Tyre Safety For Summer Months

It may not seem like it but summer months actually have the worst record for tyre-related incidents. Tyre safety is not something to scoff at especially if you consider the seriousness of poorly maintained tyres, even during summer. They play such a vital role in how your car grips the road that it would be negligent to ignore tyre tread, pressure and overall condition.

Regardless of the car you drive, tyre experts recommend checking your tyres at least once a month. With that, we’d like to highlight a recent campaign from TyreSafe reminding motorists about the dangers during summer.

As stated by Stuart Jackson, Chairman of TyreSafe; “A combination of factors come together to make the summer months the worst for reported tyre-related incidents. Summer in Britain doesn’t necessarily mean consistently good weather and the variations in road conditions may well be catching out unsuspecting drivers.

Who Is TyreSafe?

TyreSafe is a UK charity formed in 2006 with the goal of raising awareness about how important tyre maintenance is along with the real dangers of driving on illegal or defective tyres. TyreSafe gets support from various sources including most major tyre manufacturers, tyre retailers, wholesalers, equipment suppliers and many vehicle manufacturers.

Delivering their message to the masses is essential which means TyreSafe works closely with commercial and government organisations. That includes Highways England, RoadSafe, police forces, fire services and councils among others. For more information about their vital contribution, visit the TyreSafe website.

Summer Tyre Safety Data

According to data from the Department for Transport, July has on average the most tyre-related incidents. August is not far behind while June is also among the top three. August is on average the busiest time of the year across all road types in the UK. If you consider all the holidaymakers and visitors from abroad, the popular tourist routes increase by 25% during this time. TyreSafe is using their popular ‘Adventures in Tyre Safety’ video, booklet and images to remind motorists about regular tyre checks.

Tyre Safety Advice

Many motorists will agree that it’s often easy to get complacent with busy schedules that we forget to check our tyres. Besides doing so monthly, motorists should always check their tyres before embarking on a long journey.

“When drivers take to the busier roads, they may be travelling longer distances than they normally would in fully laden cars, which puts their tyres under extra stress. Under these conditions, an under-inflated tyre, or one with a defect, is more vulnerable to damage and potentially catastrophic failure. It really is vital that all drivers check their tyres are in good roadworthy condition to minimise the risk of an unwanted disruption to their summer get-away” said Stuart Jackson.

How To Check Your Tyres

Being vigilant and tyre safe before any journey doesn’t take long and it’s worth the effort. While there isn’t much you can do to see the inside of your tyre, start with a visual check. This involves looking at the general condition of each tyre to identify any potential damage like nails or other objects. If there are any objects stuck to the tyre or you notice cracks or bulges, seek professional advice immediately.

In some instances, pulling out a lodged object could actually let air escape and result in a flat tyre. If you suspect any tyre damage, visit your nearest Elite branch and our tyre safety experts will take care of it while you wait. The FREE tyre check can take up to an hour and includes a thorough visual inspection of tread depth, tyre pressure and damage to the side walls.

Tyre Pressure

You can find the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle in the owner’s manual, on the inside of the driver’s door or inside the fuel filler cap. Car manufacturers typically recommend tyre pressure for light loads and when the vehicle is fully laden. For the ultimate in tyre safety, it is vital to adjust the pressure according to the load you are transporting.

For even more information, you can find a tyre pressure chart online like the one at tyresafe.org. You should always use a quality tyre pressure gauge if you have one or alternatively, visit any Elite branch nationwide.

Performing these simple checks can help you save because underinflated or overinflated tyres wear more quickly while increasing fuel consumption. Not to mention having to replace your tyres sooner than they were supposed and more often.

Tyre Tread Check

Last, but certainly not the least, drivers must check their tyre tread and ensure they are above the legal limit. In the UK, the minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm but tyre safe experts recommend replacing tyres when it reaches 3mm.

You should ideally use an accurate tread depth gauge but if you don’t have one, a simple 20p coin test will do. Place a 20p coin into the main tread grooves and if you can’t see the outer band of the coin, your tyre tread is fine. On the other hand, if you can see the outer band of the coin, you are likely in for a tyre replacement.

Avoid Legal Issues And Minimise Risk

Did you know that it is an offence to drive on tyres below the minimum tread depth? Besides risking your safety, it carries a fine of £2,500 and three points on your licence and invalidates your insurance. If all your tread is below the legal limit, you could potentially lose your licence and face a £10,000 fine. 

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Tyre Safe With Elite Garages

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