Spring Wheel And Tyre Damage Checks

Spring is finally here and after enduring a long winter, there may be some hard-to-spot tyre damage and wheel damage. Considering the effect of winter weather on driving conditions, it is safe to assume that most drivers have hit their fair share of potholes. In addition to poor vehicle maintenance and bad driving habits, potholes are a major cause of concern for your tyres and wheels.

With potholes being more prominent during spring, driving carefully becomes even more important. All it takes is hitting one pothole hard and it will affect your vehicle’s handling. Regularly driving over potholes can have a cumulative effect and take a serious toll on your vehicle’s suspension, alignment and tyres.

The Reality Of Potholes And Vehicle Damage

If you drive over a deep divot in the road, damage to your car goes beyond just tyres and punctures. Fact is, your vehicle’s alignment, steering system and suspension can also be affected, not to mention bent rims.

The severity of the damage will depend on how fast you were driving and how deep the pothole was. Sometimes you can spot the obvious damage like complete tyre failure but often you won’t even know something is wrong.

As most drivers will know, hidden problems don’t stay hidden forever and over time you could start noticing a bumpier ride or sluggish handling. Hidden damage or not, the problem needs fixing one way or another and definitely rather sooner than later.

Pot Holes And Tyre Damage

Whether you hit potholes full on or just clip the edge, chances are your car has been affected in some way. The most immediate concern is your tyres as it can lead directly to uneven wear and tyre damage. In certain instances, especially when hitting a pothole hard, your tyre’s sidewall can bulge and that is bad news.

What About Wheel Damage?

Unless your car is fitted with older steel rims, they are most likely aluminium-based which means they are more susceptible to dents. While driving over potholes is already a cause for concern, hitting deep potholes at high speeds can easily bend your rims. This can result in a poor seal between the wheel rim and the tyre causing air leaks and flat tyres.

If you suspect any damage as a result of hitting a pothole, regardless of how minor it may seem, bring your car to Elite Garages for a free tyre check. Our expert technicians can identify potential wheel or tyre damage while helping you avoid a bigger repair bill later on. We recommend inspecting your tyres and wheels for any form of damage as part of your spring vehicle safety check.

Potholes And Alignment Issues

When a vehicle hits a pothole, the initial force on the tyre gets transferred to the suspension system components such as springs, shock absorbers and linkages. Repeated jolts can accelerate wear and tear while also significantly decreasing the performance. While you may not notice the effect right away but later on your car could display signs of ineffectively absorbing bumps. In some cases, your car might even start to bounce around and feel unstable, especially around corners.

Incorrect wheel alignment from hitting potholes often causes premature tyre wear, increased fuel consumption and puts unnecessary strain on your suspension. While good tyres aren’t cheap, replacing or repairing your suspension system is a much costlier affair. Did you know that correctly aligned tyres can add up to 12,000 miles to your tyres?

If you want to save money and maximise the longevity of your suspension, visit your nearest Elite Garages for a FREE wheel alignment check. Not only does regular tyre, wheel and alignment inspections save you money in the long term, it also ensures that your car is safe to drive.

Exhaust And Undercarriage

In addition to tyre damage, wheel alignment and suspension issues, hitting potholes can also dent or puncture the undercarriage of your car. If a hit a deep pothole with enough force, your vehicle could make contact with the road surface. While it’s not always serious, the damage could range from a scratched undercarriage to broken mechanical components or leaking fluids.

How To Avoid Pothole Damage

While some potholes are easy to spot and avoid, others are not. The best course of action to avoid pothole damage is to bypass them but that is often easier said than done. Some potholes are nearly invisible and others simply appear out of nowhere. Here are a few essential tips on how to avoid pothole damage:

  • Maintain your vehicle’s recommended tyre pressure as they act as a buffer between your wheels and the road
  • Regularly check tyre pressure as overinflated tyres are as bad as underinflated ones
  • Leave enough space between you and the vehicle in front to spot potholes before it’s too late
  • When driving in dark and gloomy weather, proceed with caution and drive slower. The extra reaction time helps you identify driving hazards like potholes
  • Avoid driving on the shoulder of the road or service lanes as there are often hidden dangers lurking in pools of water
  • When you can’t swerve to avoid a pothole, head straight for it as hitting potholes at an angle can damage your suspension more

Free Wheel Alignment And Tyre Damage Check At Elite Garages

If you suspect that you have driven over a pothole (or ten) and concerned over possible damage, visit any of our Elite Garages service centres. We will give you the necessary peace of mind with a FREE wheel alignment check and a FREE tyre check. Our expert technicians will inspect your tyres, rims and suspension for any signs of damage or weakness.

Elite Garages provide dealership quality services with greater value and no hidden costs. We perform all types of car maintenance from servicing all makes and models, tyres, batteries, MOT’s and more. You can rest assured that we will take care of everything and get you back on the road safely.

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