWAYS better than cure no matter what. It goes without saying that regular car servicing is more cost-effective than major damage caused by neglect. At Elite Garages, we only want what’s best for you and that’s evident with our premium car service. It includes everything on the standard service with so much more:

  • Check handbrake, exterior lights, interior lights, horn and seatbelts
  • Ensure correct clutch operation and condition of shock absorbers
  • Check for general oil leaks and wheel bearings for play or noises
  • Remove wheels and check brake discs/pads for wear, cracks, corrosion and scoring
  • Check prop shaft/driveshaft and joints for play and leaks
  • Inspect exhaust system for leaks security and noise
  • Replace spark plugs if applicable
  • Check for cabin/pollen filter replacement
  • Test starter motor for cranking operation
  • Test alternator for charging operation
  • Check cambelt replacement intervals

Why Is It Important To Have Regular Car Servicing?

In a similar way, looking after your car is like taking better care of your own health. When you have a cold, you take medicine and if you suspect something more sinister, you will consult a doctor or specialist.

Regular car service can help keep your car running smoothly while identifying any potential problems early on. This greatly reduces the risk of breaking down and avoid more serious and expensive problems down the line. While safety should always be the primary concern, budgets also play an important role.

At first, it may not feel like you are saving money by regularly servicing your car but the potential costs of ignoring it can be very dangerous (and expensive). Don’t forget the annual MOT test that your vehicle needs to pass otherwise you could face hefty fines, points on your licence and invalidated insurance.

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What Exactly Is An MOT Test?

Keeping your car in good working condition is vital for safety and forms the basis of passing the MOT test. The Ministry of Transport (MOT) test covers various vehicle safety checks, including lights, tyres, seatbelts and emissions.

All vehicles are required by law to pass an annual MOT test as defined by the Road Traffic Act of 1988. Once a car is three years or older, it requires an annual MOT. Exceptions include electric vehicles and cars, bikes, vans and motorbikes over 40 years old that have not been significantly modified.

Only centres with DVSA-approved examiners may carry out an MOT test and in case you had forgotten, it is only a visual check and not an actual car service. Examiners only inspect the vehicle for faults and cannot make any repairs which means you still need to book a service.

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What Happens If I Fail The MOT?

During an MOT, technicians inspect the interior, exterior, under the bonnet and under the vehicle. Some of the major parts they check include vehicle structure (body), fuel system, steering, suspension, brakes, tyres, wheels, windscreen, electrical wiring and battery among others.

If they identify any faults, you will receive a VT30 ‘Refusal of an MOT Test Certificate’. This includes the details of your car, MOT test number and reasons for failing. It is now your responsibility to get these issues resolved to ensure vehicle safety and roadworthiness.

Driving without a valid MOT certificate typically carries a fine of £1,000. However, this can reach up to £2,500 and three penalty points on your license if you are caught driving with a dangerous fault. You can see a more detailed breakdown of the MOT Defect Categories on the DVSA website.

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Why Choose Elite MOT And Car Servicing Deal?

If it is an MOT test you are after, then you can save money booking it at the same time as your service. Our easy to use online MOT booking system lets you book in 3 easy steps. Enter your vehicle registration number, choose a convenient slot to suit you and click to book. Alternatively, give us a call and we will happily find a slot to suit you.

As a family-owned business, every branch of Elite Garages takes pride in what they do, looking after you and your car. Even though many vehicle owners still take their cars to dealerships, European legislation states that you can have a car serviced at an independent garage without invalidating your warranty.

We also stamp your service book as it would be at a dealership and we only use genuine parts. Book your MOT online and you can also sign up to be an Elite member to receive FREE MOT reminders.

Online Reviews Of Elite Garages MOT And Car Servicing Deal 

Get in touch with Elite Garages if you need any advice from our professional and friendly staff. We are here to help with all your tyre needs, MOTs, car services, wheel alignment, brakes, exhausts, FREE seasonal safety checks and much more. Here is what some of our customers had to say about Elite Garages Deal.

Elite Garages Deal

We have always had very good service here. And they keep us posted as to the progress of MOT or whatever needs to be done.

tyres Deal

I have been taking cars here for MOT tests, tyres etc for years and always had good service from very helpful, honest and professional guys.

MOT In Deal

The guys are knowledgeable, happy to help, give sound advice, and are always good value for money. I fully recommend them!

car servicing in Deal

Outstanding service!!! My car wouldn’t turn on one morning, the garage sent someone to my address to charge my battery just enough for me to drive to them. It turned out that my old battery was about to die, so they fixed a spare one until the new one arrived, so I could use my car while I waited (1 and half-day). Excellent job and fair price. I definitely recommend Elite Garage.


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