6 Signs Of Exhaust Problems You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Your exhaust performs several functions in your vehicle including keeping your car quiet, helping the engine run properly, maintain fuel efficiency, keep fumes out of the car and reduce your emissions. Lack of proper vehicle maintenance and not servicing your car regularly could result in a number of issues.

Exhaust problems are just one in a long list of issues which can affect the performance and ability of your car. It’s important to keep your vehicle in good condition not only in terms of driving performance but also your own safety. To do this, you must be able to identify when your exhaust starts to display certain issues.

If you pick up any signs of exhaust troubles early on and take the appropriate measures, your vehicle can give you many years of reliable service. Let’s take a closer look at some signs and symptoms of potential exhaust issues.

Strange Noises

If you hear a deep or loud rumbling sound coming from your car, it could be the first sign that something is wrong. This is typically indicative of an exhaust leak or a problem with parts like the catalytic converter. For those who don’t know, the converter reduces your car’s impact on the environment and keep fumes out of the cabin. Besides being a safety concern if you don’t get it fixed, the longer you leave it the more damage is likely to occur.

A hissing noise often means there is a crack in the exhaust pipe, manifold or a leaking gasket. Chugging noises are also a sign of problems and could likely be a blockage in the system. In some cases, you may hear a rattling sound under your car if your exhaust has become misaligned or loosens. In all of these scenarios, we strongly recommend taking your car to a technician as soon as possible. At Elite Garages, you can get a FREE exhaust check to get a clear indication of any visible damage.

Loud Metallic Vibrations

Metallic vibrations could be a sign that something is touching the exhaust pipe or that a clamp, support bracket or mounting has come loose. If something is wrong with your catalytic converter, you will hear what sounds like a shaking box filled with rocks while your vehicle is stationary. Remember, catalytic converters are highly sought after and scrap metal thieves steal them, especially those on SUVs. If you’ve been a victim of this senseless crime, you will hear a loud noise when starting your engine.

Decrease In Power And Acceleration

Exhaust troubles often affect the engine especially in terms of power and acceleration. Engine performance and efficiency deteriorate when the exhaust is crushed or deformed which restricts the flow of exhaust gasses from the engine. When this happens, your vehicle will not accelerate as fast as it normally does since the original engine power has been reduced. If you don’t rectify these issues, the exhaust leaks could result in other major faults and more expensive repairs.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

The condition of your exhaust not only dictates performance but also fuel efficiency. If you are filling your tank more than usual, it could be a sign that there is a problem. If it’s an exhaust leak, your engine needs to work harder which only results in using more fuel. This, of course, directly affects your vehicle’s performance and pocket.

Burning Smell Near The Engine

If your gasket fails and starts to leak near the engine wiring or any plastic parts under the bonnet, the heat from the exhaust gases could burn some of the parts. This results in a burning odour that can often smell like a burning engine. In certain instances, it also releases some smoke but you really shouldn’t wait to see smoke before having it checked. The moment you notice a burning odour or see any amount of smoke you should get it checked immediately. If you wait too long, you run the risk of further damaging your car and endangering yourself and your passengers.

Excessive Exhaust Fumes

A sure sign of trouble is when you start noticing more fumes inside your car than normal. When there is damage to exhaust pipe or tube, it often results in an exhaust leak. If the leak is near the front of your car or underneath the passenger compartment, the resulting gasses can be hazardous. Breathing in fumes from Carbon Monoxide (CO) especially can be deadly.

With most leaks, the fumes of the vehicle look for a suitable place to escape and that is often into the cabin of your car. If you experience any type of fumes inside your car, you should have it seen to as soon as possible.

Why Choose Elite Garages?

These are just a few ways to tell if your exhaust is giving problems. If you are concerned in any way or notice any of these symptoms, visit a certified service centre for a check-up or replacement. At Elite Garages, we offer a wide range of services and vehicle checks with certified vehicle mechanics done in a cost-efficient and convenient manner.

Our experts will always recommend what’s best for your car to keep you and your family safe. We are dedicated to providing all our customers with exceptional service and parts at an affordable price with no hidden costs or small print. You will feel at home with Elite Garages as our staff are friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy always looking out for your best interest.

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