Why You Should Book Your MOT At Elite Garages

The primary goal of an MOT is to check vehicle safety and general roadworthiness with brakes and emissions receiving special attention. MOT testing is compulsory on all vehicles in the UK older than three years or more. It is an annual inspection that follows strict criteria set out according to DVSA to determine whether or not your car is fit for purpose and roadworthy.

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MOTs cover a wide range of vehicle safety checks from lights and tyres to seat belts and emissions. Only centres with DVSA-approved examiners may carry out MOTs. It’s important to remember that an MOT test is only a visual check and not a car service. This means that examiners cannot make any changes or repairs and you still need to book a service.

For those who don’t know, there were some changes to how the MOT test works in 2018. It applies to England, Wales and Scotland and affected cars, vans, motorcycles and other LPVs (light passenger vehicles). Faults have been categorised differently while also introducing stricter emission limits for diesel cars. For more information on the MOT changes, take a look at this article, “MOTs and what you need to know”.


What Does An MOT Test Include?

During an MOT, the tester will conduct an inspection and a comprehensive series of checks around the vehicle. This includes the interior, exterior, under the bonnet and even underneath the vehicle. Here are some of the components that examiners test during an MOT:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Registration plate
  • Lights
  • Steering and suspension
  • Windscreen
  • Wipers and washer bottle
  • Horn
  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Fuel systems
  • Emissions
  • Bodywork
  • Doors and mirrors
  • Brakes
  • Wheels and tyres

Defects identified in the MOT test are classified as minor, major or dangerous. The defect category will depend on the type of problem identified during the test and the severity thereof. MOT testers will give advice on the items in question that need close monitoring and repair if necessary.

You can compare minor faults to the current advisory notices that testers add to test certificates. These are only for items that are not serious enough to fail the car but still require fixing at some point. Vehicle owners must repair major faults before the car can pass the test. The good news is that you can still drive your car from the test centre to another garage for repairs if needed.

Dangerous faults will automatically fail and you cannot drive the car on a public road until it has been fixed. If you are caught driving with a dangerous fault, fines can reach up to £2500 and you will receive three penalty points on your license.

The first MOT test is due when your car reaches three years from its registration date and then required annually from then. Without an MOT drivers may face fines up £1,000 and invalidate your insurance. If you don’t know when your MOT is due, simply visit our new website to find out.

Book MOT Deal Online At Elite Garages

With 13 branches across the South East offering exceptional customer service, expert and professional workmanship, Elite Garages provide incredible value. It’s not surprising that we offer dealership quality at competitive prices you’d come to expect from a family run business.

As our service centres are DVSA accredited, we can conduct MOTs and book a service if your vehicle requires any repairs. There are absolutely no hidden extras and we will never charge you for anything without your prior consent. While it is ultimately your responsibility to get your vehicle examined every year, we offer a free text reminder service. Sign up for the free MOT reminder service from Elite Garages and never forget again.

What’s more, we offer further convenience with online MOT bookings, reserve your tyres and booking a free vehicle safety check. These services offer you the opportunity to book a time and date that suit you without picking up the phone.

As a guide, the expiry date of your MOT is on your existing certificate. If you like, you can also have your vehicle tested up to 28 days in advance. Remember, MOTs are valid for 12 months from the expiry date of your old certificate and not the test date. Use the book MOT online service and benefit from our vast industry experience, friendly and knowledgeable staff always willing to answer any questions you may have.

If you have any concerns about your vehicle, call your local Elite branch. We service all major makes and models using only matching quality parts according to the vehicle manufacturers. Besides MOTs and car services, we also do brakes, exhausts, clutch replacements, wheel alignment and batteries among others.

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