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Do you know when your next MOT check is? A late MOT is not something you can ignore as driving without a valid certificate could end in hefty fines, invalidated insurance and points on your licence. Good news is that our MOT Salisbury testing centre is perfectly equipped to handle anything from MOTs, car services, quality tyres, brakes, batteries and vehicle safety checks among others.

If your test is due, bring your car down to the MOT Salisbury testing centre. Our DVSA-certified examiners will do a thorough inspection of your car on the inside, outside, under the bonnet and underneath. Some of the checks include seeing whether tyres are underinflated, brake pad warning lights are working and if brake pads or discs are in good working order.

Introducing The MOT Salisbury Team

Melvin is the manager at the MOT Salisbury testing centre and has been working there for over 16 years. He and his Elite team are highly experienced in all areas of car care and maintenance with an exceptional reputation in the area. The MOT Salisbury team have been looking after loyal customers in the area for a very long time and it’s not surprising. If you are looking for a friendly, reliable and trustworthy garage, then Elite Garages is the right place for you.

Why Choose Elite’s MOT Salisbury Centre

Our MOT Salisbury branch of Elite Garages was purchased in 2005 and became part of our chain of 13 retail locations across the South East of England. Elite Garages Salisbury has three bays and plenty of customer parking. It is located on the Southampton road in Salisbury, opposite the Southampton road retail park making us easy to find.

With MOT slots available on the hour 6 days a week, we can fit you in at a convenient time. Even better, you can book your MOT online and save money doing your MOT with a full service. If your car fails the MOT, we won’t do any work without your explicit consent. For your convenience, at Salisbury MOT and Tyres, we offer a FREE retest if done within 10 working days.

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How Much Does An MOT Cost?

To some, an MOT test may seem like another expense but it is furthest from the truth. Fact is, it can help identify any potential issues that could affect the safety of your car (and passengers) making it illegal to drive. The only time you are allowed to drive with an expired MOT is when you are on your way to the testing centre. However, be sure that you have proof of your appointment from your local MOT centre.


In terms of costs, the VOSA recommended MOT price is £54.85. Now, you can also book your MOT online at Elite Garages for between £30 and £45 depending on the branch. One very important point to note, regardless of what anyone tells you, is that there is NO grace period. It is up to you to remember your MOT due date.

Can I Get MOT Reminders?

Truth is, it’s not the responsibility of MOT centres to remind drivers that their due date is near. That said, at Elite Garages, we know this can be challenging so we have implemented a reminder system. All you need to do is sign up for the Elite Member’s Club and you will receive a FREE text reminder every year.

Don’t know when your MOT test is due? Simply click here to check the MOT status of a vehicle or contact any of our Elite Garages. We perform MOTs on cars and small commercial vehicles at all of our branches except Strood. The MOT test takes about an hour and you can even book a service if your car needs any repairs. There are also absolutely no hidden extras and we will never do any work without prior consent.

Where Can I Get Quality Tyres In Salisbury?

Did you know that bald or worn tyres can actually affect acceleration, braking, directional force and fuel consumption? It may seem obvious but your tyres are the only parts that connect your vehicle to the road. Surprisingly, so many people fail to realise the real importance of proper vehicle and tyre maintenance.

People tend to forget and neglect their tyres failing to comprehend how significant they are in terms of road safety. If you want to save money while keeping you and your family safe, check your tyres at least once a month. You also need to know when to replace them which is why we offer quality and affordable tyres in Salisbury.

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Budget, Premium And Performance Tyres At MOT Salisbury

If it’s quality, affordable tyres in Salisbury you are looking for, Elite Garages is just the place. We carry a massive stock of tyres for every budget. We provide tyres for all premium vehicles plus a huge selection of budget tyres and mid-range tyres. You can even reserve your tyres online!

To browse our range of car tyres, please visit our website for all the information you need. If you want additional advice, please call Melvin and the team on 01722 329454 as they will be happy to advise you. In addition to all of this, we also offer FREE tyre safety checks. Call us to book or simply fill in our online enquiry form.

Penalties For Driving On Worn Tyres

You should get an expert to check your tyres when they are five years or older and it should happen at least once a year. According to Michelin, “tyres older than 10 years after their date of manufacture should be replaced as a precaution”. This also applies to tyres that appear usable and not worn down to the tread wear indicator.

If you drive on worn or damaged tyres, you are not only endangering yourself and other road users but you can also get heavy fines. You could get a fine of £2,500 fine and three penalty points for ONE worn tyre. A bigger concern for safety and your pocket is being fined £2,500 per tyre which means a total of £10,000 and 12 points if all your tyres are worn.

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Online Reviews Of Elite Garages Salisbury 

Get in touch with Elite Garages if you need any advice from our expert, professional and friendly staff. We are here to help you with all your tyre needs, MOTs, full car services, wheel alignment, brakes, exhausts and much more. Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers have to say.

MOT Salisbury

MOT Salisbury

Extremely efficient service with very helpful and friendly staff. Excellent well-priced servicing. Always kept well informed throughout. Thank you.

Tyres Salisbury

Have had my car’s MOT carried out here for several years. Have always been dealt with promptly, courteously and efficiently. Would recommend.

I have been using these guys for a couple of years without issue, and yesterday when my car failed the MOT, they had it repaired with new brakes, adjusted handbrake and engine flush for emissions. Friendly, open and honest communications and reasonably priced. What else do you need from a garage? Thanks Melvin.

This is, in my opinion, the best garage that anyone could go to. Advised to try Elite by an employee of Halfords, I had previously been ripped off by a local mechanic. The staff at Elite fixed my car there and then. The service was excellent.


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