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We can’t stress enough the importance of quality tyres, regular car services and MOTs. It is the only way to ensure that you, your family and other road users remain safe and Elite MOT and Tyres Eastbourne can help. All of our branches across the UK provide professional and friendly service from MOTs and full services to free safety checks and tyres among many others.

Meet The Team At Elite Garages Eastbourne

Tyres Eastbourne manager, Andy, has 20 years of experience in the motor trade and along with his team of experts, you and your family are in exceptional hands. They have the necessary knowledge and skills in vehicle maintenance to help keep you safe on the road.

The Eastbourne branch of Elite Garages was purchased in 2005 and became part of our national garage portfolio. We have 13 retail sites covering the South East of England offering car services, MOTs, tyres, shocks, alignment and batteries among others. Located on Lottbridge Drove off Birch Road, you can’t miss us.

Any vehicle without a valid MOT or illegal tyres should not be allowed on the road as it is extremely dangerous. Our team at the Elite Tyres Eastbourne and MOT testing centre can help.

When Should You Replace Your Tyres?

Many experts believe that you should replace all your car tyres simultaneously but this not always possible or practical. Remember, there is no specific guidance on how long a tyre will last as it greatly depends on several factors. This ranges from the tyre design, driving habits, climate, certain road conditions and the quality of tyre maintenance. In many cases there may also be unforeseen damage and different rates of tyre wear between front and rear.

When your car tyres are five years or older (plus your spare), a tyre expert should inspect them at least once a year. According to Michelin, car tyres older than 10 years after the date of manufacture should be replaced as a precaution. This includes tyres that appear usable and not worn down to the tread wear indicator.

Why Tyre Tread Is So Important

Tyre safety is paramount to you, your passengers and other road users with worn tyre tread being a great cause for concern. Tyres play a vital role in how well your car handles and without sufficient tyre tread, your car won’t grip properly. Even if your car has all the modern, sophisticated tech toys like anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control; they don’t help much if you don’t look after your tyres.

It doesn’t matter how often you drive or the type of car, tyre tread affects everyone. The minimum legal tyre tread depth in the UK and Europe is 1.6 mm around the tyre circumference. Checking that your tyre tread is above that limit is one of the most important aspects of tyre safety. While 1.6 mm is the bare minimum, some experts recommend replacing tyres at 3mm.


Tyres Eastbourne Online Bookings 

We have a large stock holding at Elite Garages Eastbourne offering our customers same-day tyre fitting. Thanks to great buying power at Elite Garages, we can deliver a wide range of local tyres at online prices. It is now even easier than ever to book your tyres with our simple-to-use online tyre booking system.

Whether you need budget tyres, mid-range or premium tyres, we will have one on the shelf for you. And if we don’t, our warehouse makes daily deliveries so you can also get your tyres fitted the next day. We stock and supply tyres for all car manufacturers from BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Ford to Vauxhall, Kia and Toyota among others. Browse our tyres online and find the right one for your car by entering your registration number. Then, simply reserve your tyres online and don’t pay until you have them fitted.

Car Servicing And MOT Eastbourne Testing Centre

An MOT is only a visual inspection and does not cover the overall mechanical condition of your vehicle. The team at MOT Eastbourne will conduct a thorough inspection and a series of checks around the vehicle. Some of the major parts checked include vehicle structure (body), fuel system, steering, suspension, brakes, tyres, wheels, windscreen, wipers/washers, horn, electrical wiring and battery among others.

While MOT Eastbourne centre performs the test, it doesn’t include a repair if your car requires it. However, our DVSA-approved examiners do provide helpful recommendations and you can book a service with us at the same time. We provide dealership quality services without the hefty bill and won’t perform any additional repair work without your permission. There is plenty of customer parking and 5 large bays which means our MOT Eastbourne testing centre can offer MOTs 6 days a week, every hour.

FREE MOT Reminder Service

We perform MOTs on class 4 vehicles including cars, small commercial vehicles and taxis. Your first MOT test is due once your car reaches three years from its date of registration. From there, it is required by law on an annual basis. Without a valid MOT certificate, you could be liable for fines up to £1,000 and risk invalidating your insurance. If you are caught driving with a dangerous fault, fines can reach £2,500 and you will receive three penalty points on your license.

With Elite Garages, you no longer have to worry about forgetting another MOT ever again. All you need to do is join the Elite Members Club to sign up for our FREE MOT reminder service. We will send you a reminder text before your next due date so you don’t have to keep track. Retesting is also FREE if carried out within 10 working days.

Car Service Intervals

Car servicing may not be a legal requirement but it is of the utmost importance for total road safety. Neglecting vehicle maintenance is a dangerous game and it’s certainly not something you can ignore to save a few pounds. Keeping your family safe starts with proper vehicle maintenance, regular car servicing and an MOT.

A full car service is usually due annually or every 12,000 miles or you could opt for an interim service. These are every 6,000 miles or every 6 months whichever comes first. Car services also vary depending on the age and type of vehicle but they mostly include changing the engine oil, oil filter and air filter.

Check your vehicle manufacturer service schedule as not following their recommendations could invalidate your warranty. This is the ideal time to book a service with our Eastbourne centre to help keep your vehicle in good working condition.

Benefits Of A Regular Car Service

We really shouldn’t have to highlight the advantages of car servicing but for the sake of accuracy, here are FOUR of the main reasons you should.

  • Improve safety by reducing wear and tear
  • Increase the lifespan of your vehicle
  • You can save money as services help identify potential issues before they become serious and expensive to repair
  • Evidence of regular servicing or a full-service history is likely to increase the resale value

Why Choose Elite Garages Eastbourne For Your Tyres, Services And MOTs

Trying to find a quality car servicing and MOT testing centre in Eastbourne? Look no further than Elite Garages as we’ve been in business for more than 50 years with 230 experienced employees across 18 locations.

Whether you need an MOT, a car service, new exhaust, brakes or tyres, Andy and his team are here to help you. All Elite branches offer full transparency without any hidden costs and we always quote before carrying out any additional work. Elite Garages also stamp your service book as it would be at a dealership while we only use genuine parts.

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Elite Garages Eastbourne Customer Reviews

tyres Eastbourne Elite Garages MOT Testing Centre

Fantastic service and excellent value for money. Andy who works at the desk gives great advice and can’t do enough to help. Would recommend to anyone.

Julie Earle Review

I’ve always used Elite Garages in Eastbourne. The staff are so friendly and you get very good service. Would recommend to anyone.

MOT Eastbourne

They are exceptionally helpful and you can trust them. They use original parts as we always make sure. These things together is why we stay with Elite! No more Halford as, for example, they use low price brake pads.

Elite Garages Eastbourne Customer Review

Fantastic service from all the guys, very helpful, very competitive prices. I would certainly recommend this garage to all.